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There are characters in the story whose life was fascinating. And one of the most famous and intriguing cases is that of the famous Dutch spy and dancer known as Mata Hari, who has managed to set herself up as one of the most Important Women of History . Today in Supercurious we propose to approach who was Mata Hari, knowing and investigating their motivations, their role during the war and the events that involved his death. If you want to discover it, do not lose any detail of what follows next!

Who was Mata Hari: knows the story of his life and death

1. Brief biography of Mata Hari

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If you want to know who was Mata Hari and what is his real story, we will start by telling you that his real name was Margarita Zelle. And, contrary to what you may believe, she was not always a courtesan; It was the circumstances of her life that, little by little, led her down those paths. Margarita was born in 1876, in the bosom of a humble family His father was a hat maker and his mother had died when she was very little.

At age 18, he saw an ad in the newspaper where there was a petition for marriage from a 39-year-old captain. She, who had always loved the uniforms, accepted and went to live with him in Indonesia, where she had two children. But nevertheless, His marriage was not what he expected, and that is what ended up shaping who was Mata Hari and the role that would play in the story .

His husband was said to be an alcoholic who made him suffer many hardships and one of his sons died. Under these circumstances, Margarita decided to return to Europe taking with her everything she had learned from the exotic Javanese dances . Once in Europe, Margarita began to be called Mata Hari and she used her beauty to integrate into the world of entertainment in Paris as a dancer specializing in erotic dances. Such was his talent that his fame quickly grew and he began to see rich men, military and politicians who were filling his list of lovers.

According to the story of Mata Hari, she went, between the year 1904 and the First World War, the most famous courtesan of the time . The powerful people with whom he surrounded himself allowed him to meet many cities in Europe and, through bedroom confessions, he also managed to access many secrets of politics.

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When the war broke out, Mata Hari was dancing in a music hall of Berlin . There He took advantage of his contact agenda on both sides of the war to offer his services to Kraemer, the German chief of espionage . His goal was, with this strategic movement, to be able to return to the neutral Netherlands where he had been born.

2. Death of Mata Hari

However, in the story of Mata Hari the situation would change soon: his visits with a German officer in Madrid in 1915 aroused the suspicions of the Allied intelligence and they began to watch over her. In the year 1916 Mata Hari returned to Paris. There, cornered by French spy captain Ladoux, he started working as a double agent for France, but he kept spying for Germany as agent H-21.

Finally, Mata Hari was caught because of a trap set by Ladoux in which they were able to intercept messages that showed his work as a German spy . In this way, the story of Mata Hari began its end: she was arrested and condemned to death accused of having worked as a German spy taking advantage of her intimate relationships.

She denied it, alleging that she slept with the military for pleasure and never for duty, but it did not do her any good. On October 15, 1917, she was shot in Vincennes at dawn . Of course, not in any way. This woman of character asked not to cover her face to kill her and before she died, at 41, she kissed the soldiers. Some even told that many of these soldiers were thrilled to see her die.

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