What is Subaltern Literature?

The Subaltern literature Is a trend of dissemination of different literary genres through the internet, radio and, in general, any other virtual or non-conventional media.

Although defined as a modern trend, typical of the Internet era, subaltern literature is a term that originated around the year 1960, whose inspiration was oppression, the racism As well as social, economic and political issues associated with resistance and the struggle against hegemony or perpetuation of political power in colonial society.

Subaltern literature has exploited to a large extent the digital

The noun"subaltern"indicates the condition of"lower category", in this case in social terms and applies to both the authors and the public to whom the work is directed, since the objective is usually the middle and lower strata of society .

Social groups that are marginalized for any reason - because they are considered disadapted or poor - found in this movement a representation of their thinking, beliefs and beliefs.

On the other hand, it is necessary to emphasize that the subjects treated by the subalternative literature are produced by authors who have lived in their own flesh such situations, so it is not a mere narrative based on an investigation but in their own experiences as part of That society criticized and marginalized.

It had an important evolution over time, during which writers emerged that are nowadays recognized almost everywhere in the world thanks to this kind of"literary rebellion"that sought to break traditional paradigms of literature with new resources and different forms of diffusion .

Even sometimes, as a way of protesting against publishing houses they considered their publications simply as a way to make money rather than a means to expand knowledge and culture.

Great exponents of subaltern literature

Since its beginnings in Latin America, subaltern literature has had important authors who have greatly influenced the follower public as well as other writers.

Among them are the Ecuadorian poet Dolores Veintimilla de Galindo ( Complaints, Disenchantment, Longing, The Night and my Pain ), Mexican politician José María Lacunza ( Netzula , A story based on the Mexican natives in the days of the conquest), Jorge Icaza (novelist, storyteller and scriptwriter of Ecuadorian origin whose works have a great social content), Pablo Palacios ( Deborah , A dead man kicked ) Javier Vascones ( Far City ) Humberto Salvador (The City has lost a novel, The Silhouette of a Lady ), among others.

What is Subaltern Literature?

Well-known writers such as Gabriel García Márquez, Carlos Fuentes, Julio Cortázar and Mario Vargas Llosa were key authors for the emergence of this type of literature, for its irreverent way of leaving the conventions and including social, ideological political and criticism in each One of his works.

Subaltern literature in alternative media

Definitively, the diffusion methods of subaltern literature seek to differentiate and separate from the mercantilist vision of the major publishers. Alternative means are an essential and characteristic element of this trend.

For example, in 2003 a kind of editorial movement Eloisa Cartonera . Many factors combined to bring about this innovative proposal: economic crisis, some publishing house policies that did not satisfy many writers.

The project consisted of printing the pages of books in common and proprietary printers, use of recycled material - especially paperboard - low prices and the fact of publishing works by little known authors, nothing traditional and the use of formats that have nothing What to do with the sale for the masses.

Even many of these works are offered for free or at affordable prices on the web, in their electronic format, which are so-called e-books or e-books.

On the other hand, the same website is a space in which many writers have been able to take their works to the public around the world, especially through the blog.

The phenomenon of web logs, in Spanish"weblog", gave rise to the term"blog". It is a series of daily, weekly, monthly or any other frequency, uploads to the network, which are cumulative type and are usually part of a much larger story and are not only independently published entries .

That said, arises what is called a blogosphere, which is nothing other than the set of elements involved or related to the blog, such as entries, comments, users, etc., a community linked to each other through the web.

Another term that is essential is the one that defines the author of the blog or"blogger"(in Spanish, blogger). The topics about which bloggers write are very varied. There are blogs that tell real personal stories, while others point to topics of general interest, cultural, entertainment or political.

What has surprised many web explorers is the emergence of a literature that far from being inferior to the conventional type, reaches levels of excellence that can easily compete with other great traditional works.

Subaltern literature is considered as an opportunity for those writers with little possibility of publishing their works through publishing houses. Science fiction, poetry, topics of literary criticism, mystery, novels and almost any other genre are part of the range of possibilities offered by subaltern literature.

It is a modality that has been growing in number of authors and followers, as well as in quality. So much that many works born under this novel and accessible literary current have gained the attention of more of a publishing house for its publication in paper and ink.

Among the various forms of expression, the blog reveals itself. A creation with all the characteristics of the genre of the novel but that is published with the passage of time instead of once the work is completed by the author.

This is why the reader, besides being a spectator, also witnesses the creative evolution and in some cases, can interact with the author through the publication of comments, making it an innovative literary modality that allows a level of feedback Immediate and unprecedented relationship between the writer and his audience.

In this way, subalternative literature has led to a much broader dissemination of culture in the collective and popular sphere, accessible to more people in any part of the world besides being an opportunity for those writers who are new or with few resources, to give Know their work.


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