Who was Hypatia of Alexandria | Life, Contributions, Curiosities

Until well into the twentieth century women have not seen their value and their aptitudes for science recognized, the art , the literature , the economy, the humanities ..., fields that were forbidden for centuries. Few were the women who managed to reach the top. On this occasion, in Supercurious we wanted to deepen who was Hypatia of Alexandria: an ancient philosopher, astronomer and mathematician who was one of the most important intellectuals of the Binzantine Empire at the end of the 4th century and the beginning of the 5th century. Considered not only as one of the Scientific Women most important of all time, but in general one of the most Important Women of History , we invite you to know the life, the curiosities and the contributions of Hypatia of Alexandria.

The story of Hypatia can be an inspiration to the girls and women who are being trained today. constitute one of those referents so necessary for them to follow, if they wish, the path of science . And, for this woman, knowledge was essential, but in her case it meant her death sentence.

Who was Hypatia of Alexandria: discover her life, contributions and curiosities

Who was Hypatia of Alexandria

Hypatia was a great thinker, inventor and also a teacher who was not afraid to express what she thought. From his paganism he outraged those who made religion, conflict and fear his way of life. Her intelligence, her strength and apparently also her beauty could not save her from a shocking death. Science and religion they faced each other and she became a scapegoat for powerful men's groups .

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1. Brief biography of Hypatia of Alexandria

Who was Hypatia of Alexandria 1

Hypatia was born in Alexandria between 355 and 370 and died in March of the year 415 or 416. daughter of the Greek astronomer and mathematician Teon, who settled in Egypt, and was also his disciple . He was the head of the "Mouseion", an academy where Neoplatonic philosophy was taught and in which Hypatia herself taught with great success, teaching her maths or science, literature, philosophy and arts.

In his adult side, Hypatia decided to lead an austere life and not to marry so that he could devote himself to science and teaching . As a teacher, and to facilitate the understanding of the scientific works that she had to explain to her students, she wrote comments and reformed them, improving even the originals, which is certainly one of the great contributions of Hypatia of Alexandria.

His classes were attended by Christians as well as pagans and they all appreciated his teachings, but the political situation was increasingly complicated . The Christians wanted to make Alexandria a Christian city and did not hesitate to burn the pagan temples. Arrived to the power the archbishop Cyril of Alexandria, hostile to the non-Christian communities, this one faced Orestes, Roman governor of the city.

It was considered that Hypatia was in favor of her former student Orestes and therefore served as a scapegoat. Apprehended by a fanatical Christian faction, parabolani , was dragged to the ancient temple of Augustus, at that time converted into Alexandria Cathedral, and there she was stripped and stoned or beaten with stones and tiles until they are butchered . The remains, paraded through the streets of the city by their murderers, were incinerated outside of Alexandria.

2. Contributions of Hypatia of Alexandria

Who was Hypatia of Alexandria, contributions of Hypatia of Alexandria

Hypatia was interested in mechanics and improved the design of the old astrolabes by constructing a plan that improved the design. With the help of this apparatus, he mapped several celestial bodies and made a planisphere. It is also considered a pioneer of women in the field of technology because he built a hydrometer, a hydroscope and invented a hydrometer, which is a type of hydrometer.

Nothing has come of his written works until our days except some references in other works such as: The Commentary on the "Arithmetic" by Diofante of Alexandria, the Commentary on the "Chronicle" by Apolonio de Perga or the "Astronomical Tables: review of the astronomer Claudio Tolomeo", among others. All of them are witnesses of the many contributions of Hypatia of Alexandria that must be claimed.

3. Curiosities of Hypatia of Alexandria

Who was Hypatia of Alexandria

So that you can know in greater depth who Hypatia of Alexandria was, it does not hurt to know some curiosities about her life and her role in the history of science and feminism. Discover them!

  • Hypatia of Alexandria is not only considered the first woman to make a formal contribution to mathematics , but it is also considered the first female astronomer of history.
  • Throughout his life, he decided dress the clothes of a scholar than the typical dress of women.
  • Her father, in addition to instructing her in mathematics, science, literature, philosophy and the arts, also made her participate in a routine of physical exercises .
  • On it, Sócrates Scholastic wrote in Century V : "There was a woman in Alexandria whose name was Hypatia, daughter of the philosopher Teon, who achieved such knowledge in literature and science, which far surpassed all the philosophers of her own time."
  • The name of Hypatia means "The supreme, the greatest."
  • His language was the Greek .

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In short, and ending our approach to who was Hypatia of Alexandria, we can say that we talked about a myth with which to explain the confrontation between religion and science and has also been claimed by feminist movements , who see in it an example to follow.

As usual, we encourage you to leave us a comment with your appreciations . Did you know who Hypatia of Alexandria was? Have you seen the movie about his life? Do you think the contributions of Hypatia of Alexandria essential in our historical evolution? Share with us your impressions of this important woman who was a mathematician, astronomer and philosopher.

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