The frontal or coronal plane is the one that divides the human body anatomically into two halves, to facilitate its study and understanding of the position and location of organs and systems. From this division an anterior or ventral half is generated, a   […]

Tachyphylaxis is the phenomenon of tolerance to the action of a drug that occurs acutely and quickly. It is usually caused by prolonged exposure to the same pharmacological stimulation, which is characterized by a rapid decrease in the effect of said dru   […]

The muscles of the face are so many and so varied that it can be very difficult to imagine how such a large number of muscle groups can be distributed in such a small space, that they also have such specific and differentiated functions.   […]

The economic sectors of Mexico are the different areas of the economy that this nation develops. Traditionally they are divided into primary, secondary and tertiary, according to the production phase in which the sector involved is located; within each   […]

Jean Bodin was a French jurist, philosopher, politician, historian and economist. To a large extent, his reputation as a scholar is based on the explanation of the sovereignty he formulated in The Six Books of the Republic. In addition, he was one of th   […]

The biomes of Mexico are the diverse regions of the Aztec geography that share similar characteristics in climate, fauna and flora. Its diversity covers vast deserts, tropical forests, mangroves and alpine ecosystems, among others. Mexico is one of the   […]