The Power of Beliefs

He Power of belief Is known both in neurolinguistic programming and in cognitive psychology.

From them we experience some emotions or others, we behave in certain ways and even help us succeed or fail.

To understand it better, I show you this diagram of 4 boxes:

The power of beliefs


Any human being has a potential, some more than others. However, the problem lies in the fact that most people have misconceptions about what their potential is.


They may think they have no potential to get objective Or that their skills are below average. The solution is to change those beliefs into more positive ones and with the belief that you have as much potential as someone who has succeeded and achieved your goals.


If you think you have the potential to do something you are more likely to take action ( Self-efficacy ). In turn, there are people who have potential and know it even if they do not take action. In any case, it is necessary to act in order to achieve goals and to secure beliefs.

It is important to believe that you have the potential to have the willpower to act and persevere. For example, a person who believes that he has the skills to pass the engineering degree, will study and go to class more than the one who is convinced that he does not have enough skills.


If you act, you will have bad or good results. If you do not act directly you will not have results. From the first option, even if you get good results, you can always learn in a new attempt to get better results.

On the other hand, if you act but do not think you have the potential, you will stop trying and your results will confirm your beliefs.

To achieve the results you want, you must first secure your beliefs (that you have the ability to achieve your goals) to be able to act and persevere in what you need to get results.


The less you believe in your potential, the less you will work and act, and the fewer results you will get. Most aspects of life depend on our beliefs; There is not just one perspective.


With a belief that you have the abilities, skills, potential and intelligence to achieve important achievements, you will act and you will get results.

Example: The teenage soccer player who believes he has the potential to reach first, will get up early, train hard and persevere much more than he believes that no matter how much he will not get anywhere.

How do we begin to change our beliefs?

- Aim at the end of the day Negative thoughts About yourself that you have had and try to change them for something more objective and positive. For example:"I have suspended again, I will never approve"you can change it for"I will start studying more and I will approve".

- Repeat self-affirmations : It is about telling you positive phrases and asserting beliefs that promote your potential. Example:"I have the ability to do my job well".

- Do little homework : It's about starting to do simple tasks that you find difficult and in which you can be successful. Once you do them well, you will strengthen your beliefs that you can achieve success. These simple tasks should lead to more difficult tasks.

- Autorefuerzos : If you perceive that you are saying to yourself positive beliefs and that you encourage them to act, it is advisable that you give prizes to reinforce that behavior.

- Stimulus : Everything that makes you remember positive beliefs and that you can achieve your goals is positive; Photos, music, phrases, movies...

"It is the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once a belief becomes a great conviction, things start to happen "- Muhammad Ali.

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