Louis Pasteur was a scientist specialized in chemistry and biology born in France in 1822. Among his most important discoveries are his contributions to the development of vaccines or the invention of the system of elimination of microorganisms in foods t   […]

The porfiriato is the name of the historical period in Mexico during which Porfirio Díaz governed. It comprises between November 28, 1876 and May 25, 1911. Within this stage there were four years, from 1880 to 1884, in which the president was Manuel Gonz   […]

Vasodilation is a physiological process that consists of enlarging the transversal diameter of the arteries and arterioles in order to increase the flow of blood to a specific region of the body or, failing that, lower blood pressure.   […]

Biomolecules are molecules that are generated in living beings. The prefix"bio"means life; therefore, a biomolecule is a molecule produced by a living being. Living beings are made up of different types of molecules that carry out various functions nec   […]

The bones of the face are a set of complex intertwined structures that together form an anatomical complex known as the fronto-facial massif. These are bones of all possible shapes and sizes that, despite being very close to each other, have particular c   […]

Social practices are habits and ways of doing things that are established in a society and are practiced in the same way by all its inhabitants. These practices differ from one culture to another and, therefore, behaving in the same way in two different   […]