How to keep your children located without invading their privacy

Today we notice that most younger children and teenagers use a cell phone for most of the day. This results in a freedom and a world of their own that parents fear access because they do not want to invade the boy's privacy.

However, regardless of the consequences, it is your duty to verify the location of your children to corroborate that they are in safe places. And if we are talking about children under 12, it is always necessary to know what they are doing with their cell phone.

In any case, the Spyzie cell tracker It is very useful, especially if you suspect your child's activities. Or in the worst case, it may be in trouble, but if you keep it localized you can find it quickly.

Whatever the reason for tracking your child's phone, it is essential, for obvious reasons, not to invade your privacy. A simple example of doing this is through popular applications that work thanks to the device's GPS. However, for you to better understand the subject, we will investigate a little more in the different options available so that you know which one is the best.

How to keep your children located without invading their privacy

Using Google Maps

There is a way to know the location of your child's cell phone through Google Maps and without third-party applications. The only problem is that you will need access to the physical phone to configure it. The steps to do it are the following:

  • Go to Google Maps on the destination phone.
  • Click on the menu and activate the option to share the location.
  • Make sure to click on "share your location in real time".
  • Enter your own phone to share the location.

After performing these steps, whenever you want you can track the location of the destination phone from your own device.

How to keep your children located without invading their privacy 1

Through a mobile application

A few years ago, it was not possible to locate and track a phone due to multiple factors. Therefore, it could only be done through government or security agencies. Now, for various reasons (besides the children), many of us ask ourselves how to trace someone's cell phone . The era in which we live allows technology to be responsible for offering answers.

Most of the time, for real-time results, IMEI and GPS call trackers can be used to track the location of a phone call. This is an excellent way to locate mobile phones, because you can do it even when the device is not connected to the Internet. Also, there are applications that let you know the GPS coordinates of a phone number in seconds, or track phone numbers by SMS and WhatsApp messages.

However, the most common ones work the same as most tracking methods. You must activate the location setting of the destination phone so that the GPS signal can be intercepted. Once the application is set and the location is active, you will instantly see where the phone is in the panel of your application.

At present, the virtual world has thousands of online applications that add different functionalities every day. Such is the case of Spyzie, which has been designed to maintain the safety of our children, without crossing the line of privacy.

How to keep your children located without invading their privacy 2

With only 3 simple steps, you can start to monitor the activity of the desired mobile. No technical knowledge is needed. From your own website or application you can follow the activity of any smartphone.

How to keep your children located without invading their privacy 3

The most recommended option will always be the one within our reach. While Google Maps can perform the locate function, it will not give full protection in terms of content that minors may consume. Even though Spyzie It has a cost, you can try it for free to check all its benefits.

Finally, the best thing is that it is a very complete application that comes with many useful functions. It allows you to track the activity of popular social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, can take screenshots of the target device, as well as view your browsing history, images, videos and contacts.

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