The dolphins that protected a group of lifeguards from a white shark

We have heard on more than one occasion that the behavior of some mascots They can save their owners' lives. That is something that does not surprise us too much, however, what happens when it comes to wild animals? We are going to talk to you, in the next article, about animals like lions, bears, whales, even dolphins that protected humans in a moment of danger.

In the list that we present below, not all animals saved a human's life in a deliberate way. Some of them were just unwitting heroes. There is even some very unselfish case and it is believed that what the animal planned was to eat the person.

Dolphins that protected some lifeguards from a shark

dolphins that protected

It happened in 2004 when lifeguard Rob Howes and three teenage lifeguards, including his daughter, were swimming on a beach New Zealand . Suddenly they were surrounded by a group of dolphins and did not know very well why, until Howes looked down and could see a great white shark stalking them. The dolphins that protected this group of lifeguards stayed with them for a very long 40 minutes, until the white shark disappeared. Once the threat was away from them, the dolphins moved away from them as they had arrived. With their presence this group of charming mammals were keeping at bay the great predator, which ultimately did not endanger the life of the group of swimmers.

Animals, like dolphins, that protected people

1. Dolphins save a surfer from a shark

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It happened in 2016 when Todd Endris surfed in California and was attacked by a great white shark. The animal came to attack him three times until a group of dolphins went to help him and he was able to escort him to the shore where he received the first aid that made him survive such a brutal attack.

2. Some lions save a girl from her kidnappers

In 2005, in Ethiopia, a 12-year-old girl was walking home from school when she was abducted by four men. The girl was held for a week while the police tried to find her whereabouts.

After a week the kidnappers abandoned the girl because some lions approached them. These they did not intend to eat the girl but protect her . They stayed with her until finally the police appeared. However, some people think that the lions were about to eat the girl when the police arrived.

3. A sea lion saves a man from drowning

In 2000 Kevin Hines wanted to commit suicide due to a severe depression he suffered. The place he chose was the iconic bridge Golden Gate of San Francisco . However, he did not drown because a sea lion managed to keep him on the water and stayed with him until a boat arrived from the Coast Guard.

4. A deer saves a woman from a stranger

In 2012, a woman was saved by a deer , in Oxford, Ohio. She was returning from a party when she was assaulted by a man who wanted to rob her. A few yards away, there was a sleeping deer who jumped at the screams of the woman. The man also got scared when he saw the deer running out and also escaped. That allowed the woman to return to the party and call the police.

5. A whale apparently saves a woman from a shark

As we see, the dolphins that protected a group of lifeguards are not the only ones that save people from the attacks of the always overwhelming sharks . This time it was a humpback whale. Nan Hauser He was swimming, when suddenly a whale appeared and began to hit it with strange behavior. Upon returning to his boat, Hauser realized why he behaved like this, a great tiger shark had been stalking her and it was thanks to the whale that she managed not to be attacked.

Some people doubt that the great marine mammal was really defending the diver. We may never know what his behavior was due to, but his presence was indisputably vital to prevent the shark from getting too close to Nan.

6. A man saved by a bear

Robert Biggs He was attacked by a mountain lion on March 26, 2012. Everything would have had a sad end, if it were not for suddenly a bear appeared that interposed. The bear and the lion got into a fight until the lion gave up. Robert managed to escape and save his life.

7. A fisherman saved by some dolphins

Again this is a story about some dolphins that protected some humans. On this occasion Grant Dickson he was sailing on the coasts of Queensland, Australia, when he was shipwrecked. Dickson was wounded so his blood quickly attracted a group of sharks that started to surround him. Suddenly, a group of dolphins approached, joining forces to drive away the sharks. Awesome, right?

8. Woman saved by dolphins

Once again, another case of some dolphins that protected, in this case, a woman who had fallen into the water. As in the previous case, she was soon surrounded by sharks and could only save her life thanks to a group of dolphins that managed to scare off the predators.

9. Actor saved by porpoises

Actor Dick Van Dyke declared in an interview in 2010 that once was saved by porpoises while surfing . In his case, by a carelessness he moved too far from the shore. Suddenly he began to see some fins that surrounded him and he thought it was a group of sharks lurking. They were not sharks, it was a group of porpoises that helped him reach the shore again. Spectacular!

As you can see there are many occasions in which animals have saved the life of a human. Do you know your case? Tell us! We will be happy to read you.

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