Walter Riso's 101 Best Phrases

The best Phrases of Walter Riso, A Doctor of Psychology, a specialist in Cognitive Therapy and known for books as Fall in love with you: The essential value of self-esteem, Manual not to die of love: Ten principles of affective survival, Love and do not suffer: How to fully enjoy life as a couple or highly dangerous loves.

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1-If you can not love me as I deserve, better go, there will be those who will be able to enjoy what I am.

2-If you are wrong, you grow; If you are not mistaken, you will be stagnant.

3-Refuse to suffer for love, find your place in solitude and do not let the desire to love be above everything.

4-At this time somewhere in the world there is someone who would be happy to have you.

5-Some separations are instructive, they teach you what you do not want to know about love.

6-Forgiveness takes time, easy forgiveness is suspect.

7-You will know that they really love you when you can show yourself as you are and without fear of being hurt.

8-Do not waste time with who: not interested; Does not take you seriously; Does not say what he thinks and feels; Hides some bad intention; Does not listen to you with the necessary interest or all of the above.

9-Sometimes the ex become a kind of appendix: they do not fulfill any function, they are uncomfortable and would have to extract them from root if one wants to have a healthy life and in peace.

10-You should not make the same mistake twice, the second time you do it, it's no longer your mistake, it's your choice.

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11-When love knocks on the door, it will enter like a whirlwind: you can not leave out the bad and receive only the good. If you think that love is equal to happiness, you made a mistake on the road.

12-Delivering power to someone or something to dominate and take over your mind is a subtle form of psychological suicide.

13-There are two ways in which you can control your life. You can have an external focus of control leaving things at random or you can have an internal focus allowing you to define your own behavior. Write your own destiny, build the path by which you travel and be your own judge.

14-The important thing, then, is not to be beautiful, if not to like yourself.

15-There are times when fear opens your eyes, but almost always closes them.

16-The human mind has the curious ability to turn any pleasant and relaxed desire into a psychological problem.

17-Do not idealize when you are loved; Look at it as it is, crudely and without anesthesia.

18-What I am concerned about is the other abuse, which does not leave marks on the skin.

19-Coincidir with a person, mentally and emotionally, is a luck, an amazing and almost always inexplicable tuning.

20-The right to feel sad. Do not make it a habit and not your ideal of life, but transient sadness is useful because it accommodates our humanity to the facts; Helps us save energy. A hint of sadness from time to time helps us to think. Do not become an addict to happiness.

21-For me it is clear that if someone hesitates or doubts that he loves me, he does not love me.

22-Does it make sense to pursue something or someone who has already escaped your control? He's gone, he's gone, he does not want to be.

23-Love without giving up your identity. I do not exist for you, but with you. Unlike a love that merges, I propose a healthy love with personal identity.

24-Being kind and conciliatory by vocation is something respectable, but to be submissive out of necessity, is regrettable.

25-If love does not see or feel, it does not exist or it does not serve you.

27-Small changes in personal self-esteem, will lead to great changes in our daily life.

28-The problem is in attitude, not in who you are.

29-The important thing is to understand that life does not wait for us, it will not stop and therefore, neither will we.

30-In my opinion the mere fact that they have to lose me in order to value me is offensive and annoying.

31-It is in silence when we make contact with what we truly are.

32-Patience equals maturity. It is a virtue, which according to Aristotle, consists in learning not only to wait, but to tolerate adversity without complaining. For this reason, patience, to wait calmly for things to happen, implies a certain kind of healthy resignation: to accept that if things do not depend strictly on oneself, one has to let things happen and not waste time on them : Patient people tend to be stoic.

33-Love has two main enemies: The indifference that kills it slowly, and the disappointment that eliminates it at once.

34-Words never, always, all or nothing are dangerous because they leave no options.

35-Affective addiction is a disease that has a cure and, most importantly, can be prevented.

36-To be autonomous from the emotional point of view is not to stop loving, but to govern oneself.

37-The best age is the one we have now. Not a second more, not a second less.

38. Good love, which is worth it, is built through the effective management of two narcissisms that are loved and not based on a love totally attached and depersonalized.

39-Always opt for freedom of conscience: think, feel and think in what it means something for you.

