Why are Values ​​Important? 8 Reasons

Values ​​are important mainly because they regulate human behavior and help to guide the aspirations that each individual has and his attitude towards life.

In this sense, values ​​seek the development and well-being of people in a particular or group way.

Social values ​​community

Values ​​can govern a person's behavior individually or collectively. When values ​​are analyzed individually, they are said to be human values . When we talk about the community, we talk about social values.

Human values ​​are important because they motivate the human being to cultivate and continue to seek the perfection of his individuality.

On the other hand, social values Are essential to regulate collective actions common to all individuals in a group.

There is a third set of values ​​known as cultural values. These are important to lay the foundation of the identity with which a group of people feels identified. In this way, cultural values ​​govern the customs and forms of interaction of a people.

In other words, the importance of values ​​lies in their ability to contribute to the support of society, since all human beings are guided by these concepts in order to coexist with other human beings at all times (Center, 2017).

Reasons why values ​​are important

1 - Personal Acceptance

Values ​​are important in telling others who we are and what our preferences are. When we feel we are not appreciated, values ​​help us express our point of view and ask for what we believe we deserve.

In this way, values ​​contribute to the process of acceptance and personal development. When we respect ourselves and are able to make positive judgments about ourselves, we are being part of a process of personal growth that is only possible through values ​​(Naumann, 2016).

2 - Clear Communication

Values ​​such as awareness, trust, sincerity, kindness, or education help us to establish clear communication with other people. For this reason, they become fundamental so that human beings can interact with each other.

When people are able to recognize what their core values ​​are, they are more likely to communicate clearly with other individuals.

This happens because one becomes aware of what is really important for each person and to this extent it becomes possible to include these aspects within the personal discourse.

3 - Help Make Decisions

When the alternatives are multiple, the values ​​are the ones that help to make decisions, since they determine the preferences of each person.

In this way, it is possible to affirm that there will always be options, but it is values ​​that make it possible to choose one thing over another.

In this sense, values ​​play a fundamental role in the daily lives of human beings, since every day we see ourselves constantly in situations in which we must make simple or complex decisions.

This concept is applicable individually or collectively, since a group of people can also make decisions based on their social or cultural values, such as the democratic election of a leader.

4 - Enable Enjoy Life

Values ​​regulate our behavior. They are the ethical argument we learn from childhood.

For this reason we often share the same values ​​with our family, friends or with people close to us in different environments. Some values ​​may change throughout life, but those that are essential for each individual tend to remain intact.

This is how our personal values ​​are directly connected with our awareness and decision-making capacity. In this way, most of our decisions will always be oriented towards the enjoyment of life in all contexts.

There is different research that indicates that there really is a relationship between our values ​​and the sense of satisfaction for life.

This happens because they allow us to find common denominators with the people around us. These common points give a sense of satisfaction for what is done, therefore, allow more enjoyment of life.

5 - Personal Development

Values ​​are the engine that gives human beings the motivation to take part in a process of continuous improvement. An example of this is ambition when you have a steady job.

Many people decide to take a job over another because it offers the possibility of eventually reaching a better position.

Being responsible for regulating our behavior, values ​​are constantly telling us what course to take to become better people.

On the other hand, they give us concentration and motivation to achieve what is important for each one. In other words, values ​​allow us to create the future that we expect and desire (Peterson, 2013).

6 - Individual Expression

Personal or individual values ​​are fundamental to show us as is and as we are in society.

They are the essential support of personality and individual interests. You can say that our values ​​are the cover letter that we use to express to others who we really are.

7 - Relationship with Others

Values ​​allow us to relate to other human beings. In fact, they are responsible for determining how we relate to other human beings according to what we consider individually important.

Generally, when cultural or social values ​​are different, so will the way we relate to others.

Values ​​such as trust, tolerance, generosity, or openness to diversity, among others, greatly affect how we establish contact with those individuals around us.

It is important to clarify that a person can relate in different ways according to the context in which he is, however, values ​​will always make known what matters most regardless of context (B, 2012).

8 - The Heart of a Culture

Values ​​are the heart of a culture, and can vary from one to another depending on multiple factors.

In this way, they are fundamental principles that allow to understand the social dynamics of a group of individuals, according to what is more important for them collectively (Harkness, 2013).


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