What is endofobia? Historical Features and Examples

The Endofobia Is the rejection of characteristics or features of the group to which one belongs, racism against the nation's own compatriots or rejection of one's culture. It is the opposite of xenophobia, defined as racism against foreigners of any nation.

Female genital mutilation in Africa and Asia, stoning in Islamic theocracies, age-old and immutable segregation by castes and people buried alive in certain indigenous groups in South America, slavery, child abuse, children transformed into Jihadists at the age of 5 and the murder of thousands of Christians in the Middle East.

All the above mentioned are historical events that show the hatred towards the own thing. Endophobia has a special feature, it has direct influence of sociocultural references.

Expressions of endofobia are not things done in defiance of laws and the rest of society, on the contrary, they are endorsed by the norms of some social groups.

Historical cases of endofobia

There are many cases of endofobia at the historical level, rejection by itself is more common than one might think.

From general levels that span whole continents to small regions of a country, endophobia can be found almost anywhere.

Generalized West Endophobia

Western civilizations emerged from some origins: Judeo-Christian culture and its variants, Greco-Roman heritage and, in part, Enlightenment ideas.

It can be considered that these matrices contributed significantly to what is now known as the West, in the sociocultural sense of the word.

In the West there have also been great revolutions and advances, we can mention the Industrial Revolution , The advent of constitutional democracies, the rule of law, and the free-market economy based on the private ownership of the means of production.

The most important of all the legacies of the advent of the West: the abolition of slavery.

It is to be wondered why some Westerners attack the West itself, which has given them the values ​​they use to condemn it, instead of criticizing other non-Western peoples and countries when they commit brutal violations of what Westerners have learned to Value: life, peace and human rights.

What human rights exist or existed in India, Iran, Uganda, Sudan, Cuba, China, or in the then USSR? The very notion of â?? human rightsâ?? Emerged in the West, is a product of this culture. However, Westerners, be they Hispanics, Spaniards, American Indians or others, attack against themselves.

Brazilian Endophobia with Western Approach

Leaving aside the reasons that led to this crisis and emphasizing the differential treatment given to the issue.

Russia invades Ukraine with trained and armed militias, takes vital territories and kills thousands of civilians, Brazilian diplomacy says nothing.

In Syria, the dictator kills tens of thousands of civilians in a bloody war, Brazilian diplomacy is silent.

In the neighboring country, Venezuela, the dictator colleague, Nicolás Maduro, kills dozens of unarmed students and arrests thousands, Brazilian diplomacy supports the dictator.

Israel, at war with Hamas, kills civilians who are mostly used as human shields by Hamas, Brazilian diplomacy, instead of condemning both sides, condemns only one, Israel's, and receives thanks from Hamas. Why? The answer is very simple: Israel represents the West in the Middle East.

This explains why the anti-Semitism of the world left, the left is that part of the West that hates the West, and therefore hates Israel.

Mexico: resentment for one's own culture

Mexico has experienced a sustained cultural shrinkage dating back to the colonial era where European borns called Peninsulares or Gachupines had the privilege of accessing the best positions of authority and commerce, while Spaniards born in Mexico, although they were 100% European Access to such privileges.

This led to the suppression of Mexican events in favor of importing everything from Europe, such as: machinery, lawyers, governors, culture, art, science and common world opinion among settlers that was a facsimile of Europe.

Today, cultural stress and endo- phobia continue to prevail throughout Mexico, where foreign cultures, attitudes, technologies, arts, and academics are viewed far more favorably than Mexico's indigenous academics, technologies, and artists.

The result of this has been the flight of competent and talented Mexicans who have decided to move abroad, mainly to the United States, where they can develop their skills and practice their talents.

In popular Mexican media, news anchors and variety presenters, telenovelas actors and actresses are clearly white even though the majority of the Mexican population is mestizo or Indian.

This phenomenon still resonates with the old colonial attitude of the caste system that favored the European image, culture and aesthetics of Mexican development that the Mexicans themselves perceive as inferior.

German Endophobia: After Nazi Germany

At the culmination of World War II and after Hitler's defeat, the shame of the great damage done to humanity undermined the German mentality.

Germany was the cradle of Marxist thought and the primary activities of that ideology, which today are still the cause of the destruction of Western civilization.

That is why there have now emerged German political and social groups that seek to exterminate their peers: feminism, massive immigration, social engineering, multiculturalism, among others.

It is common to hear great personalities make disparaging remarks about their own people, such as:"The German nation is nothing positive for me, no way, I would even dare to fight it politically"or"Germany has to be locked up from the outside, for The immigration, mixed from the inside, practically diluted".

Some extremist comments are even the biggest sign of endofobia in 21st century Germany:"It may surprise you, but I am a traitor in my country. I love and support the death of our nation." - Christin Lochner, Politics of the Party of the extreme left German"Die Linke".


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