What are Consequence Connectors? (With Examples)

The Consequence connectors Are words or groups of words that help us connect phrases, sentences or words. Thanks to them, relationships between different ideas can be expressed and the expression can be improved by elaborating longer and more complex sentences.

There are many types of connectors in the language. In addition to consequence connectors, the most common connectors include contrast connectors, reason and cause connectors, purpose connectors, add connectors, and exemplifying connectors.

Consequence connectors

In the case of consequence connectors, they must express some consequence or effect of the ideas that are being raised or originating in the sentence. They can be both written and verbal.

They are called causal connectors because they are responsible for connecting or joining sentences that are notifying what is happening. In other words, tell us the reasons or causes of what is happening.

There are many types of consequence connectors in Spanish that can be used to accompany the text and make the ideas more meaningful. Connectors make sentences and phrases sound better.

List of common consequence connectors


-That is.


-In a nutshell.

-In that sense.



-As a consequence of.

-Because of.

-Right away.

-Given the.

-As a result of.

"So or so."

-For this reason.

-In view of.

"Then it turns out.


-Tan / so much.

-In that sense.

- So, introduce a sentence.

-So that.





-In such a way.

-In consecuense.


-So that.

"Two words."

-With what.




Hence the reason.



-For example.

-In such a way.

-That shows.


Examples of 50 sentences with consequence connectors

-They all want it why She is good and friendly.

-The company Resulted in Losses so great that they had to find a new manager for it.

I went to bed very early Since Tomorrow I must stop extremely early.

-As I was very tired, I went to bed early that day.

"We listened carefully, as He brought good news about my family.

-I think, Thus I exist.

-In that sense, you will have to make the payment in less than three installments, In order To catch up with the condo.

"Cold temperatures kill mosquitoes." Because They are not observed in the environment when it is winter.

-She uses the computer program to Record your favorite TV shows.

"During the trip the temperatures were very high, so that There was great damage to food reserves.

-As You can not accompany me to the party, I'll go with Bernardo and Lucia.

"He had a difficult childhood, due Of the financial problems of their parents.

-As a result Of his great work got a job promotion.

-I could not be on time why The car broke down halfway.

-I'm much healthier as I'm sleeping eight hours a day and eating healthy.

-The cancellation of the meeting was caused due to the Traffic accident that bottled the whole city.

-What The house is not ready, we will stay in a nearby hotel.

-That is That as the union left the strike, it is possible that Juan Jose will come to work tomorrow.

-He had to return the clothes. why It was not his.

It's time to leave now well The taxi will be here any minute.

"I could not make the payment, because They cut the basic services of the apartment.

-Luisa Elena always gets good grades because Which strives every day to be able to obtain them.

"There has been a rise in the number of accidents. As a result , The government has decided to lower the number of allowed speed.

-As You're not interested in the subject, I'm not going to talk about it.

-Because of The annual patriotic celebrations, closed all the streets of the city.

-We stayed at home doing nothing why There was bad weather.

-Due from Its bad policies, the company began to lose customers at an alarming rate.

-The room should be blue, in such a way That looks like a sky.

-We have taken these actions by Our good.

-Market Stall what They will not come tomorrow, it is not necessary to clean the whole house thoroughly.

"Miguel was the eldest son, Thus , The heir to the title.

-The football game was canceled because Torrential rain and strong storms.

-Have had trouble recruiting funds as Have a bad credit history.

-The nurse had to keep the baby in another room why Was getting sick.

-In view of Their serious health, we will increase the dose of the medicines.

-Result In excellent academic averages, his efforts were worth it.

"She's a minor, so that Can not vote in these elections.

-As They have no money, they must resort to a benefactor to sponsor the project.

-They gave an excellent scholarship thanks to His excellent notes.

"There was nothing good on television, so I decided to go for a walk in the park near my hotel.

-This poses a threat to the food chain, and consequently To human health.

-Because The sudden economic changes, had to restructure the curriculum.

-As a result Of the massive humanitarian crisis, more and more children are dying of malnutrition in national hospitals.

"The dictator was sure that the war was near, and for that reason Rushed his preparations to leave the country.

-They were warned by Their deplorable behaviors against the minorities that were present.

-It was impossible to collect all the money owed by the Treasury because Of its serious economic problems.

-Due Of the great blow, had to be hospitalized several days.

Finally To solve the problems, he had to go to an expert.

I will leave soon why I can not live like this anymore.

"They set me up, Resulting In my expulsion from the academy.


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