The Lovers of Frida Kahlo | 6 Loves that marked his life

Frida is, without a doubt, one of the most famous Mexican painters of all time. Her figure has become an icon of popular culture and a symbol of women around the world. She always refused to be pigeonholed in any artistic style, since she maintained that she painted her own life . In this article of Supercurious We will talk about who were lovers of Frida Kahlo, so you can discover the relationships that marked her and were part of her art.

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Lovers of Frida Kahlo | 6 loves of the artist

Frida managed to overcome all the adversities that life put her through, showing that she was a woman very prepared and ahead of her time. Among them, several diseases and a serious accident that almost cost him his life. His love life was very tumultuous and that is the part on which we will focus on these lines Let's start!

1. Alejandro Gómez Arias

Part of the lovers of Frida Kahlo, was their first love, they met when they studied together in high school and was with her at the time she suffered the accident of Frida Kahlo bus . This relationship they had to keep it a secret, since it did not have the approval of the Frida Kahlo parents . Although it was an affair of youth, Alejandro Gómez Arias always meant a lot for the life of Frida Kahlo.

2. Diego Rivera

lovers of Frida Kahlo

He met Diego Rivera thanks to the Italian-American photographer Tina Modotti, with whom he is said to have had an intimate friendship. He was, for many experts in the history of Frida Kahlo, the great love of the life of the Mexican artist. Frida's mother refused this engagement, since Diego was twenty years older and he was quite physically deficient. Despite this, they were married on August 21, 1929.

Their relationship had many bumps, the worst was when Frida discovered that her husband was unfaithful to the artist's sister. Their relationship was very tumultuous, with many infidelities, divorces and reconciliations. After the death of Frida, Diego Rivera went on to say that she was the best thing that had happened to him in all his life.

3. Leon Trotsky

lovers of Frida Kahlo 1

The family of Frida Kahlo hosted this character of communism for some time, while he was exiled from the USSR due to the dictatorial actions of Stalin ; she and Leon Trotsky maintained a relationship for some time, becoming one of Frida Kahlo's lovers.

Maybe this romance started because the Mexican artist was hurt by Diego for his multiple infidelities. When he learned about the relationship between them, Frida Kahlo's husband threatened the Russian politician and did not let him see his wife anymore . If you're interested in getting closer to this man's personality, check out these Trotsky phrases .

4. Chavela Vargas

lovers of Frida Kahlo 2

Both had a great friendship and many people thought that they were even more intimate. They never denied or confirmed their relationship However, all the statements about what they meant for each other give us to understand that the link between the two was very close.

Frida in a letter to Chavela he came to recognize that they were sexually attracted and that he would not hesitate to undress for her in case he asked her, which is why she thinks she was one of Frida Kahlo's lovers. Meet the most genuine voice of the ranchera in this article about Phrases of Chavela Vargas .

5. Jacqueline Lamba

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The family of Frida used to lodge and hide in their home the persecuted political / as, as in the case of Leon Trotsky, these two women they met because Jacqueline fled with her husband to Frida's house, escaping the Nazi threat .

Nothing more coincided the attraction between the two arose, which was reflected in some letters that Frida sent to Jacqueline. In them he wrote love poems for his new friend and listed all its benefits . Although it was never publicly confirmed, historians think it was one of Frida Kahlo's lovers.

6. Isamu Noguchi

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Isamu Noguchi was another of Frida Kahlo's lovers. With this artist, Frida was about to share a flat until Diego Rivera with his threats managed to break the affair, despite which Noguchi and Kahlo remained friends; His romance was very short, but very intense. The Californian artist and Frida met in the Mexican artistic circle, when he was invited by Diego Rivera to be part of a mural intervention.

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As you may have noticed after reading this article, the lovers of Frida Kahlo were many and varied. The artist was a free soul and a passionate woman, so she never closed doors to any of her affairs . He lived life intensely and each and every one of the people with whom he shared it, they felt tremendously happy.

Now we would like to know your opinion about this article. Did you know who had been lovers of Frida Kahlo? Did you find it striking that he had a relationship with Leon Trotsky? Would you like us to include someone else in this post? As always, we are looking forward to reading all your comments Write us!

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