5 Famous with Schizophrenia | You never would have imagined it!

On its most severe side, this disorder can isolate people, in turn causes recurrent thoughts of suicide, as we will see later in some cases of celebrities with schizophrenia. Previously it was considered contemptuously, people believed that those who suffered from it did not live in this world and did not adapt to it, so they were lost cases. Among its symptoms are delusions, hearing or seeing imaginary things, confusion in thought and alterations in behavior; It is usually diagnosed in adulthood, very rarely before.

The truth is that there are currently many studies on the subject and its treatment is more effective, with medications and psychological therapies, so schizophrenia does not mean the end of the world. Some even say that gives a creative gift to those who suffer from it, endowing mainly artists with an unprecedented imagination . Next, in Supercurious we will introduce you to five famous schizophrenics, in some cases they managed to live and even succeed with it, others did not have the same luck. Discover who it is!

5 Celebrities with schizophrenia that you would never have imagined

1. Vincent Van Gogh


One of the painters who marked a before and an after in impressionism, nowadays his work enjoys great fame and recognition. But nevertheless, the life of the Dutch artist was grim, partly because of his mental disorder, specialists point to him as schizophrenic or manic depressive.

He was never recognized in life, several times did not have a penny to pay the rent, only managed to sell very few of his paintings, his brother was who provided him with sustenance. The pictures and phrases by Van Gogh They express their deep sensitivity and melancholy in their soul, which led to madness, in an attack of delirium he managed to tear off his ear and then, as a fatal consequence, decided to put an end to his grief with suicide.

2. Edvard Munch

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It's time to talk about Norwegian painter creator of the famous painting The Scream . This artist was one of the pioneers of expressionism, inspired by the work of the aforementioned Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne and Paul Gauguin. His work is characterized by portraying anguish, pain, death, loneliness, among other human sorrows.

Two of his brothers and his mother died of tuberculosis, events that marked him deeply, besides that he said that his father suffered from anxiety and raised him violently. Al already enjoy the fame of his art, also stated that his work would not have been possible without the mental illness that was inherited . Some consider Munch among the celebrities with schizophrenia and others within the depressive manic.

3. Virginia Woolf

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The phrases by Virginia Woolf They reflect the anguish that the writer herself lived for all the family problems she had had since childhood. However, when we ask who was Virginia Woolf , we can not but answer that it was one of the most important women of history ; especially, of literature . He delved into the internal dialogues of his characters and was in favor of changing the role assigned to women in society, which made him an important figure of the most incipient feminism.

As far as is known she had bipolar disorder, a disease that has a close genetic connection with schizophrenia. She was often depressed, until finally she decided to throw herself into a river with stones in her pockets and say goodbye to the world . That disorder consumed her, but maybe without him she would not have written her great novels either . We invite you to discover the Books by Virginia Woolf , a delight that no reader should miss.

4. Eduard Einstein

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As his surname already makes us suspect, and is that it is about youngest son of Albert Einstein , one of the most transcendental scientists of the 20th century . Eduard was a great medical student and passionate about the theories of Sigmund Freud ; so he decided to study psychiatry, but his dream was stagnant when he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

He was admitted and treated with electric shock , a method widely used in his time, which unfortunately only worsened his situation and the rest of his life had to stay in the care of his mother. His father visited him only once after his illness and never saw him again, the last phrases by Albert Einstein that he received were by letters, He felt abandoned by this one and even assured that he hated it.

5. Edgar Allan Poe

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The Edgar Allan Poe's quotes they show us their poetic handling of suspense and terror. The figure of this writer is one of the most recognized among celebrities with schizophrenia, although other specialists label him as an epileptic or manic depressive. He himself came to recognize that I had madness and that this was a sign of people who had a very developed intelligence.

Poe was an orphan welcomed by a wealthy family, he was very passionate, he let himself be carried away by his impulses, he used to have conflicting relationships, after the death of his young wife he sank more into alcohol and opium. All these elements combined are the source of his extraordinary stories, even his death was as mysterious as his work. Come to know the Books by Edgar Allan Poe They deserve a lot.

So far we have come up with this list of celebrities with schizophrenia that took place within painting, literature and science. We hope you have enjoyed your reading, tell us, what did you think? Is there a figure that you did not know was suffering from this disorder? What do you think would have happened to their lives without schizophrenia? Would they have arrived at the same place? Share your impressions, in Supercurious We are pleased to meet you.

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