Who was Virginia Woolf | Life, Work and Curiosities

During the first half of the 20th century, few women were able to see their published works. Although there were more and more women who dared to try, few succeeded. Without a doubt one of the most outstanding was the British Virginia Woolf. It is for this reason that today, in Supercurious , We invite you to discover who Virginia Woolf was and to know everything you need to know about her .

Broadly speaking, we can affirm that Virginia Woolf was an outstanding representative of Anglo-Saxon modernism and also of the feminism . Her interests focused on the inner life of women without abandoning a more progressive feminism in which, among other things, it related patriarchal society to militarism . Her trust in individual power and her vision of sexuality and gender, made her a writer very different from most of her time.

Who was Virginia Woolf: discover her life, work and curiosities

Who was Virginia Woolf

To get closer to who Virginia Woolf was, we can not limit ourselves in her role as extraordinary writer, but we must deepen as much as possible in their feelings, reflected perfectly in their texts of feminist character . Therefore, we recommend that you do not miss the Virginia Woolf quotes most outstanding, since they will allow you to know their reflections.

1. Brief biography of Virginia Woolf

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Virginia and her parents - 1892

Adeline Virginia Stephen was born in London in 1882. His parents were the well-known man of letters Sir Henry Stephen and the pre-Raphaelite model Julia Prinsep Jackson. It was the seventh of the eight children of the marriage; 4 in common and the other 4 of previous marriages. The boys were educated in colleges and universities, but the girls did it at home with private tutors and enjoying the privileged visits of literati and artists that their parents received.

Both the death of his mother, which occurred when Virginia was 13 years old, and that of his half sister Stella, led her to a depression that intermittently would not leave her anymore . It is believed that he suffered a Bipolar disorder aggravated by the abuses suffered by his half brothers George and Gerald Duckworth. His father died in 1905 and by that time Virginia had already staged a suicide attempt.

Who was Virginia Woolf 2

Compromise photo of Virginia and Leonard Woolf

The four brothers went to live together in a house in Bloomsbury. In her intellectuals and artists met and gave rise to the so-called "Bloomsbury Circle", a group in which was the one who would be her husband: Leonard Woolf , also a writer. He would found the Hogarth Publishing House, which is where virtually all of Virginia Woolf's work was published, as well as that of other important writers. Finally, Virginia committed suicide on March 28, 1941, filled her pockets with stones and threw herself into the river. She left a letter for her husband saying that she loved him and evidenced the great inner suffering he suffered.

2. Works by Virginia Woolf

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Because of the reflections on the identity and the feminine condition, her work and thought has not only allowed us to get closer to who was Virginia Woolf, but they also receive great importance in the feminist movement. However, its importance as a writer and the renewal of the "Internal monologue" as an instrument of reflection besides the rupture with the previous narrative schemes. His works include novels, but he also wrote essays, newspaper articles, stories, plays, etc.

We suggest you begin to know who was Virginia Woolf with five of his works. But, if you want to know more books by Virginia Woolf, we invite you to consult this compilation of Books by Virginia Woolf that can not be missing in your library. Do not miss them!

one. End of Trip : written in 1915, it is the first of his novels. It is an ingenious social satire in which the protagonist, Rachel Vinrace, embarks to South America on her father's ship, embarking on a journey of interior discovery.

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two. Mrs. Dalloway The author recounts in detail one day in the life of Clarissa Dalloway, during which she is organizing a party. Time moves forward and backward from the inner perspective of the novel and the minds of the characters to complete the image that the author wants to offer us, not only Clarissa, but the interwar England.

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3. Al Faro : it is considered one of the maximum exponents of high modernism and one of the best novels of the twentieth century. It focuses on the Ramsay family and their visits to the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Time, psychological exploration and emotional exploitation of women are protagonists of the novel.

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Four. A room of your own : is an essay based on two lectures given in October 1928 at Newnham College and Girton College, two female colleges in Cambridge. Reflect that "a woman must have money and a room to write fiction"; that is, economic independence and own space and time, things that have been frequently denied.

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5. Between acts He wrote it in 1941. In it, the world war is present and we find a magnified summary of what are his recurrent themes: the flow of time and life, sexual ambivalence or art as a potential transformer of life, among others.

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Virginia Woolf was definitely one of the great novelists of the twentieth century and a leading member of British modernism, as well as one of the writers who did most to renew the English language. Did you know who Virginia Woolf was? Did you know her importance as a writer and feminist? If you know more about her or have read any of her books, share your opinion with us! We will be happy to meet you.

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