What does it mean to have a Viperian Language?

Have a Viperine tongue Refers to those who speak badly of others, seek to do harm to what they express, say hurtful, cruel and malicious things.

The term viperino means"like a viper, poisonous." To have a viperine tongue is directly related to vilification, deceit, slander and gossip.

Viperine tongue

Tips to control viperine tongue

We often face situations that test our patience, situations that can lead us to the go to And irritability, which causes us to utter harsh words or slander.

Sometimes even a pleasant situation with friends can open the door to gossip and finally slander. Here are some tips on how we can control our viper languages ​​and how to improve the way we communicate with others without falling into gossip, slander or hurtful words:

1- Think what you are going to say

The phrases"think before speaking"and"if they do not have something good to say, say nothing"seem cliché, but they have a lot of weight in life. It sounds simple, but we have become so accustomed to speaking without thinking that words just seem to get out of our mouths before we really thought about what we really want and should say. Take a few minutes before speaking to assess whether what you are about to say is beneficial or necessary.

2- Apologize

Hard as it is, if we say something that hurts someone, we simply have to apologize. This can only have positive effects.

Many of us have Trouble apologizing With people and accept our mistakes, so we must try to make sure that we will be careful, because it can be quite uncomfortable to accept our mistakes and verbalize it by an apology.

3- Care about who is around

Try to surround yourself with good companies. It takes two to gossip. Most people who engage in maltreatment and slander do not do it all the time and with all people. If you find that certain people make it easier for you to activate their viperine language, stay away from those people.

4- Discretion

It is better to be silent and discreet than to fall into a network of gossip and hurtful words that only poison our environment and alter our peace.

It is important to become aware of the power of words and choose to be silent before emitting hurtful words. Replacing the viperine tongue with a sharp mind is the best solution we can take.

Viperine language in the bible

In the bible there are numerous examples of the damage done by the viperine tongue and how people with viperine tongue can be poisonous and harmful. In proverb 25:23 the consequences of having a viperine tongue are clearly expressed:

"With the north wind the rains come; With the tongue viperine, the bad faces."(Proverbs 25:23)

Likewise, James expresses it:"And the tongue is a fire, a world of wickedness. The tongue is set among our members, and it defiles the whole body and inflames the wheel of creation, and it itself is inflamed by hell"(James 3: 6).

Another clear example:

O LORD, deliver me from the wicked; Protect yourself from the violent,

Of those who plot in their hearts evil plans and every day foment the war.

They sharpen their tongue like a serpent's tongue; Venom of viper is on their lips!

O LORD, protect thee from the power of the wicked; Protect me from the violent ones, from those who think to make me fall.

Those cocks have set me up; Have put the ties of their network, have laid traps in my path.

I say to the LORD,"You are my God. Hear, O LORD, at my pleading voice.

LORD Sovereign, my mighty savior who protects me in the day of battle:

Do not satisfy the caprice of the wicked; Do not let your plans prosper, lest you be proud. That upon the head of my persecutors fall the evil that his lips proclaim.

Let the coals rain upon them; That are cast into the fire, in deep swamps, from where they do not come out again,

Let no people of the viper tongue take root in the earth; That calamity persecute and destroy the people who practice violence.

I know that the LORD does justice to the poor and defends the rights of the needy. Surely the righteous will praise your name and the righteous will live in your presence. (Psalm 140).

In the bible there are various proverbs that guide us how to take care of having a viperine tongue:

-He who talks a lot, much is wrong; To be silent in time is wise. Prov. 10:19 (VP).

"The reckless one speaks badly of his friend; The wise man is silent. Prov. 11:12 (VP).

-Each one collects the fruit of what he says and receives the payment of what he does. Prov. 12:14 (VP).

"There are those who wound with their words, but the wise speak and give relief. Prov. 12:18 (VP).

To watch words is to take care of oneself; He who speaks much is ruined by himself. Prov. 13: 3 (VP).

-From all effort is profited; Of much talk, just misery. Prov. 14:23 (VP).

The gentle response appeases the anger; The violent response excites him more. Prov. 15: 1 (VP).

"A kind tongue is a tree of life; The evil tongue does harm to the spirit. Prov. 15: 4 (VP).

"How pleasant it is to find the right answer, and even more when it is timely!" Prov. 15:23 (VP).

"The righteous man thinks what he has to answer, but the wicked sends evil by the mouth. Prov. 15:28 (VP).

"To him who thinks wisely, he is called intelligent; The kind words convince you best. Prov. 16:21 (VP).

"It is wise to speak a few, and intelligent to remain calm. Prov. 17:27 (VP).

"Even the fool passes as wise and intelligent when he is quiet and silent. Prov. 17:28 (VP).

-Everyone will eat to the weariness of the fruit of his words. Prov. 18:20 (VP).

"Life and death depend on the tongue; Those who speak much will suffer the consequences. Prov. 18:21 (VP).

"He who takes care of what he says never gets in trouble. Prov. 21:23 (VP).

"The north wind makes it rain, and the bad tongues make you angry. Prov. 25:23

-As true as the north wind brings rain, the gossip tongue causes anger! Prov. 25:23

"The wind blowing from the north brings rain; Gossip brings fury. Prov.25: 23

"Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Proverbs 18:21

-You have become entangled with the words of your mouth and you have been trapped in the sayings of your lips"(Proverbs 6: 2).

"The tongue is powerful because your words can separate you from God.

-"But that which cometh out of the mouth, out of the heart goeth forth; And this defiles the man, for out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witnesses, blasphemies. These things are the things that defile the man; But eating with unwashed hands does not defile a man"(Matthew 15: 18-20)

- The good man, out of the good treasure of his heart brings out the good; And the evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings out evil, for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. (Luke 6:45).

A gentle tongue is a tree of life, but the wickedness of it is a broken spirit. (Proverbs 15: 4).

The fool's mouth causes him to break; His lips are traps for his own life. (Proverbs 18: 7)

In the Bible, Job calls us to turn to God and says: Job 5:21:"He will protect you from the viper tongue, and you will not fear the impending disaster."


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