Hildegard Peplau was considered as"the nurse of the century"and as"mother of psychiatric nursing"due to the remarkable theoretical contributions she left in medicine. Since 1952, his theories have served as a contribution to the development of modern nur   […]

The hydration plans of the WHO (World Health Organization) are defined according to this entity as a set of behaviors and measures to follow whose purpose is to restore and maintain the hydroelectric balance of an individual. They are also called rehydra   […]

The Opium War is the name of the war between China and Great Britain that took place between 1839 and 1860. Actually they were two different wars: the first one began in 1839 and lasted until 1842 and the second one began in 1856 and ended in 1860. Franc   […]

The objectives of a restaurant are defined as the goals that its managers must establish in order to achieve the growth of the business and achieve its strategic vision. Like many other businesses, the restaurant industry exists in order to generate a pr   […]

The perfect competition is a fictitious market structure that meets a series of ideal conditions for it. In this way, neoclassical economists believed that perfect competition achieved the best results in the economy, benefiting consumers and society in   […]

Rodrigo de Bastidas was a Spanish visionary and conqueror, founder of the city of Santa Marta, Colombia. He conquered the coast of the Colombian Atlantic, from the peninsula of La Guajira to the Gulf of Urabá in Colombia. He did the same with the Isthmu   […]