The solar storm that blew bombs | It happened in 1972

There are inexplicable events or with a scientific basis that does not end up looking solid that the human being has been burying between documents of different kinds, perhaps trying to forget that there is still much that escapes human control. This is the case of an episode that took place in 1972 and that involved the explosion of more than thirty explosive devices, without having a clear trigger. Today we know that the culprit was possibly a solar storm.

Keep reading and join us to find out what happened in that summer of the 70s and what is it that makes us think that the sun is the culprit of this strange phenomenon. It is curious that an element so basic to our survival was also the culprit of circumstances that could have claimed many lives. Let's see more!

The solar storm that set off bombs in 1972

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In 2018 it became public a document from the archives of the US Navy that revealed a very striking event, which occurred in the summer of 1972.

We stand on August 4, 1972. A US Task Force 77 ship flies near a naval mine field, submerged near Hon La (Vietnam). These naval mines designed to eliminate destroyers were located in that area to impede access to the ports of North Vietnam.

Everything is relatively calm until, suddenly, from the sky they see explode between 20 and 25 artifacts in less than 30 seconds. While they fly over the area, they detect almost 30 more movements in the water.

The crew members quickly inform the authorities, but no enemy ship or submarine has been able to blow up the explosive devices. What could have happened?

Suspicions around a possible solar storm

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Perhaps this argument did not convince the superiors of those who found him, but it is currently the most supported hypothesis. After the incident, the US Navy related the extreme solar activity of that August with the phenomenon that the crew of the US Task Force 77 witnessed.

It should be noted that the naval mines that broke out and that the US Army placed. UU they had a date of self-destruction, but there was still a month to reach it.

How did you suspect that a solar storm could have been responsible for the incident? Many of the naval mines that were located at that time were designed to detonate when they detected a change in the magnetic influence received. Already in the 70s it was known that solar activity caused changes in the magnetic fields of our planet, so the hypothesis made a lot of sense, but many doubted the real possibility that the sun could come to cause something so brutal on human devices.

As we said, precisely the first days of August 1972 were very remarkable in terms of solar activity. Intense solar eruptions arose from the solar region called MR 11976, at the same time as coronal mass ejections and clouds charged with particles.

Navy researchers visit space scientists

Those in charge of investigating the strange event moved to Colorado, to consult the space scientists from the Space Environment Laboratory in the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Adiminstration.

Professor Brian Fraser was one of the scientists who saw the Marines and some men in suits arrive. The visit caught his attention and he quickly consulted his manager, Wallace Campbell, what was happening.

Discreet, given the secrecy of the consultation, Wallace told him that the Marines wanted to know if it was possible that changes in the geomagnetic field had activated naval mines, located in the North of Vietnam. At no time did he mention whether they had exploded, but Fraser quickly suspected that it was precisely what had happened.

Wallace's explanation must have been quite convincing, but not enough, because the document that details what happened points to the solar storm as guilty, although only "in a high degree of probability."

The effect of the solar storm and how those of the future will affect us

The effect of this particular solar storm of 1972 was very strong, since the fluctuations in the magnetic field they cause are especially strong in the high latitude regions, located between the northern and southern auroras.

Thus, in addition to the phenomenon of the mines, in those same days many electrical faults and telegraph lines were documented throughout North America.

What can be done about it?

The fact that this event has come to light is vital for scientists to better understand the risk involved in using technology that may fail due to the influence of a solar storm.

Interestingly, the intensity of the solar storm of August 1972 is less than that of others we have witnessed, such as those that took place in 2012. The reason why this caused so many changes on Earth is still a source of discussion in the scientific community.

Be that as it may, it is interesting and a bit disturbing to know the power of the sun in our lives and how a solar storm can affect everything around us. Did you imagine it was so much?

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