The Mystery of the Twisted Forest of Poland | What caused it?

The human being has not stopped intervening in nature for millennia. It takes advantage of natural resources and also in many cases modifies the environment according to its convenience. The case we want to talk about today is, apparently, the result of one of these human interventions. However, nobody seems to remember why the natural growth of these trees was altered or if it was something natural. Join us to know the Twisted Forest Mystery of Poland. What caused it?

Man needs the natural resources offered by our planet and uses water, plants or land. Use the environment to get a shelter, feed and a host of other things, but sometimes goes beyond and beyond the limits of what is necessary and modifies nature in an abusive manner. In the case of the twisted forest of Poland, the change in the natural growth of some trees has produced a landscape that is visited by thousands of tourists annually and does not seem to have affected the pines beyond giving them an unusual shape and perhaps limiting their growth to little more than 12 meters.

The Twisted Forest Mystery of Poland

In the region of Western Pomerania, Poland, on the outskirts of the town of Nowe Czarnowo, there is a natural place called Krzywy Las. It is a forest that occupies 1'7 hectares in a sector of which are the curious trees that today occupy us. It is about more than a hundred trees that have the trunk completely twisted. They are common pines whose trunk bends at an angle of almost 90º to about 20 cm. ground. This strange curvature can reach up to three meters above the total height of the pines, which is usually between 10 and 12 meters. It is known as the Twisted Forest of Poland.

The Twisted Forest Mystery of Poland

The pines were planted in Krzywy Las in the 1930s and the curve they all present is in the north. Of the total extension of Krzywy Las, only 0'3% is occupied by these curious specimens and the rest of the forest is populated by straight pines, which makes the vision of that mysterious area more amazing and spectacular.

The majority of those who have studied twisted forest of Poland they believe that their strange shapes were provoked by means of some technique or tool such as placing a stop when the pines were between 6 and 10 years old, which forced them to curve. The age of the tree at the time of deformation is known thanks to the knots, the result of cutting branches, which are at the same height as the twist. This action could have been due to the need to supply the market with naturally curved woods to manufacture boats or furniture although both the technique and the motive are a mystery today.

The Mystery of the Twisted Forest of Poland 1

The most peregrine theories about the motive of twisted forest of Poland they are those that attribute the curve of the pines to the landing in the zone of an extraterrestrial ship that twisted the trunks of the trees or makes them the dwellings of the spirits of the ancient inhabitants of those lands. In addition they have been weaving new stories or adapting old legends around the formation of these mysterious deformities including a modification caused by a snowstorm.

One of the latest theories proposed defends that the trees were planted and felled for Christmas trees, but for some reason the woodcutter who cut them left one of the last branches on the stump. This branch grew laterally until it resumed verticality becoming the trunk of the tree and leaving in its growth this strange curvature that although it occurred naturally is the result of a previous human action.

The Mystery of the Twisted Forest of Poland 2

In the world there are other groves as curious as the twisted forest of Poland , but they are usually the result of a work of nature. One of the most impressive is the Avenue of the Baobabs of Madagascar in which there are trees more than 30 meters high and 800 years old. The Bamboo Forest of Japan is also worth mentioning. It is located at the foot of Mount Arashiyama, on the island of Kyoto . Considered one of the most spiritual places in the world and also "National Historic Site" from Japan It is of an incomparable beauty. In it you can find more than 50 varieties of bamboo and among them specimens that exceed 20 meters in height. When they are swayed by the wind, they produce a sound so characteristic and peculiar that it has become part of a list made by the Japanese government entitled "100 sounds that must be protected in Japan".

Did you know the existence of twisted forest of Poland ? How do you think they got those curious curves in the trunks? Do you think it is the work of nature or that man necessarily intervened as most experts think? Share your opinion with us! If you want to know more about curious forests, we invite you to read the post: Pluckleym, the terrifying forest of shouting .

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