The Dark Matter Hurricane in which the Solar System is located

If the calculations made by astronomers are true, then, the Solar system is right in the middle of a very turbulent space event ; in particular it is in the middle of a hurricane of dark matter, which has a speed of 500 kilometers per second.

We are not able to see or feel it, however it could mean that evidence of dark matter is much closer than we thought.

What is a hurricane of dark matter?

dark matter hurricane

Dark matter is one of the great enigmas on the universe that we have today, imagine then how unknown can become a hurricane of dark matter. He has never been able to detect directly and he does not know very well what it is, but what we do know is that it exists and is out there. We know of its existence based on the movements of the stars and galaxies , which are too fast for the amount of observable mass.

So there must be something else out there, some other mass that creates gravity to be able to influence that kind of cosmic movement. We can even calculate that invisible mass from those movements. Whatever that mass is, we call it "dark matter" and scientists try to discover how to detect it directly.

If we have not reached that point yet, How can scientists know that we are in the middle of a hurricane of dark matter? The answer lies in the movement of the stars.

In 2017 Gaia satellite data was published , which allowed astronomers to discover a stellar current, the dissolution was left behind by a large spheroidal dwarf galaxy that was consumed by the Milky Way Many years ago.

Several streams of stars of this class have been detected in the Milky Way, but S1, as it is now known, is unusual because the neighborhood of the Solar System is right in the path of 30,000 stars.

Be calm because none of us will attack, you can stop fearing a death stellar fire, however that means that the dark matter associated with this last fragment of the cannibalized dwarf galaxy, moves along with the current.

dark matter hurricane 1

Ciaran O'Hare, a theoretical physicist from the University of Zaragoza has led a team of researchers with the aim of discovering the effect that S1 can have on dark matter in our little piece of galaxy and perhaps knowing something more about the hurricane of dark matter.

They came to observe different patterns of density and distribution of dark matter flowing in the S1 current and later predicted the dark matter signatures for these models that could be detected by our Earth detectors. One of these possible signatures is produced by the hypothetical massive particles of weak interaction, better known as WIMP.

If these particles really exist, we should be able to detect them through their collisions with electrons or atomic nuclei, which would cause a backsliding of the charged particles on Earth, which would produce light that could be captured by liquid xenon detectors or crystal.

The team determined, based on their calculations, that it was unlikely that these WIMP detectors would see any effect on S1, although in the future, with new technology and as it becomes more refined and advanced, it can be achieved.

In contrast, Axion detectors are more likely, according to the researchers. But, again, Axiones are hypothetical. If they existed, they would be incredibly light, more or less 500 million times lighter than an electron, and it is possible that they are a major component of dark matter.

According to the calculations of the theoretical physicist Pierre Sikivie, these ultralight particles, which we can not see, could become photons, which we can see, in the presence of a strong magnetic field.

"Axion haloscopes have by far the highest potential sensitivity to current S1 if their dark matter component is cold enough. Once the mass of the Axion has been discovered, the distinctive velocity distribution of S1 can easily be extracted from the power spectrum of the Axion. "

As far as is known, Axion's dark matter experiment has not made a detection of S1 either. But if we know what to look for, scientists could improve the chances of finding that dark matter or, at least, to know how to improve the existing technology to achieve it and we could know more about that hurricane of dark matter we are talking about.

As we have told you on more than one occasion, the universe continues to keep great secrets and unknowns, one of them without a doubt is the existence of a hurricane of dark matter, but we are deciphering them with the help of new technology and scientific advances.

What do you think about the hurricane of dark matter that we talked about in our article? Are you interested in topics related to the universe and scientific advances? Leave us your comments and we will be happy to read you!

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