The Top 25 Personal Supernatural Movies (Motivational)

In this article you will find a list of Self-improvement films That inspire, motivate and have a valuable message to apply in life.

The following motivational films have survived the years, will help you develop personally and are remembered for their ability to arouse emotions and motivate us. There are of all kinds: sports, love, overcoming addictions, historical, science fiction...

In this other article you can find a list of more than 50 films on psychology: .

Finally, I would like to ask you to leave in the comments which movies you recommend. I have not been able to see them all!

The best movies to motivate you

- Dallas Buyers Club

Dallas Buyers Club

Spectacular dramatic film starring Matthew Mcconaughey and whose supporting actor is Jared Leto. It tells the story of a patient who is diagnosed with AIDS and gives him a month of life. However, he does not let circumstances be with him and seeks solutions to extend his life. He tries so hard that he is able to turn the situation around and is even able to open a new company with which he also helps people with AIDS throughout his country.



It is a story of a part-time boxer who has the opportunity to fight for the world heavyweight championship, where he struggles to gain respect for himself. Rocky throws the message that nothing is impossible if you are determined and have a strong will to get it. It also teaches us not to underestimate the potential we have.

- 300


King Leonidas and a force of 300 men fight against the Persians in Thermopylae in 480 before Christ.

- The good side of things

the good side of things
Filming Locations: Bradley Cooper Y Jennifer Lawrence . Cooper's character suffers from bipolar disorder, which complicates relationships with his family. From meeting a new girl in your life and practicing dancing, everything starts to get better.

- Ali


The movie Ali is based on the life of the boxer Muhammad Ali . Ali was known for his speeches before leaving the ring and for phrases like"let me show you how big I am".

- Cinderella Man

Cinderella Man

It's the story of James Braddock , A retired boxer who returns to the ring to become the world heavyweight champion to become an inspiration in the 1930s. It shows us how adverse conditions force us to devise new ways to follow the path, protect the family and have Faith in yourself to achieve the toughest goals.

- Million dollar baby

Million dollar baby

It is the story of a woman who works with a hard trainer and who by her determination, and despite her age, she becomes a professional boxer. History tells us the message that there is no way to stop a person who has a strong will.

- Invictus


It is based on the time in which Nelson Mandela Was President of South Africa and started the path to overcoming apartheid, helping rugby to unify the nation and win the world cup in 1995. It gives us the message that peace can be found with forgiveness and that mind and soul are Free birds that know no boundaries.

-Rudy, challenge to glory

Rudy, challenge to glory

Based on the actual history of Rudy Ruettiger . It tells the story of a boy who despite not having, in principle, the conditions to be a professional football player, dreams of playing for the University and Notre Dame.

- Coach Carter

Coach carter

It is based on the actual history of Ken Carter , Basketball coach of Richmond High School. The coach's merit was more in taking players off the streets and moving them towards a good future.

- Looking for happiness

looking for happiness

Inspired by the true story of Chris Gardner , Is one of the most viewed and best received films in recent years. It tells the story of a man who has big dreams with his partner and children. However, everything is spoiled when the business he had devised does not work and his partner rejects him.

For his perseverance and despite the constant obstacles, he gets selected for a job that he had dreamed of for months.

- Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump

It's the story of Forrest Gump, a mentally retarded kid who spends innumerable adventures in spite of it. Due to his positive attitude and his willpower he becomes an elite athlete, he triumphs in the army and succeeds as an entrepreneur.

- Castaway


It is the story of a man obsessed with his work and who suffers a plane crash, ending up on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

- Chain of Favours

chain of Favours

It's the story about Trevor Mckinney, a young boy who has a great idea with which to help people and create a better world: doing favors to three people, which should do the same with three others and so on. Trevor tries to help a drug addict and his alcoholic mother begins a relationship with his teacher, victim of burns on the face.

- Life is Beautiful

life is Beautiful

It is the story of a Jew, Guido, who is sent with his son and wife to a concentration camp in World War II. Despite the difficult conditions, Guido uses imagination and a sense of humor so that his son interprets the situation as a game.

- An amazing mind

an amazing mind

It tells the true story of John Forbes Nash , Who acceded to Princeton University to study the postgraduate. Despite his mental and relationship problems, he was recognized for his revolutionary theories in economics and Nobel Prize winner.

- Gladiator


Máximo's fictional story, commander-in-chief of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. After being accused of the murder of the emperor, is condemned to death although it survives to direct a fight against its successor, the Comfortable tyrant.

-The peaceful Warrior

the peaceful Warrior

It deals with the real history of the young Olympic gymnast Dan Millman. Although he has great talent and great physical skills, he is easily distracted by girls and parties. After suffering a serious accident, a mysterious man teaches him to perceive life in a more constructive way.



It premiered at the Christmas of 2014 and tells the true story of Louis Zamperini, still alive and who participated in the Olympic Games of 1936. He later enlisted in the United States Army to fight in World War II.



It premiered in November 2014 and is about a possible future in which the human species depletes the earth's resources and has to look for other worlds to survive. Although it is of science fiction, several scientists of importance have already suggested that the future of our race is in the space. In fact, the film has been supervised by one of the most important physicists on the planet, Kip Thorne .

-The theory of everything

The theory of everything

It tells the story of Stephen Hawking, one of the most important scientists in history. Shortly after his 20 years, he was diagnosed with a disease that would make him little by little dependent on others, but that did not prevent him from achieving all his achievements.



The protagonist of No limits (Eddie Morra) is a writer who is in a bad run; He leaves his girlfriend and finds no inspiration for his next book.

After trying a new drug, his life changes completely and he becomes the person he had always wanted to be.



It counts the rivalry that maintained the formula 1 the pilots Niki Lauda and James Hunt. It is especially recommended for sportsmen and motor lovers.

-The life of Pi

the life of Pi

It treats of the adventures of Pi, a boy who is left alone in a boat with a tiger after sinking the ship in which the zoo of his family went.

-The pianist

the pianist

Wladyslaw Szpilman is a talented Polish pianist who manages to hide from the Germans, though he will have to be waxed for a long time and then go through various difficulties.

-The Truman Show

The truman show

Truman is the typical American man, with wife and a good job. However, she is the star of a TV show and is in a life of l To which it can not leave.

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