Top 10 Student Council Functions

A student council is a body of associate students engaged in curricular or extracurricular activity in primary and secondary schools around the world. There are more than 10 functions of the student body Which we will review next.

The goals of the student council are varied such as sharing students' ideas, interests and concerns with the school authorities and their teachers. In addition to this, they also help raise funds for their activities, social events, community projects, school reforms and help those in need.

Functions of the student council

The major importance of a student council is that students make a very valuable contribution to the development of a school's activities.

That they feel involved in the decisions and tasks that are performed is a fundamental part of the learning process. This improves academic standards and reduces student dropouts during the study years.

The most important functions of a student council

1 - They work as a congress

The college may have a president, a vice president, a secretary, a treasurer, a law clerk, a fundraiser, and representatives of the girls and boys. These roles can be assigned or chosen through voting, throughout the student body.

Usually, there are students from different courses within the council, although it may be a student council for each course.

Some of the most common positions within the student council are:

The chairperson is responsible for conducting all meetings, guiding other board members, acting as moderator during discussions, and maintaining ongoing contact with school administration and teachers.

The vice president on his part must work together with the president in each task and assume their duties when needed. They should prepare the calendar of meetings and the budget together.

The treasurer has the important task of keeping the income and expenses of the student council in order, always maintaining a detailed and clear financial report. You must authorize any payment or deposit that is received and also participate in the budget planning.

The clerk should keep reports of all meetings and provide this information to all members of the student council. He is also responsible for all the council's information files.

2- They serve to raise funds for the school

There are no funds allocated to student councils. Usually, they manage to raise their money by doing community activities such as car washing, selling products cooked by themselves (pizzas, cookies, etc.) or other types of events (bingos, kermeses, festivals).

Only some have funds that are provided by the same school, specifically to fund various activities within the school.

3- They are a good way to propose new ideas inside the school

Through the student council, students can share their ideas and thoughts regarding issues involving all students in the school.

For example, there are healthy options in the casino at lunchtime, bicycle parking places and skateboards, among others.

4- They are important for the planning of activities

The student council can help plan activities for the college itself and for each course.

These activities are done differently, depending on the decisions made by the student council. Through this organization it is possible for all students to vote for the ideas that are carried out and to plan all aspects before carrying them out.

For example, these activities may include visits to children's homes or nursing homes, where each student must coordinate and bring a gift from home.

It is important that teachers and adults can help student councils with the approval and implementation of such activities.

5 - It must promote the interests of the students within the administration of the school, its teachers and the same proxies

The student council is the voice of the students in front of the authorities of the school and also of the proxies.

One of their tasks is to be able to represent their concerns and needs in front of them and get them heard, to implement the changes or solutions that are necessary and to help the students to be listened and considered.

6- Participate in the development of educational projects of the same school and promote them among students

The student council should be involved in the development of any project being implemented by the school and disseminate it among all students.

For example, extra days program sports or artistic, cultural cycles, olympiads of knowledge and all kinds of related activities.

7- Carry out activities for all students

One of the most important functions of the student council is to develop entertaining activities where all students can enjoy and have fun.

Some good ideas for these activities are to camp with campfires, costumes competitions at school, karaoke night, movie night, choose miss and mister each course, music festival, among others.

8- Develop activities among council members

It is important that student council members also be able to strengthen their data and have fun, since they must be working together every week for a year.

Age and course differences can be a problem, which is why the student council should also plan events for its own members.

Some ideas are to make dinners, to exchange secret gifts during Christmas, to take emblematic photos with disguises or other elements, to make lunches where the boys cook the girls and vice versa. The important thing is that they have fun together and strengthen their ties.

9- Welcome new students

Each year, it is the responsibility of the student council to receive new students who enroll in school and have a small welcome meeting.

They will be able to guide you about the basic regulations of the school, the activities that are carried out, location of services (bathrooms, casino, library, etc.) and help them in everything they may need during their adaptation.

10- Develop events to raise funds for the community or people who have suffered some difficulty

The student council can allocate part of its activities to raise funds to help the community or to give days of help to people in need.

For example, make community lunches where people can attend for free and serve food; Or that the funds of some party or activity are destined to deposit to funds of hospitals, foundations, among other humanitarian associations.


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