What is aroma Friday?

Aroma Friday Is a saying or phrase commonly used in Latin countries, especially in Venezuela, where this phrase originated and from which arise many more similar jocosas similar.

It literally means:"Today is Friday of aroma, the one who does not have money... does not take"used in many occasions among the office companions when finishing the work day on Friday afternoon, usually people usually meet to celebrate the beginning Of the weekend.

Aroma friday

At these scented friday meetings they usually take a few beers at the bar closest to the job site before going home but if the person does not have"silver"or money is not invited because each person is responsible for paying what they consume , That is, everyone who pays his own.

Although this is the most usual context, it can also be used in many other ways as it is simply a popular saying and as with all popular sayings over time they are shaping and modifying.

In Venezuela it is used for all kinds of context with the purpose of expressing a special day, Friday of aroma, special Friday, for the beginning of the weekend and start the days of rest.

In some it is used with context of going out to"rumbas"or party, also is used to refer to cultural days or even for situations of adults, romantic encounters, romantic nights, meeting with friends, girls' nights, etc.

Aroma Friday Poems

The author Venezolano Ale Marcano wrote a poem referring to the Friday of aroma adapted to the serious situation that crosses his country Venezuela, previously it was something very normal to wait for the Friday of aroma but at present and due to all the problems that the citizens must face Of that country is no longer something common and those who can enjoy this are truly privileged.

Previously, the scent Friday was something fixed and safe for most people, but as today there have been so many inconveniences, hyperinflation, shortages, difficulties and problems that did not exist before, the people of this country have looked for ways to Express themselves and between those routes until they have made poems where they relate the amazing thing that was a Friday of aroma and the impossible that is now.

The poem in question reads like this:

"Aroma Friday,

He who has no silver does not take,

And with this situation you can not invent 'joke,

Because with the shortage it is probable that neither coma,

Also although it has rial it has to make tail pate,

And pa 'can' buy 'my brother must find a lot of ball,

And now do not sell several sell you is a single,

A single bread flour and if there is milk a pearl,

Whether visiting the Chinese, bicentennial or mercantile,

You get a tail that you do not see the end,

The tremendous thing is that people do not know if they will buy,

Well when they get inside the main thing is over,

Government and opposition,

They blame each other,

And they offer no solution,

They fight for the coroto,

I tell you if there is consolation,

There is neither unity nor bad revolution,

Comes from the God of heaven,

If we unite and pray to him."

Popular Expressions in Venezuela

In Venezuela it is extremely normal to use a myriad of colloquial expressions like words, phrases, sayings and sayings that are not found in any dictionary, proof of this is the expression"Friday of aroma", this can not be found in any common dictionary.

Like this popular phrase, there are many other expressions that are used daily and some of them have words in other languages, which were introduced by immigrants and that in that country have been assimilated as their own.

The Venezuelan cultural structure is a mixture of three different and predominant cultures: the European, indigenous and African, due to this transculturation these expressions are produced over time and others arise simply from the imagination of the people and transcend in the history.

There are too many Venezuelan expressions created to express themselves colloquially, these are used daily and is so common that many do not realize that people in other countries can not understand them, it is something so proper and normal that everyone assumes they are World knowledge.

In some cases, many of these expressions vary depending on the states of the country, in some there are some expressions and in other states they do not know what it is, precisely because there are too many sentences of this type.

Among some of these jocose and imaginative phrases can be found, among the most famous:

- Fuck you.

To throw the sticks

- But it is the noise that the cabuya

- It says the sin, but not the sinner

- Your mother's pussy

- To each his own theme

- Son of cat hunting mouse

- Old parrot does not learn to speak

- More knows the devil for old than for devil

- In old stubble there are always potatoes

- War warned in the bush soldier... and if it kills it is by careless

- Rooster that does not repeat is not rooster

Love with hunger does not last

- Cilantro is good, but not so much

- Who is born potbellied, or who fajen little


Jala mecate

- Sucucho

- Guachimán

- In the guará

- École cua

- Neither pa 'moor' a rooster

- Cock sucker

- I do not care

- Snob

- Quicio

-Arepera and Aerepería

- Guarapo

- The tail

Give me the tail

- Great cacao

- Spit

Go to the pigeon

- Corotos

- Macundales

- Child of baker

- Güevon

To dust

- The rice cookers



- Creole Pavilion

- Macán

- Stop the balls.

- By the balls

- Enjoy a puyero

- To cry to the valley

- Gutercló

- Strong


- Table


- Leave the pelero

- Cotufa


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