The gall of bull is a bitter, alkaline, brownish-brown or greenish-yellow liquid. In essence, it is bile the bull, which is synthesized in the liver, stored in the gall bladder and discharged into the duodenum, the first part of the small intestine, thro   […]

The types of costs of a company refer to the different monetary values ​​that have all the factors that the company needs to develop their activity, and that are not their property. These are usually originated by an infinity of reasons: rents, salaries,   […]

Kurt Koffka was one of the founding psychologists of the Gestalt school. This school was one of the first antecedents of cognitive psychology as we know it today; In addition, it was one of the most influential schools in the history of this discipline.   […]

A financial evaluation of projects is the investigation of all the parts of a determined project in order to evaluate if this will have a future performance. Therefore, this prior evaluation will be the way to know if this project will contribute to the   […]

The Treaty of Valençay was the result of negotiations between the representatives of Napoleon Bonaparte and Fernando VII, deposed King of Spain, in the French town that gives it its name. It was signed on December 11, 1813. Through this agreement, the Fr   […]

The conquest of Yucatan was one of the phases of the Spanish conquest of America. The peninsula had been discovered in 1517, although the movements for its occupation did not begin until ten years later, in 1527. Faced with other zones that were conquere   […]

Lynn Margulis, whose maiden name was Lynn Petra Alexander, was a scientist born in the United States in 1938. Her branch of specialization was evolutionary biology and her contributions in that field made her one of the most recognized researchers of the   […]