Plan a European Tour The most useful tips!

Europe, for America, the old world, for the world, the center of Western civilization . Europe is a very interesting continent, especially if you are from America, because traveling through its cities and knowing its history you can learn a lot from the history of your own continent, those 10 hours of trips to Europe to cross the ocean is totally worth it. On the other hand, if you live in Spain and have never visited other countries, start now!

Europe is a region of easy and practical access, especially if you have nationality of any EU country, which will make your trip much easier and more comfortable. Today in The happy traveler we tell you 5 tips to make a Europe tour and enjoy it to the fullest.

5 tips to make a Europe tour and enjoy it to the fullest

Plan a European Tour The most useful tips!

1. About destinations and itinerary

Choosing the destination is, perhaps, the most difficult part of the trip through Europe: so many countries and, even, so many cities and towns to know in a single continent How to choose ?! Define the places you will visit is important because this will depend on the rest of the points to be defined about your trip: budget, lodging, transportation, etc. So, to choose which places in Europe you will know, we advise you:

  • Choose the destination according to the money you have to travel (since each country has different daily living costs);
  • The amount of interesting places for you that you can know traveling to that place;
  • Define a itinerary in which you can spend between 2 and 3 days in each place, so that you can know without problems all you want, really enjoying, fulfilling the purpose of the trip that is fun and clear.
  • Choose a season of the year that is neither too hot nor too cold, that is: spring or autumn . In this way you can enjoy walking for hours without suffering from the heat and travel with a much lighter luggage than if you were traveling in winter.

2. Investigate and reserve

Before traveling, you need to be 100% sure of the information that will be useful during your trip, mainly because you will encounter many unforeseen events (after all, we live in society and in society, transportation is ahead or behind schedule, things change of price, in short, the unforeseen arise).

Collect all the information you can about what you want to know, what transport you should take, what accommodation you can get, how to solve the food, what activities you can do in the area, the requirements or documentation They ask for the places or countries to visit and what travel insurance is the most appropriate for your career.

Find everything you can think of that you may need to know during the trip so that you arrive as little as possible You can move around comfortably, safely and quickly. Practice some basic phrases of the local language (like greetings or questions about directions) can be very useful.

3. Create a budget for Tour Europe

Organize the accounts, set a budget taking into account 2 crucial factors: the money that you can have during your trip and the cost of daily life of the places you will visit (food, transportation, lodging), visits and activities you want to make, set a budget. Remember: although most of Europe moves with the euro, each country has different economic conditions and there are some where other currencies are in circulation (such as the United Kingdom), so you should carefully check these details.

Do not go running terrified / or if the first budget you make goes a little higher than you expected: investigate if the places you want to visit have some type of discount by age or student , if the country you visit will refund the cost of taxes on purchases you make (a common practice in France, for example) or how you can save with transport vouchers on the subway or railways You'll be surprised how much money you can save and recover in this way!

Plan a European Tour The most useful tips! one

4. Smart luggage

One of the mistakes that we usually make when traveling anywhere in the world is to put everything that comes to mind on the last day to assemble the suitcase. To avoid making this mistake (believe us, your back will resent it, literally) it would be more appropriate to put together a list one week before the day of departure , in which you include everything you will need during the tour, Defining what you should take and what you can acquire during the journey .

Another tip is to take you Comfortable and easy to wear clothes like jeans, a pair of sports shoes and some casuals , as well as flannels or blouses, some good jacket and scarf in case you go through a few cold days . Important! Do not forget to find out if you will need power adapters in the countries you visit (and try to buy them before traveling to avoid running without a battery). Also, remember to leave space for the purchases you make during the trip, even if you say no, you will always end up buying something, believe us.

5. Documents up to date (and scanned)

When traveling, it is ESSENTIAL have your documents on top and up to date . The world in general is a safe place but the world does not know anything about you , they need to know who you are and what you are going to do, this will be a recurring question in Europe , especially if you are not from the continent, here security and legality are very serious issues.

You can leave the suitcase, change the reservations, forget the headphones for the plane, but what you can never forget are your identification papers, your passages and having them all scanned on your smartphone , so that, if there is an annoying mishap with your documents, you have a way to prove that you had them with you or that they exist. in case of eventualities.

Make sure you have your passport and your plane, train or bus tickets with you always. Remember to also keep the telephones and addresses of the consulate of your country in the places where you go in case you need them and, if possible, transcribe this information in a notebook in case you lose your phone or you run out of battery. Remember: your passport, your notebook and your phone go EVERYWHERE with you, even to the bathroom of the bar.

Tell us! Did you like our tips for a tour of Europe? Have you ever visited this beautiful and historic continent? Have you applied any of the tips we gave you? What other tips would you add to this list to enjoy the ideal trip around Europe? We hope that this article is useful for you and that you share your experiences and opinions with us. We read to you!

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