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Joan of Arc is one of the few women who have excelled in the history of humanity and who changed the history of France . It is difficult to find a female character so controversial, studied and taken to the screen. At a time when women were not allowed to have any other goal than to be mothers and wives, she commanded an army. In Supercurioso we encourage you to join us to know Who was Joan of Arc, all you need to know about this woman who was finally taken to the altars as Saint Joan of Arc and has become one of the most Important Women of History .

One of the important facts that contributed to the credibility and that help to know who Joan of Arc was is her virginity. She is known as "Jehanne la Pucelle" since she referred to herself with that term. "Pucelle" means "maiden" and implied that the girl was a virgin. Medieval society had great value and considered an important distinction that a woman kept her virginity until marriage . In addition, Juana came to fulfill the ancient prophecies that said France would be saved by a virgin from the "borders of Lorraine." It was consecrated by the Catholic Church as Saint Joan of Arc, virgin and martyr. Discover everything about your figure!

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Who was Joan of Arc: a woman with a fascinating history

At present, many historians believe that who was Joan of Arc and her actions are determined to suffer from a mental illness: schizophrenia . Whether it was a product of that upheaval or not, the visions that it had led her to star in acts of courage and dedication that changed the history of France.

Who was Joan of Arc

From her death until the nineteenth century, Joan of Arc became a semi-legendary figure. All that was known about her was based on the chronicles, however in the nineteenth century appeared in France five original manuscripts of the trial that condemned and later even those of his rehabilitation. In addition several letters of the time were found, three of which were signed by the unused hand of Jehanne herself. All this information about Joan of Arc has contributed to possibly being the person of the Middle Ages that has been studied the most.

1. Brief biography of Joan of Arc

The life of Joan of Arc began in 1412 in Domrémy a commune of the Vosges in the region of Lorraine, France. His childhood was spent during the Hundred Years War, which basically consisted of a dispute over the throne of France. His parents were farmers who owned the land, and Juana was the fourth of his offspring. At age 13 he began to have visions of Archangel Michael and of the Santas Margarita and Catalina de Alejandría . They told him that it was necessary to expel the English from France and take the Dauphin to Reims to be crowned.

Who was Joan of Arc 1

Although at first nobody believed her, due to a prediction about the Battle of Rouvray, which she claimed to have received through divine intercession, she was finally brought before the uncrowned King Charles VII. The monarch sent her to Orleans where she managed to get the siege lifted in just 9 days. His fame multiplied thanks to other quick victories that led to Charles VII to be crowned in Reims . Finished his mission, Juana wished to return to its home since it stopped hearing the voices that impelled it, nevertheless by the insistence of those that surrounded it decided to stay fighting. On May 24, 1930 was captured by the Burgundians who were supporters of the English king and delivered to these.

Who was Joan of Arc 2

The English took her to Rouen and there She was accused of multiple crimes, some of which were as pilgrims as "wearing men's clothes" or "abandoning their parents" . The main accusations, however, were for witchcraft, based on the fact that the voices he heard came from the devil, and heresy. The inquisitorial process lasted three months and finally she was found guilty of heresy. Therefore she was sentenced to death. Although he always pleaded not guilty, he changed his statement to commute the sentence to life imprisonment.

However, in the end, faced with the breach by the English of the promises made to him, he decided to be faithful to his beliefs, He recused the abjuration and proclaimed that the voices he heard were really of divine origin . She was condemned to die at the stake, thus initiating the creation of the myth and the story of who Joan of Arc was.

2. How Joan of Arc died

Joan of Arc died on May 30, 1431 burned at the stake, at 19 years old . The place where Joan of Arc died was the Plaza del Mercado Viejo de Rouán. They dressed her in a tunic and set fire to the bonfire. Once burned and to prevent someone from picking up some remnant as a relic, they burned the remains twice again until it was turned into ashes that were thrown into the Seine.

Who was Joan of Arc 3

After a few years, in 1456, Pope Calixto III promoted a tribunal of the Inquisition to rehabilitate the figure of Joan of Arc. The trial was examined and she was declared innocent. And not only that, declared a martyr, She was beatified in 1909 and subsequently declared a saint in 1920 by Pope Benedict XV. Year in which she was proclaimed Patron Saint of France.

3. Curiosities of Joan of Arc

  • As Saint Joan of Arc has some Agiographic attributes : Dress like a soldier and carry a sword and the royal standard of France. It is accompanied by San Miguel Arcangel.
  • She is the patron saint of France, of the captives, of the soldiers, of the voluntary women and of the telegraphists, among other groups.
  • Its festivity is commemorated on May 30, which is the day of the death of Joan of Arc.
  • Juana was illiterate and did not learn to read until she undertook her mission at the king's side.
  • Juana never fought in a battle or ended anyone's life. Its function was to be a source of inspiration by carrying the banner and designing military and diplomatic strategies.
  • Despite not participating directly in the fight, she was wounded twice.

We hope that this information about Joan of Arc will help you appreciate its importance and get closer to who Joan of Arc was. Did you know how Joan of Arc lived and how she died? If you know other curiosities of this historical figure, which for the Church is Saint Joan of Arc, patron of France, do not hesitate to share them with us.

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