The Christ who cried honey | A real story. Discover it!

During Holy Week, throughout Andalusia and especially in its capital, Seville , they happen the processions that carry images of Christs, Virgins and Saints that are authentic wonders of art. The sculptors, for centuries, have strived to make their works look in the churches and especially in the processions. The story of the Christ who cried honey , which is absolutely real, is based on a popular legend. Join us to find out what happened!

The Christ who cried honey

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In the cemetery of San Fernando, in Seville, in the central rotunda, is the tomb of a famous Andalusian sculptor who sculpted numerous images that can be seen in the same city and throughout Europe. The grave is crowned by a great crucified Christ, made in bronze, the work of the same sculptor. This is the famous Christ who cried honey .

The Christ who cried honey

Legend has it that Antonio Susillo, who was the artist's name, born in 1857, came from a humble Sevillian family and since his childhood was sponsored by various Spanish and European personalities due to his great artistic skills. He studied in Paris and Rome becoming a famous sculptor appreciated throughout Europe and especially in Seville, where there are his works throughout the city.

The Christ who cried honey 1

Due to bad company and apparently to the excessive expenses of his wife, Susillo was ruined. When he was desperate, the main cemetery in Seville entrusted him with a great Christ for the arbor at the entrance of the enclosure. The sculptor gave himself to the work with great zeal as an opportunity to start over, but when it was almost finished he realized that he had made a mistake: the left leg crossed on the right and not the right on the left as mandated by the canon. Legend has it that he fell into a depression and a few days later committed suicide . He was only 39 years old.

The Christ who cried honey 2

Although the suicide bombers were not buried in Sagrado, due to the pressure of the Sevillians, after the buried in the entrance roundabout , at the feet of the Christ that was his last work. After a while, the people who went to the cemetery realized that From the eyes of the Christ strange tears flowed . Believing that it was a miracle, the inhabitants of Seville came to see the phenomenon and discovered that what the Christ was crying was honey . The Vatican sent investigators to see if it was really a miracle and they discovered that it was not. What happened was that inside the hollow of the image, a honeycomb had formed and part of the honey that it produced fell through the eyes and mouth of the crucified one. Although it is not a miracle, in Seville this image is known as "The Christ of the honey" .

The Christ who cried honey 3

Did you know the story and the legend of the Christ who cried honey ? Do you know other curiosities about supposedly miraculous religious images? Share it with us! If you want to know another supposed miraculous Christ and his explanation, we invite you to read the post: Awesome video! The Mexican Christ who has moved his head during a mass.

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