The improvements that the 5G network will bring us

Every time it makes us all more complicated to keep up with the pace of technological evolution . Our digital devices are out of phase at a dizzying pace. A gadget that at the time of purchase is evolutionary and innovative, runs the risk of being technologically surpassed by a new one after a few months of use. Computer and electronic engineers know how to express in a majestic way the conceptual novelties that their research and innovation teams bring to them, and this causes that every time the systems are more sophisticated .

If there is a sector where this evolution is perceived most notably, it is in the mobile technology . This becomes tangible in the mobile telephony congresses, where each year new developments related to the sector are presented. We must remember that one of the cities that has become a benchmark in this universe is Barcelona, ​​since for some years it has housed the Mobile World Congress.

Advantages of 5G 1

The problem that smart devices generate is that they are so sophisticated that sometimes the existing telephone infrastructure can not absorb the news that is presented. This requires modifying a large number of structural elements to keep pace with the evolution of telephones. The 4G network It seemed revolutionary a few years ago due to the great improvements it implemented, especially in terms of the speed of data transmission that it offered. But now a new embryonic concept has appeared: the 5G. The telephone companies are already starting to publicize this new network, but first of all we have to know exactly what we are talking about.

The number 5 refers to the generation, since it is the fifth evolution of the existing wireless connectivity. It is not a revolutionary element, but an evolution of the existing technology, that is why it uses the numbering to distill a certain continuity. As expected, the first thing that this new network will offer us is a spectacular increase in connection speed. This would allow us to have almost no response time between information sent and received. This will make it possible to control wireless devices almost instantaneously, with very interesting applications such as their implementation in the medical or surgical sector. .

Advantages of 5G 2

The 5G will also be interesting in fields such as sports. We can, for example, enjoy a very fast connection that will allow us to see the best football matches. Among them, those of our League, one of the best football competitions in the world, in which, after lifting the title, Barça , all eyes are on what team will take hold in fourth place .

The evolution of 3G to 4G was very noticeable, and it is expected that the transition to 5G is equally tangible. In the video sector, there are more and more formats. We are currently seeing how words like the one in our day-to-day life are Ultra HD or 4K ; these high resolutions need an adequate transmission speed. The 5G network will enable us receive this data between 10 and 20 times faster than with current technology .

Another problem that in theory must solve the implementation of the 5G network is the chaos generated by mobile connections in large cities . Today a life without a mobile is inconceivable, this need has caused everyone to need a connection. This sometimes causes a blockage of communications, since there are many people who demand to supply network, but there are few antennas that can offer it. With 5G technology this problem must be solved.

All these improvements are still conceptual, it remains to be seen what their actual implementation will be, which is expected to be progressive. But almost always an improvement in communications becomes something positive for the user. Familiarize yourself with a word that in a the near future will be part of your day to day .

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