40-What good is it for you to sweeten your ears, if you bitter life?

41-Feel proud and happy of your physical attributes. It does not matter if they are many or few, you are lucky because you have them.

"That the love of a couple does not expect anything in return is an invention of the submissive; If you want to receive It is normal, the reciprocal.

43-The balance is in being able to respect yourself and others.

44-To find yourself you have to take risks. If you are fearful and conservative in your experiences, the routine would express your life. What is the key? The audacity and spirit to experiment. Explore the world until you get tired of it. Sing until you feel that you have gained a lot of life, exists in an intense way with existential surprise as your most precious tool.

45-Building a high self esteem avoids the influence of others.

46. ​​Love has two main enemies: the indifference that kills it slowly, and the disappointment that eliminates it at once.

47-How do I know when this wonderful love becomes pathological? Good love can degenerate into pathological dependence with a dynamic similar to any addiction. Like a healthy glass of wine you can get back into a drinking problem that will destroy you if you are not able to control it.

48-Attachment is almost always the terrain where fear and insecurity flourish.

49-Get dressed, paint yourself, slim, but to flatter you, not to flatter.

50-Releasing a source of attachment hurts because the body is accustomed and has created a conditioning, but it is a healing pain.

51-When you respect yourself as a person, you respect the human being and your relationship is better with others.

52-We praise someone's furniture and clothes easier than their intelligence or kindness.

53-Sitting down to cry at the first stumble and wanting life to be rewarding twenty-four hours is definitely childish.

"No matter what the poets say, we do not love with the heart, but with the brain.

55-In impossible loves hope is the first thing to lose.

56. Humans show the conservative tendency to confirm beliefs.

57-It does not matter how much you love, but how you do it.

58. The best things in life usually happen when we expect nothing.

59. The way is to quiet the mind and induce it to look at itself realistically. A mature, balanced mind that learns to lose. A humble mind, but not stunned. A mind open to the world, vigorous and grounded.

60- Submitting yourself to what you will say is a form of socially accepted slavery.

61-"I'm made to do good things, interesting, cheerful and nice, so do not be extraordinary and out of the ordinary." You will take a huge weight off.

62. The soul mate is an invention of astrologers.

Happiness does not reach the door, you have to look for it and fight for it.

64 - You would be surprised to know how that wisdom of 2500 years ago today could be useful in life, especially young people.

65- I have been in the center of the post modernity and I have seen closely the addictions and their typical diseases.

66-"You complement me, we are one for the other, I can not live without you"I say: what misfortune...

67. The imagination has no limits to invent a collusion of total fusion.

68- We must shuffle and do everything again, we must create an affective revolution.

You must be able to develop your own personality, in spite of love and above love.

70. Love sometimes appears to be a public health problem. 40% of consultations with psychologists are related by problems with love. Something bad is happening.

71-"If you do not love me, you do not want me, to love you have to suffer"one thing is to dance a bolero, another very different is to live a bolero.

72- When you are in love, our body only generates drugs that make us feel good. If you create a dependency on those drugs, then what you are looking for in repeating that, you do not seek true love.

73- Once a patient told me"Doctor, I want to feel the butterflies in my stomach again, I want to feel the tremor again, the sweat on my back, I want to feel the choking"to which I replied"you need to see a terror movie"

74. I am against sick infatuation, that infatuation that has an active phase of ten months to thirty months, that is not love.

"You do not drive me crazy, you're passionate about me. I do not need you, but I choose you.

You can not walk through life asking for permission to live or feel.

77- The moment you begin to negotiate your principles and your beliefs, at that moment is when that love no longer serves you.

78- If you have to give up your vocation, your self-realization, your likes and dislikes because your partner does not like That love is not good for you, you're with a black hole.

79. I love you and I love you.

80. People really fear freedom.

81- To be free is a dangerous game, but it does not make sense that your partner is faithful to you, just because you have it tied to the bed.

82- The Latin culture establishes a pact of affective / sexual exclusivity. That is why the concept of infidelity exists within the couple.

Love is more than feelings.

84- Love is for brave, it is a flower to be caught on the edge of a precipice.

It is more intimate and more vital to speak of love than to talk about sex.

