What does SDVSF mean?

Sdvsf Means"I am from the green, I am happy"and is a phrase used by the fans of the National Athletic Club of Medellin.

Atletico Nacional is a Colombian professional soccer team based in Medellin. The club is one of three teams that have played in each First Division tournament in the history of the country along with Millionaires and Santa Fe.

Stadium of the National Athletic Club, author of the SDVSF motto

The color of the equipment is green. Hence, it makes sense to phrase the insignia"sdvsf". In this article, you will know a little more about the history of the National Athletic Club of Medellín and its symbols.

Sdvsf and other flags of Atletico Nacional

Badge and colors

The purplish plant in its white variety is associated with the color scheme of the club. The current insignia of Atletico Nacional was adopted in 2000.

The insignia consists of an elongated downward rectangle, with the initials A and N inside and the tower of a castle symbolizing"greatness, tradition, strength and hierarchy". The colors of the team are derived from the flags of the province of Antioquia and the city of Medellin.

The club's main nickname is Verdolagas and is based on the endemic plant of the Paisa region, which has existed since pre-Columbian times.

The plant flowers a tiny yellow, white or red flower, the white variety being the most common in the region, giving the color scheme of the equipment. It should also be noted that Antioquia has a great tradition in terms of planting flowers.


The Atletico Nacional mascot is a tiger that symbolizes the energy and courage of the team.

Phrases of the pursuit pride

Some examples of the most pronounced phrases by the fans of the National Athletic Club of Medellín are the following:

  • "Atletico Nacional, great on the court, immense on the rostrum."
  • "It's not a shirt, it's the skin."
  • "It's not a court, it's our home."
  • "There are 11, there are thousands."
  • "It's not 90 minutes, it's a lifetime."
  • "It's not a passion, it's a feeling."
  • "She's not a fan, she's a family."
  • "Thank you National because with you I learned of fundamental loves."
  • "We are from the city of fairs and flowers. A thriving land of illusions where only champions are born. Antioquia and the green of my loves!"
  • "Atletico Nacional, victory and passion".
  • "And if my heart wants to conquer, tell me about Atletico Nacional and nothing else."
  • "A pride that touches fibers".
  • SDVSF:"I'm from green I'm happy".

Historical data about the National Athletic Club

National Athletic Team

Atletico Nacional was constituted on March 7, 1947 by the Municipal Athletic Club of Medellín by Luis Alberto Villegas López, former president of the football league of Antioquia. The current owner, Organización Ardila Lülle, officially acquired the equipment in 1996.

According CONMEBOL , Atletico Nacional is the club with the largest number of fans in Colombia. Atletico Nacional plays at home in the Atanasio Girardot stadium , Which has a capacity of 45,943 seats. It shares the stadium with one of its local rivals, Independiente Medellín.

The teams face in a derby known as The Clásico Paisa , Which is considered one of the most important meetings of the country. Atletico Nacional also has a rivalry with Millonarios, which emerged from the Copa Libertadores in 1989.

Regarded as one of the strongest clubs in Colombia, Atletico Nacional has won 15 league titles, three Copa Colombia and two Colombian Superliga, totaling 20 national titles to become the most successful team in Colombia.

He was also the first Colombian club to win the Copa Libertadores in 1989 and, after winning the title again in 2016, became the most successful 'coffeemaker' team in that tournament.

He also has more international titles than any other Colombian club. He won the Merconorte Cup twice and the Inter-American Cup also twice, obtaining a total of six international trophies.

In 2015, Atletico Nacional qualified as the 13th best South American club and 62nd in the world. He also qualified as the best Colombian club in the 21st century.

Atletico Nacional is accredited as the best Colombian team in CONMEBOL club tournaments and ranks third in the official Copa Libertadores ranking.

History of the Club

Atletico Nacional was founded as Medellin Municipal Athletic Club on March 7, 1947 by an alliance led by Luis Alberto Villegas López, former president of the Antioquia football league.

The club was created to promote sport in the city, especially football and basketball. It was based on the Indulana Union Football Club, a group of fans from the Antioquia Football League, the local amateur soccer league.

The founding members were: Luis Alberto Villegas Lopera, Jorge Osorio, Alberto Eastman, Jaime Restrepo, Gilberto Molina, Raúl Zapata Lotero, Jorge Gómez Jaramillo, Arturo Torres Posada and Julio Ortiz.

Atletico Nacional joined the professional league for its first edition in 1948. For that tournament, each club had to pay a fee of 1,000 pesos (at that time, approximately $ 1,050).

Atletico Nacional played the first match of the tournament's history and won a 2-0 victory over the University. The tournament had ten participants that season and Atletico Nacional was sixth with seven wins, four draws and seven losses.

Atletico Municipal changed its current name, Atletico Nacional, for the 1951 season. The name change was made to reflect the club's core philosophy: to encourage the national athlete.

