The Yggdrasil Tree | 10 Curiosities of the Nordic universe tree

When we speak of the Nordic peoples it is necessary to refer to a number of symbols and figures that, for the inhabitants of these areas of Scandinavia, were of great spiritual value. Among them we highlight the Yggdrasil Tree, which we will discuss in the next lines. Continue reading and discover the importance of this tree and, of course, the curiosities we have prepared for you.

In each culture the figure of the "tree of life" has different meanings , for this reason, today we will dedicate this article to discover what is the value that the Nordics assigned to this symbol that, by the way, is part of the Viking tattoos most common that these people used to capture on their skin. Let us know the curiosities of the Yggdrasil Tree, symbol of the Nordic universe!

10 Curiosities of the Yggdrasil Tree, a representative figure of the Vikings

1. The Yggdrasil Tree is also usually known under the name of Yggdrasill tree , so, if you ever read it with double "L" at the end of the word, it refers to the same type of tree that for Nordics was considered the tree of life.

2. The figure of the Yggdrasil Tree is represented from a ash tree , a genus of trees that is characterized by reaching great heights and being extremely leafy.

Yggdrasil tree

3. According to Norse mythology, the Yggdrasil Tree is in charge of keeping the nine worlds united which are part of their beliefs, all in order that there is no separation between them and whoever wishes to visit the world of their interest, crossing the tree.

4. In the roots of the Nordic universe tree we found the source or Urd's well , which is fed from knowledge. In addition, this area of ​​the Yggdrasil Tree is protected by Mímir, a giant that is also part of Norse mythology.

Yggdrasil Tree 1

5. As one of the curiosities of the Nordic universe tree, this mythological figure also has great natural power for the inhabitants of Scandinavia . According to them, the Yggdrasil Tree represents the abundance of nature, its power and, at the same time, how vulnerable it can be.

6. Locating ourselves on the surface of the tree we find the god Heimdall, who is characterized as a guardian in the mythology of this area of ​​the world . Thanks to the protection of the Norse god in question, dragons and other beasts that wish to attack the worlds would not achieve their tasks.

Yggdrasil tree 2

Heimdall and Ratatösk

7. If you look at the Yggdrasil Tree, you will see a long bridge in its lower part, this was in charge of being the area that connected the mythological tree with the home of the gods. The most interesting thing about the bridge is that It is formed by a rainbow, its name is Ratatösk .

8. According to the inhabitants of Scandinavia, humans lived only in one of the branches of the Yggdrasil Tree, the rest of them corresponded to the nine kingdoms that we find in its long extension : Helheim (known to be the home of the dead); Svartálfeheim (where the dwarves lived); Niflheim (dark and gloomy place); Jötunheim (home of the giants); Midgar (where humans lived); Vanaheim (area where the gods of nature were found); Alfheim (where the elves lived); Asgard (the kingdom of the gods, for the most part, Viking gods ); and, finally, Muspelheim (place of fire).

Tree Yggdrasil 3

9. Although the Yggdrasil Tree is divided, according to the Norse, in these worlds, it is not the only classification that has its structure. This symbolic figure is also recognized from the root, trunk and crown, areas that they represent the birth, development and death of human beings .

10. The Yggdrasil Tree has been part not only of Nordic mythology but also of literature, specifically of the Nordic poems . Here we share an extract of Völuspá, part of the first poems enunciated by a völva (seer who shared his mythological knowledge) where it is possible to demonstrate its natural value for the time:

"I know of an ash tree that stands up, it's called Yggdrasil,
tall tree, bathed in white moisture;
from it goes the dew that falls in the valleys;
it stands on the green fountain of Urd. "

Now that you know this interpretation of the tree of life for the Nordics , what's your opinion about it? Let us know your opinion about the Yggdrasil Tree in the comments section, we will read you immediately! Of course, if you want to continue knowing more Viking symbols , do not miss the article we have prepared for you in Supercurioso.

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