The danger of lead pipes

If you live in an old house built before the 70s and not reformed, it is possible that pipes are lead , a material harmful to health. You should also know that if you are going to make a reform, the change of this type of pipes is mandatory. Because of that, you need professional help, like the one offered Plumbers Assistance 10 Barcelona .

Currently, it is believed that there is still 10% in Barcelona lead pipes what is necessary to replace. This material is a dangerous chemical, especially for babies and pregnant women.

The danger of lead pipes

What do you need to know to replace lead pipes?

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The use to replace lead pipes is done by plumbers in this type of work or by a reform company that offers this service. But it is always good to get professional advice before planning this type of reforms, such as that offered by the company Antonio Grimaldos , for example.

The reason for this is that there are several ways to change lead pipes. You can replace existing ones or simply cancel old pipes and place pipes in sight or under the wall.

There are also other coating options They cover the pipes and achieve a good aesthetic effect by simplifying the work.

Going to companies that can offer assistance or integral solutions, such as Antonio Grimaldos or Plumbers Assistance 10 Barcelona can simplify this task and at the same time ensure the best technical decision according to the conditions of the bathroom or the kitchen of the house.

How much does it cost to change the lead pipes?

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While the budget for changing lead pipes for modern pipelines is subject to a large number of factors, it is possible to roughly calculate the money that will need to be invested.

It is good that you know that the dimensions of the bathroom and the kitchen they do not imply an increase in the cost of this work. This is so, since the pipes do not generally run throughout the room and it is possible to cancel them and perform a simple job placing new pipes without major complications.

A job of changing lead pipes of medium complexity is estimated to cost between 900 and 1200 €, and the time required for the reform is 2 to 3 days.

Although the replacement of these pipes that are harmful to health is mandatory, it is not subsidized . However, there are some ways to obtain a partial subsidy that are detailed in the Housing Portal , which are valid only for the rehabilitation of buildings.

Before hiring a company to reform the harmful old pipes, look for information. The professionals are able to help you with everything you need to know to achieve the best possible reform work.

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