Xochiquétzal | 10 Curiosities of the goddess of love mexica

The definition of love is wrapped in a number of variations. However, today we will analyze its meaning from the existence of one of the Mexican goddesses who represented him, Xochiquétzal. If you want to know how love was seen from the eyes of the Aztecs, continue reading and discover everything we have prepared for your knowledge.

Xochiquétzal shares the title of goddess of love Mexica with Xochipilli , who is also credited with the gift of pleasure and beauty. In the case of the first deity, this beautiful female figure keeps some data that are interesting for those who are passionate about Mesoamerican cultures . Enjoy 10 curiosities of Xochiquétzal and learn a new vision of love that perhaps you did not know.

10 Curiosities of Xochiquétzal, the goddess of love Mexica

one. Xochiquétzal is also known as Xochiquetzalli , terms that translate into Spanish as "beautiful flower" or "beautiful flower". It is for this reason that this Mexica goddess is also considered the deity of flowers.


2. Besides being goddess of love and flowers, Xochiquétzal is the goddess of the arts and the fertility of nature.

3. This female figure of the Aztec culture is the mother of god of corn , Cintéotl, which is characterized by being an intersexual deity, that is, with both feminine and masculine characteristics. He fathered him along with Piltzintecuhtli, god of the storms, with whom she was married for a time.

Xochiquétzal 1


4. Although Xochiquetzalli's mother is unknown, there is a legend that announces the birth of Xochiquétzal , which supposedly was given through his mother's hair.

5. The tagetes flowers , also known as cempasúchil or flower of the dead, is a plant native to curious Mexico with which it used to worship this goddess. The Aztecs also offered daisies and bird feathers to grant their wishes.

Xochiquétzal 2

6. Every time an Aztec woman wanted to look beautiful, it was common for her to worship this goddess. However, beauty was not all that was granted, it was also capable of granting talent for dance or for singing, sexual pleasure, successful marriages and even pregnancies.

7. As we mentioned earlier, this female figure of the mexicas was married , however, the curious thing is what was on several occasions, or at least that is what the legends of which Xochiquétzal is part of. Her first husband was Tlaloc, god of Mesoamerican lightning ; then he fell in love with Piltzintecuhtli, god of the storms; and finally she was lover of Tezcatlipoca, god of earth and sky.

Xochiquétzal 3

Tláloc, Piltzintecuhtli and Tezcatlipoca

8 This deity is part of the Toltec gods , civilization that also venerated her and came to consider her goddess of beauty.

9. In the Nahuatl culture , Xochiquétzal represents the mother goddess, playing an important role when talking about fertility .

Xochiquétzal 4

10. The goddess we met today was the patron of housework for Mexica, in addition, the figure was considered protective of prostitutes , which were formerly called "aiuanime".

Xochiquétzal was part of the beliefs of the Mesoamerican peoples where polytheism was present and, for this reason, is that in Supercurioso we have dedicated numerous articles to inform you about everything you need to know about the gods of the mexicas , Toltecs, Mayans and other civilizations that were part of this area of ​​the world centuries ago. If the information offered in the previous lines seemed useful, do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments section, there you can let us know what was the curiosity of Xochiquetzalli that most impacted you, such as his curious birth or his multiple marriages. Surely you will have surprised with some of the shared curiosities!

Before you leave, if you want to continue expanding your knowledge in everything related to the cultures of Mesoamerica , we invite you to meet other Aztec deities that are part of the Mexica culture and whose relevance is maintained to this day. In Supercurioso you can discover deities as, for example, the God Quetzalcoatl or Feathered Serpent; Mixcoatl, god of storms and war; or Tlaloque Nahuaque, god creator and computer mexica. Enjoy the readings and continue to investigate the ancient beliefs that Mesoamericans had thanks to their polytheistic religions!

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