Why canker sores get out of the mouth | 6 Causes

Aphthous stomatitis is a condition that causes the appearance of small ulcers in the mouth, usually leaving the inside of the lips, cheeks or tongue. They are sores of small size, rounded, whitish with the red border well defined and that affect the superficial layer of the skin. Join us to know why the aphthae or "pupae" come out in the mouth and 6 causes that can cause this disease .

The name of the condition "afta" comes from the classical Greek and means "burn" and "stomatitis" is a medical term that refers to the inflammation of the oral mucosa. Aphthous stomatitis is one of the most frequent affections in the mouth and occurs especially in children and adolescents between 10 and 19 years. They are not usually accompanied by a fever, but they are very painful.

Why canker sores come out in the mouth? The 6 most likely causes

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If you have suffered from aphthous stomatitis, you have asked yourself for sure why can you get thrush in the mouth and what you can do to avoid them. Taking into account that they are usually recurrent, it is important to identify the cause that produces them in each case. Statistically, 20% of the population will have aphthous stomatitis recurrently and 60% will suffer at least once in their life. It seems to have a hereditary component since 40% of those who suffer from them have a family history.

Why canker sores get out of the mouth

Doctors distinguish three types of canker sores. The minor or minor that are 80% of the cases and do not leave scars, measure less than 10 mm. and they heal between 10 and 14 days after their appearance. The majors or serious are 10%, they measure more than 10 mm., They are deeper and they are not as rounded as the light ones. Its healing takes between 20 and 30 days and can leave a scar. The latter, recurrent herpetiform ulcerations or recurrent aphthous stomatitis are uncommon and resemble herpes although they are not caused by any virus. They measure less than 1 mm. but there are usually several together so it seems like a bigger sore. They heal in about 2 weeks and also do not leave a scar.

Why canker sores or "pupae" come out in the mouth 1

The why canker sores get out is, according to professionals, a multifactorial fact which usually involves an alteration of the immune system that can occur for very different reasons. The most common causes to explain why canker sores appear, in addition to systemic diseases or inflammatory bowel diseases are:

1. Stress: Stress is according to several studies the most common recurrent motive in the appearance of canker sores. Since these are frequently seen in adolescents, it usually coincides with the exam period.

2. For Insufficient Sleep: Sleeping a little is another reason why you get thrush in your mouth. Insufficient sleep is an invitation to appear.

3. For gastrointestinal problems: Acidity, constipation or other gastrointestinal problems are usually present in people who are affected by recurrent aphthae.

4. For Poor Nutrition: People who usually eat very quickly and do not usually eat green leafy vegetables are also candidates for aphthous stomatitis because they may be deficient in iron, vitamin B or folic acid.

5. For local trauma: If there is a minor injury caused by biting the inside of the mouth, some work of the dentist or produced by orthodontics, it is very easy to become a painful afta.

6. For Allergy: The last of these why canker sores get out It is related to allergies. One of the components of some dentifrices, lauryl sodium, can cause allergy in some users and this will result in canker sores. This type of reaction also happens to people who have allergies to foods such as chocolate, eggs, strawberries, cheese, coffee, nuts, tomatoes and other foods with a high degree of acidity.

Why canker sores or "pupae" come out in the mouth 2

Unfortunately there is no cure for this condition, but there are treatments that will improve the symptoms or precautions that will prevent them from showing up. Among them, professionals highlight healthy habits related to sleep, diet, exercise and good dental hygiene and in the case of canker sores, use creams and gels for sale in pharmacies to mitigate pain and speed up the healing process. As always, our advice is to go to the specialist before the least doubt.

For the tranquility of those who suffer them and wonder about the why can you get thrush In the mouth, it is important to know that they are not contagious. There is a condition with a certain resemblance, herpes simplex, which it is, but aphthous stomatitis does not. Herpes simplex occurs on the outside of the mouth and canker sores on the inside of the lips, on the tongue, cheeks and gums. It is a condition that occurs more in developed countries and seems to have a genetic propensity.

Do you usually suffer from aphthous stomatitis? We hope that with this post you have more information about the why canker sores get out in the mouth. If you want to know the cause of another common condition, we invite you to read the article: Do you know why styes come out?

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