What is Domeboro for?

He Domeboro Is a medicine composed of a solution of calcium acetate and aluminum sulfate, which is used for the treatment of allergies and skin conditions.

Skin allergies are an exaggerated reaction or immune response of the body to the presence of irritants, which are known as allergens.


Generally, this allergic reaction manifests itself with the appearance of skin eruptions, redness, itching, urticaria, skin peeling or blisters.

The drug Domeboro was developed by surgeon Karl Heinrich August Burow, who made a preparation with aluminum sulfate, acetic acid, precipitated calcium carbonate and water, which was initially used for the treatment of varicophlebitis.

This solution was initially called Burow water. Later it was perfected by Dome laboratories and from there its trade name Domeboro is derived.

Pharmaceutical Form and Formulation

The Domeboro comes in powder form with a pH 4.2. The contents of each envelope is 0.8008 g of calcium acetate, 1: 1352 g of aluminum sulphate and excipient cbp.

Therapeutic indications

Domeboro is an astringent and emollient that provides a moisturizing wet cure that is used to treat inflammatory conditions of the skin, which may be caused by an allergic reaction.

These allergic reactions can occur as a result of insect bites, poisonous plants, erosions and skin inflammations.

Nickel-containing jewelry allergy contact dermatitis may also occur, due to allergic reactions to soaps and detergents. Other uses of Domeboro are in the treatment of discomfort caused by athlete's foot.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

The medication can be used if you want to obtain an astringent, decongestant or sedative effect of burning and itching.

Its consistency is not occlusive, which allows the skin to breathe. It can be used in cases of acute dermatosis, as its astringent action, is not absorbed by the skin.

Treatment of eruptions by poisonous plants

Domeboro is ideal for the treatment of eruptions caused by contact with poison ivy, poison sumac or poison oak. The therapeutic action of Domeboro helps to relieve the irritation, burning and itching caused by contact with these plants.

The irritation caused by poisonous plants is due to contact with an oil called urushiol. Situation that can occur when touching or touching the leaves and stems of the plant, which have this oil.

Generally, the allergic reaction is not immediate, and sometimes irritation does not occur the first time this oil is contacted. However, the immune system works to prepare a defense in case of being attacked again by the same substance.

This immunological work causes that once again to come into contact with the urushiol, an allergic reaction occurs as a defense of the organism to the aggressor.

Occasionally, the blisters, red bumps, burning, inflammation, and swelling of the skin may be present within 24 to 72 hours after being exposed to the poison.

Likewise, there are other situations in which the rash does not appear until 5 days after contact with the irritant, and can also occur in phases and last between two and three weeks, having its highest point between the fourth And seventh day.


The Domeboro comes in boxes of 12 envelopes of 2.2 g. Also in refreshing gel, which provides the same effectiveness as the solution that is achieved by dissolving the contents of the envelopes.

Use as soap

To use it as soap, it is necessary to dissolve between 1 to 3 packs of 16 oz (450-480 ml) each in water, which may be cold or hot. After being dissolved it is ready to be used.

Depending on the number of envelopes used, mixtures of 0.16%, 0.32% and 0.48% of aluminum acetate can be obtained. Soak the affected area for an estimated 15 to 30 minutes, or as long as your doctor has indicated. Once used, discard the solution.

Use as a wet compress

  • Dissolve 1 to 3 envelopes of 0.16% in warm or cold water
  • Stir until homogeneous
  • Do not filter
  • Depending on the amount of envelope you use, the concentration of aluminum acetate will increase accordingly.
  • Once completely dissolved the powder is ready to be used.

Soak a clean, soft cloth in the solution and apply it loosely over the area of ​​affected skin. Let him / her act for a period of time between 15 and 30 minutes, or according to the time indicated by the doctor. Discard the solution after use.


Avoid contact with eyes, keep out of the reach of children and in case of pregnancy or breast-feeding, discontinue use if hypersensitive to components of the formula. Prolonged use may cause dryness of the skin.

Drug interactions or alteration of laboratory test results

No drug interactions have been reported to date and there is no evidence of alterations in laboratory tests due to their use.

With the use of Domeboro you can get a quick and effective relief from the unpleasant symptoms of skin conditions, in a more effective way than ordinary creams and lotions.

Because of its astringent action, it gently blends rashes, reduces blisters and redness, soothing the need to scratch, which can lead to additional complications.

Domeboro has been used for the treatment of skin conditions for more than 50 years with quite success. However, be aware of other symptoms that may be triggered by the allergic process, such as difficulty breathing or if there is infection in the skin lesions.

Also, if the rash is spread through your body, you have swelling in your eyes or throat, or if the condition worsens after about seven days. In case any of these situations occur, it is necessary to seek medical help immediately.


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