The Meaning of the Cat as a symbol | 20 Curiosities

Cats are not alone the best pets for some people, in certain cultures these cats represent more than just a family member, even they have come to mean the closest thing to a divinity . For this reason we invite you to know 20 curiosities about the meaning of the cat as a symbol that we have prepared for you, are you ready?

If you are a cat fanatic or just want to know as much as possible of information related to these animals, you came to the ideal article of Supercurious . In the next few lines we will show you some information of great relevance that has been maintained throughout history and that, of course, involves these cute animals with whiskers that today are the pets of so many families.

20 Curiosities of the meaning of the cat as a symbol | What does it mean in other countries?

one. Egypt is the perfect example to start talking about the meaning of the cat as a symbol , since it was in this country where felines began to have greater symbolic relevance. In Egyptian culture cats were revered as gods, since they were considered protective animals. Although there were numerous well-known cats, the Goddess Bastet, an Egyptian cat goddess , was the most popular. The love and veneration of these animals in Egypt was such that killing a cat was a death penalty.

Meaning of the Cat

2. It is possible that by thinking about the meaning of the cat as a symbol, it is directly related to these cats with the witches, since they were their faithful companions. There was a time that for many these animals were considered malefic , due to the bad reputation that the witches won, whose activities were related to the dark.

3. In Toulouse, France, various remains of cats have been discovered in numerous buildings, which is why it is possible to ensure that the ancient inhabitants of this European area were also influenced by the Egyptian culture and they believed in the meaning of the cat, since in the past the idea was that burying the remains of the felines in question in various constructions would prevent bad luck.

4. Speaking of bad luck, in Japan, a cat whose name is Maneki-neko was venerated , which currently continues to be a symbol of great relevance in the Asian country and even around the world. The figure of this cat is, today, one of the 5 objects of luck in Japan more known, also, depending on your color is likely to help you meet certain goals you set.

Meaning of Cat 1

5. Also in Japan there is the legend of the Bakenekos . Despite the fact that felines in this country are highly venerated, this literary legend made some people start to feel scared when observing them and, in addition, to think that they could attract death .

6. In the Middle Ages the meaning of the cat was something more related to how helpful they were for the nuns, since these animals were responsible for keeping the convents completely free of mice. Likewise, they were visualized as hygienic species able to perform daily tasks. This is possible to observe in the images of cats in manuscripts of the time in question.

7 In India the meaning of the cat is represented through the goddess of fertility, whose image resembles that of Bastet, the Egyptian cat that we mentioned earlier. Thus, not only Egypt venerated these felines and even considered them gods, in India they also came to be considered as important and they were physically represented with their hairy features.

8. Before the cats were domesticated by the Egyptians and became the sweet pets they are today, these animals had wild characteristics, an aspect that was of great help to the Vikings . Even if it seems hard to believe, the cats and vikings they were together in their conquests.

9. In Greece, the cat goddess Bastet also had her own representation, in this case, the goddess Artemis , which was considered the creator of cats. In this part of the world, the felines were revered for being excellent hunters and by its independent characteristics, which were related to freedom.

10. In the Arab countries, on the other hand, the meaning of the cat was related to purity . Formerly they worshiped the Golden Cat, also known as Abu Hurairah, Muhammad's companion.

11. During the time of Catharism, the meaning of the cat was involved in really dark subjects, so much so that it was considered that these felines were the representation of the devil on earth.

Meaning of Cat 2

12. Currently, in Scotland, the meaning of the cat is only attributed to positive aspects, in fact, if you get to find a black cat in the portal of your home this symbolizes that soon you will receive a positive news that will improve your future.

13. However, in Ireland the situation with cats is completely contrary to the Scottish. In this European country, it is believed that If you come across a black cat, you may soon become ill .

14. In Italy, superstition of black cats It is also present. It is considered that if this cat approaches the bed of a sick person it will surely die in a few days.

15. In Malaysia there is a city specifically inspired by cats: Kuching . In fact, his name means " city ​​of cats "And the veneration of them is evident in each of its streets. In this part of the world, felines are a symbol of good luck.

Meaning of Cat 3

16. In China it is common for cats to be the ideal pet for women, especially if they are single. These animals are considered responsible for attracting their loved ones the ideal partner and, in addition, a lot of luck.

17. Although the meaning of the cat as a symbol usually depends on the culture of which we speak, as we have mentioned so far in the presented curiosities, it is also important that you know what it means dream about cats . The answer will depend on the breed or the size and color of the feline you have dreamed about, so it is important that you remember as many details as possible. However, we anticipate that dreaming about cats is related to the economic aspect of your life .

18. One of the most important symbols with which they relate to cats in different cultures is with the protector of negativity . For this reason, many people decide to include felines in their families, since they consider that they will remove the negative energies from their home.

19. The meaning of the cat as a pet also It is related to peace and tranquility , aspects of which you can enjoy while listening to the delicate purr of your feline.

20. Although not all believe them capable, it is popularly considered that cats are one of the few animals (if not the only one) that can identify presences or spirits from beyond , especially if we talk about the curious black cats .

Meaning of Cat 4

Now that you know 20 curiosities related to the meaning of the cat as a symbol in certain cultures and worldwide, What do you think about these felines? Do you really think they are as powerful as they think? We invite you to leave your answers in the comments section and create a debate in which we can all participate to talk about these animals that have become so famous for their physical characteristics and human traits . By the way, if you want to know a common type of cat, but no less striking, discover: 20 Curiosities of the Roman Cat | The most common and loved in Europe .

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