The story behind the famous picture of Einstein sticking out his tongue

Who does not know the famous photo of Einstein sticking out his tongue ? It is one of the most popular photographs of the German physicist of Jewish origin, author of The theory of relativity represented in the equation E = MC², which with its characteristic disheveled hair and hilarious grimace, embodies the stereotypical image of a mad scientist. Everyone to see it we would think that a funny situation was taking place at the time he was captured with the memorable expression. However, nothing is what it appears to be. We tell you the real reason, a bit bitter, behind the portrait.

The famous picture of Einstein sticking out his tongue

If we take a tour of the gallery of portraits of Nobel Prize in Physics Albert Einstein, we will realize that the picture of Einstein sticking out his tongue It was a really unusual affair, surprising to all the people who were around him. This is not to claim that Einstein never displayed sympathy before the cameras, but always tried to maintain the position expected of such an emblematic and respected figure in the scientific community for his valuable contributions.

The photographic material, one of the most popular of the 20th century, and part of the current popular culture, was taken on March 14, 1951, the day of Albert Einstein's 72nd birthday.

The story behind the famous picture of Einstein sticking out his tongue

The scientist enjoyed a meeting with his most intimate friends at the Princeton Club, when a group of photographers eager to take the perfect portrait that would decorate the press articles the next morning awaited him. He was accompanied by Frank Aydelotte, director of the Institute for Advanced Studies in the USA. and his wife Marie Jeanette, who offered to take him home.

Already inside the vehicle, Einstein he felt exhausted by the harassment received from the photographers who insistently asked for a smile. I did not have the energy to deal with all this, I just wanted to leave in peace after a long night of celebration. Instead he had to make his way between flashes, shouts and shoves.

"It's enough!" He complained.

In that context, the photo of Einstein sticking out his tongue , a small act of "rebellion" with which Einstein intended to show the discomfort caused by the cornelling he suffered after his birthday party.

The story behind the famous picture of Einstein sticking out his tongue 1

Complete picture of Albert Einstein's language, captured by Arthur Sasse

The gesture only lasted a few seconds, being the skillful Arthur Sasse the only photographer who managed to take one of the most iconic portraits in history . And it is fortunate that the portrait was made public, since in the beginning the agency for which Sasse worked hesitated to use the singular photograph for fear that the protagonist would be offended.

In the end they decided to take the risk with the pleasant surprise that Albert Einstein, not only would end up charmed by the charming portrait, but also contacted them to give him nine copies that would be given to his friends at Christmas. One of these copies was delivered to a reporter, the only one with his signature stamped. In 2009 this image was auctioned for 70 thousand dollars.

Did you imagine that this would be the story of Einstein's picture sticking out his tongue?

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