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Ana Bolena, also known as "Ana of the thousand days" (for that was approximately the time she was queen consorte of Henry VIII) changed the history of England. His refusal to have sexual relations with the king if it was not within the marriage, impelled him to request the cancellation of his wedding with Catalina de Aragón, his first wife. The unknowns about his attitude lead us to ask ourselves who was Ana Bolena and in Supercurious we want to offer you everything you need to know about this important historical character.

The wives of Henry VIII They had different endings. But Ana Bolena opened the ban so that the monarch, who was desperately looking for a male heir, would have no problem contracting new marriages, forcing the situation, and even condemning his wives to death, when he deemed it necessary. For its revolutionary role is that it is usually considered one of the most Important Women of History (along with other powerful names like that of Joan of Arc or the one Marie Curie ).

Who was Ana Bolena: she knows her passionate history

The most famous ghost of the Tower of London is that of the ill-fated Anne Boleyn. There are many witnesses to those appearances that relate to having seen her wandering through what were her rooms in the famous prison before being beheaded. But, who was Ana Bolena , Really?

1. Brief biography of Ana Bolena

Who was Ana Bolena

According to most historians Anne Boleyn (Anne Boleyn) was born between 1501 and 1507 (the exact date is unknown) and was the third of the children of the marriage composed of Sir Thomas Boleyn and Isabel Howard, daughter of the Earl of Norfolk. As a child she was sent to the French court to be educated there. He returned in 1522 and entered the service of Queen Catherine of Aragon, the daughter of the Catholic Kings .

For its beauty, Anne Boleyn made a great impression on the English court and had a firm suitor: Lord Henry Percy. Henry VIII, who had fallen in love with her, managed to prevent the marriage between young people and ran himself as a suitor. Ana did not want to attend to his sexual requests if there was no wedding involved. Henry VIII , who was worried about not having male offspring and continuing like this with the Tudor dynasty, saw a new opportunity and requested the annulment of his marriage with Catalina de Aragón .

2. The Tudors, Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

Who was Ana Bolena 1

Rome it was denied by the pressures of Carlos I, king of Spain, which led to a political crisis that ended with the constitution of a new cult: the Anglican, Lutheran court, and outside the papal jurisdiction. A) Yes, in 1532 a secret wedding took place between Ana and Enrique VIII and on January 25, 1933, the public link. His first daughter, Isabel, was born on September 7, 1533.

In the two successive years he suffered several abortions and the king, frustrated in his intention to have male offspring, noticed another lady of the court. Ana bothered him for his purposes and a plot was orchestrated against her that was accused of adultery, incest and betrayal . Considered guilty, after some testimonies obtained under torture, it was beheaded in the Tower of London on May 19, 1536.

The general opinion of historians is that he was innocent of all charges. His body was buried in the chapel of San Pedro ad Vincula of the Torre de London . Who was Ana Bolena? An ambitious woman to the extreme? An innocent who did not want to give in to the king? Scholars do not agree on that point; yes, her voice is unanimous in stating that she was "the most influential and important queen consort that England has ever had".

3. The Boleyn sisters: Maria Bolena

Who was Ana Bolena 2

Special attention deserves the largest of the Bolena sisters: María Bolena. Before the arrival of Ana to the English court as maid of honor of Catalina de Aragón, his sister Maria was for years a lover of Henry VIII . Maria, who spent years in the French court where she was the lover of Francis I, married William Carey, a noble of Henry VIII's trust, and it is believed that the eldest of his children was actually the result of his relationship with the monarch.

Maria and Ana were not especially united, although she accompanied the future queen when she married Enrique, welcomed her son and got her a pension when her sister was widowed. But nevertheless, Maria later married a commoner and was expelled from the court living serious economic hardship . He did not visit his sister Ana or his brother George, when they were condemned, and he lived in anonymity until his death, which occurred when he was 40 years old.

4. Some curiosities of Ana Bolena that you should know

Among the curiosities that are explained Anne Boleyn is that I suffered polydactyly ; that is, he had more fingers than usual. In his case, it was said that he had 6 fingers on his left hand, although at present this is doubtful since none of the eyewitnesses who described his appearance, for better or for worse, spoke of that particularity. In addition, his figure was also one of the great inspirations for the characters of Game of Thrones .

With our approach to who Ana Bolena was finished, we encourage you to leave us your impressions in the comments section. Tell us, do you know more surprising facts about Ana Bolena's biography? Have you seen some of the films of Ana Bolena? Did you know that there were two Boleyn sisters who had been related to Henry VIII? We will be willing to read you.

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