That philosophy is also reflected in the policy of signing only national players. It was not until 1953 that the club signed the first foreign player, the Argentine Atilio Miotti.

Atletico Nacional won their first league title in 1954 under the command of Fernando Paternoster , Who also led the team from 1948 to 1951. El Nacional won the title with a single loss, against Boca Juniors de Cali.

In 1958, due to an economic crisis, Atletico Nacional and Independiente Medellín mixed their teams. Although the team continued playing under the name of Atletico Nacional, it was popularly known as Independiente Nacional.

The team won their second trophy in 1973, 19 years after their first title. In addition, he qualified for the final stage after being the first in the Tournament with 34 points. The team competed against Millonarios and Deportivo Cali in the final phase and won the tournament with three victories and one defeat.

In 1987, the team returned to its policy of being a team without foreign players. In the season 1988, Atletico Nacional was first in the table, which allowed him to qualify for the final phase. There, the team tied in points with Millonarios, but it surpassed by the difference of goals.

Atletico Nacional in 2016

In the 2016 Copa Libertadores, Atletico Nacional was the first in their group, winning five of their six games without conceding goals. The group was formed by Hurricane, Peñarol and Sporting Cristal. The Nacional returned to face Hurricane in the round of 16.

In the first leg in Buenos Aires, the teams won a 0-0 draw, while on the second day in Medellín, Nacional won by 4-2, conceding their first goals of the tournament.

In the quarterfinals, they faced the Rosario Central team. The first half ended in Nacional's first defeat, with Walter Montoya scoring the only goal in the 5th minute.

In the first leg in Medellín, Marco Rubén scored a penalty goal in the 8th minute, so Nacional had to score at least three goals to advance, which he did. The first goal was scored by Macnelly Torres in the first half extra time.

In the second half, Alejandro Guerra scored the second in the 50th minute and Orlando Berrío scored the third to eliminate Rosario in the final minute of the match.

For the Semifinals, Nacional faced Brazilian Sao Paulo. The team won the two games, specifically 2-0 and 2-1.

El Nacional reached the final of the Copa Libertadores for the first time since 1995. They won the game 2-1 against Independiente, obtaining their second trophy in this tournament and becoming the first Colombian squad to win it in more than one occasion.

In 2016, Nacional also won their third Copa Colombia title after beating Junior in the finals with a total score of 3-1, becoming the most successful club in the tournament.

The National's participation in the 2016 South American Cup began on August 11, against the Peruvian club Deportivo Municipal Stadium Alejandro Villanueva, Lima for the First Stage. The team beat the Peruvian team 5-0. In the second day, the set got a victory by 1-0, advancing to the second stage.

In this round, Nacional faced Bolivar Club of Bolivia. In La Paz, the club had a 1-1 draw, while at home, the club won 1-0 with a goal by Miguel Borja.

In the second round, Nacional eliminated the Paraguayan club Sol de América. They won a 1-1 draw and a 2-0 home win.

In the quarterfinals, the team faced the Brazilian club Coritiba, being able to defeat it in a very competitive phase.

In the semifinals, Nacional faced Paraguayan Cerro Porteño, who had eliminated two Colombian teams in the previous rounds, Santa Fe (the winner of the previous edition) and Independiente Medellin.

The first leg, played in Asunción, ended in a draw: 1-1 (the same result that the National won in their last three games). The second round was a draw: 0-0 and the Nacional advanced to the Finals for the third time because of the away goals rule.

Atletico Nacional and the tragedy of Chapecoense

For the final of the Copa Sudamericana 2016, the Nacional played him to face the Brazilian team Chapecoense . It was the first final in an international competition for the Brazilian team, which had eliminated Cuiabá, Independiente, Junior and San Lorenzo to reach that round.

The matches of the final were to be played on November 30 in Medellín and on December 7 in Curitiba. However, on 28 November, two days before the first leg, Flight of Lamia 2933 Crashed in Cerro Gordo, La Unión, a few kilometers from Medellín, with the Chapecoense team on board.

71 people died, including 19 Chapecoense players. Because of that, the finals were suspended. Atletico Nacional asked CONMEBOL to award the title to Chapecoense.

On the scheduled date of the party, the National and the City of Medellín organized a memorial to pay homage to the victims of the tragedy.

About 45,000 people were present inside the stadium and a thousand more in the streets. On December 5, CONMEBOL awarded Chapecoense the title of the 2016 South American Cup, as requested by Atletico Nacional, which received the"CONMEBOL Centenario Fair Play"award for its gesture.

Rivals of Atletico Nacional

Atletico Nacional has had a long rivalry with the local team Independiente Medellín, being considered one of the most important rivalries in Colombia.

The classic is known under the name of Classic Paisa and is recognized by FIFA as a Match-up Important in the country. Currently both teams are considered among the best teams in Colombia.


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