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What Albert Einstein It changed our lives in many aspects, it is a universal truth known by almost everyone. Thanks to his Theory of Relativity, we know the concept of gravity, which led to the scientific study of the origin and evolution of the universe. This more than demonstrated that Einstein was a privileged mind capable of giving us answers to great unknowns . Leaving aside such universal and enormous questions as can be the origin of the universe, of the stars, of the planets, we approach a question much more mundane and close to us; the origin of happiness. Well, there is also a theory of Einstein's happiness. How do you hear it! This great scientist was able to understand something as complex and broad as the universe or something as concrete and abstract as happiness. If you want to know it, do not forget to read the information that we bring you next in Supercurious .

What is Albert Einstein's Theory of Happiness?

theory about Einstein's happiness

This theory of Einstein is much easier to understand without the danger of turning our brain into a black hole . Y Not only is it easy to understand, but it is also easy to apply in your own life . Albert Einstein became famous again in 2017, not because of an issue related to gravitational waves, nor even for any theory of time dilation. The scientist rose to fame when Einstein's theory of happiness was unveiled.

It happened on October 24, 2017 when a simple handwritten note by Albert Einstein himself reached the figure of 1.56 million dollars at an auction in Jerusalem . In a simple notebook of a hotel was the theory of happiness of Einstein, which can not be considered as much as a scientific article, but rather as an inspiring text.

The note said: " A quiet and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness. "

Einstein's theory of happiness

In its origin, it was believed that the price of this letter would range between 5,000 and 8,000 dollars , taking into account the auction house that was studying it. The surprise was evident when in that auction the price began to rise quickly and soon reached the six figures.

Another note read: " When there is a will, there is a way "It's a phrase that in principle does not say much but that in reality is very revealing.

These notes that were bought from anonymous sellers, turned out to be autographed pieces of a hotel notebook. Tokyo . But it is not something so simple, behind these notes, there is a beautiful story.

1. The story behind Albert Einstein's notes

theory about Einstein's happiness

In 1922 Einstein traveled to the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo on a conference tour when he was Nobel Prize . A bellboy from the hotel approached his room to deliver a message , but the physicist did not have loose coins to tip the boy. I only had big bills. But the employee, complying with the strict hotel rules, refused to accept it.

Einstein did not want to leave the boy empty-handed, so he scribbled two messages on the hotel's official letterhead, signed them and handed them to the bell boy saying: " If you're lucky, these same notes will be worth someday more than no tips " Undoubtedly, it could be a prophecy because, although initially, the note was intended to sell for about 6000 dollars, it ended up reaching the figure of 240,000 dollars.

This is the story told by the seller of the notes he currently lives in Hamburg , Germany, and it is said that he is the grandson of the brother of the mysterious hotel bellman. Whether the story is true or not, what Einstein wrote in those notes can not be denied. Einstein's theory of happiness is very simple: it is enough to conform to what each one has .

2. Is this formula of happiness in today's world possible?

On that universal truth there is also one of the great phrases of Buddha what does it say: " It is not richer who has more, but who less needs. "And it is that true happiness is in valuing what one has and in not craving what one does not have, since that only causes frustration and, consequently, unhappiness. If we have little attachment to material things, we will cultivate that non-dependence and thus, the lack of them will not affect us in our level of happiness.

Simple? For nothing! In an increasingly consumer world, it is difficult to give up some privileges , some luxuries or even some comforts that, if we analyzed it honestly, we would realize that they are completely dispensable.

For now, we leave you with this reflection. It has been a real pleasure to share this story with you. If you want to continue deepening it, we encourage you to throw it a look at this compilation of Phrases of happiness . As always, we also encourage you to leave us a comment with your impressions. What do you think? According to this theory of happiness Einstein is easy to be happy ... Do you think the same? Do you think that simply applying this advice we would live happy and happy? Write your review. We will be happy to read you!

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