What is a Film Review?

A Film review Is a short story that contains the author's opinion about a movie.

Its writing is based on the analysis of the plot, the main performances, the historical and geographical frame of the film.

What is a Film Review?

In addition, the review may include the evaluation of complementary aspects such as lighting, stage design, editing, and the soundtrack of the film.

Through this type of reviews, the author guides readers about what they can expect when viewing a film, by weighing the overall quality, followed by a final recommendation on its content.

The final valuation of the film can be made in different scales: from 1 to 5 stars, for example, or when selecting a category between excellent, good, fair and poor.

Movie reviews are usually short, between 600 and 1200 words maximum. They are usually analysis and opinion capsules on fashion films.

A standard film review is composed of the following parts:

1. Introduction

This section presents the topic with the basic information of the film; That is, the name of the film, year of release, actors, director, writer and screenwriter.

In the introduction is provided an opening of the story, a quick pass on the main argument.

2- Summary

It highlights the elementary aspects of the film, the context of the main plot and other details of interest to the reader, such as the historical, political or geographical context of the film.

The synthesis does not include advances on the plot or the outcome of the film.

What is a Film Review?  1

3- Analysis

It is the top part of the review, in which the author details his impressions on the thematic content of the film.

The credibility of a film review depends on the arguments of the opinions expressed. Therefore, the author's judgment must be based on solid and coherent ideas.

In the analysis, the author questions the course of the story, the decisions of the main characters and, of course, the outcome.

It is in this section that it shows the consistency in the behavior of the characters, and its incidence in the course of events.

It is worth mentioning that the film review must be impartial: if the film was not to the liking of the person who wrote the review, this aspect must be exposed from objectivity and logic at all times.

4- Evaluation

Based on the above points, the closing of the film review is given by the evaluation of the overall quality of the film.

Here, the author reviews the reasons that lead him to approve or disapprove the film, and reinforces why the reader should or should not go to the movie theaters to see the film.

In that sense, the conclusion of the review is given by a value judgment based on the author's criterion.

However, the true value of a review is its usefulness, which will depend on the writer's ability to predict whether or not the film will please the reader.


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