Love has no age, but lovers do.

87- Emotional ignorance is known as alexithymia, and it means incapacity for emotional reading.

88. Will there be more foolishness than to love what I am not and wonder what I have never been?

89- Which is better? Without a doubt, the luminosity of the humor, the laughter, is sometimes inappropriate (never offensive).

90. The future is stored in the past.

91- When we are in situations that take us to the limit, we are neither Mars nor Venus; We are earthlings. Women and men suffer equally. Especially when it comes to love.

92. Softness and flexibility are intimately related to life, while hardness and rigidity are associated with death.

For example, the value of perseverance requires a limit so that it does not become fanaticism:"learning to lose."

94. The pessimists are surrounded by a halo of bitterness. His life oscillates between disappointment and sadness.

95. To love oneself, despising or ignoring others, is presumption and exclusion; To love others, despising oneself, is lack of self-love.

96- Surround yourself with people who love you.

97. The stone mind is not allowed to doubt and abhors self-criticism. Its fundamentals are unchangeable and indisputable.

98- The best friends are liars friends, those who tell you things like"how nice that you separated from that woman, it was not convenient"not those who remind you of your sad reality.

Love is the main antidote to resentment and hatred.

"To marry the lover is the same as salting the well.

101- Lovers' relationships are Spa relationships. Relationships once a week for which you perfumes, you arrange and everything to remove those clothes for a few hours of pleasure.

102- The lover is made to enjoy, the true couple is made to live life and enjoy.

103- Infidelity is not a decision that is made, but if you want to be unfaithful you decide to face the costs of consequences.

From the current knowledge we have on the mind, it is possible to affirm that there are two ways to open the doors of the good life: philosophy and psychology.

105- A lovers relationship lasts for an average of two years, two years of lies, it is very difficult to forgive that, I would say that 5% to 10% forgives that. It has nothing to do with forgiving an adventure.

You can love two women without a problem.

107. Irrational love is the one who stubbornly maintains when we are not reciprocated, when personal self-realization is blocked and / or when our moral codes are violated.

108- If it says"neither with you nor without you?"Run away.

109- Seeing the world in black and white distances us from moderation and inner peace because life, from where we look, is composed of nuances. To want to impose on the universe our primitive binary mentality is an act of arrogance and stupidity.

Patience is not always a virtue, sometimes it is meekness and humiliation.

111. Love is the mixture of three things: eroticism or desire, friendship and agape, care for the other. When we have these three elements, we can define what we could say as a complete love.

112- A nail does not always pull another nail, sometimes the two stay inside.

113- Man enters by sex and reaches affection and woman enters through affection and reaches sex.

There are two types of suffering in love: the useful and the useless. The useless is to keep waiting. The useful thing is to elaborate the mourning, to lay down the arms.

115- Remove what is left, untie and say goodbye with the wisdom of one who has understood what is not convenient.

116. For a rational ideal, which is not unhealthy, a balanced mix of ambition and realism is needed.

Attachment is not desire, it is the inability to give up desire when it must be done.

Marvelously imperfect, scandalously happy.

What is really corrupted when we seek to imitate someone? Our own identity. The following examples should not be confused with Patterns to follow.

If you spend the day comparing yourself, you will end up depending on what people think of you.

121- It is a general concept that, learning is the acquisition of knowledge. I wonder, what if we have a brain overloaded with too much information?

122- To grow we must unlearn; Take away those things that: are either useless, or dangerous or inconsistent with our ultimate goal of accomplishment.

123- There are days when I'm not to receive criticism, I just want to hear people say yes.

124. Happiness is three things: three lives together. A solo life, which is to give tastes. The gratifying life, which means self-realization. And the third type of life is meaningful life, it can be spiritual for those who are believers, or earthly, for those who have always wanted a family, leave their mark, leave a legacy.

"Would you pay for what you're doing to live?" Would you pay for going to work? Ask yourself, what would you pay to do, that is your vocation!

You have the right to change your mind.

You have the right not to take sides.

You have the right to say: I do not know.

Wisdom is not in the titles you have.

People are not worth what they have or what they know, it's worth what it is. And the people is When it is coherent and authentic with itself and with the world.

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