The Best 51 Phrases of Adolescence

In this article I leave you 51 Teenage phrases That describe that vital stage and that show their most remarkable characteristics.

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1-It takes courage to grow and become who you really are.- e. and. Cummings.

Teenage phrases

2-Young people have always had the same problem; How to be rebellious and conform at the same time.-Quentin Crisp.


3-Telling a teenager the facts of life is like giving a fish a bath.-Arnold H. Glasow.


4-Teenage children seem the most difficult to educate, but if you do, your teachings will last for a lifetime.


5-Adolescence is a new birth, because with it are born human features more complete and higher.-G. Stanley Hall.


6-Good habits formed in youth make all the difference.-Aristotle.

7-You do not have to suffer to be a poet. Adolescence is enough suffering for all.-John Ciardi.

8-Adolescence is the permission of society to combine physical maturity with psychological irresponsibility.-Terri Apter.

9-We never really grow, we just learn how to act in public.-Bryan White.

10-Snow and adolescence are the only problems that go away if you ignore it long enough.-Earl Wilson.

11-Be faithful to the dreams of your youth.-Friedrich Schiller.

12-Small children; headache. Big kids; Attack on the heart.-Italian proverb.

13-Adolescence is the time to live and experience life before the monotony of adulthood.

14-The best way to keep children at home is to build a pleasant atmosphere at home.-Dorothy Parker.

15-You can know when a child is growing when he stops asking where he comes from and starts to stop telling where he is going.

16-Never leave your car to someone to whom you have given light.-Erma Bombeck.

17-Adolescence is perhaps the way of nature to prepare parents for the empty nest.-Karen Savage.

18-Adolescence is the conjugation of childhood and adulthood.-Louise J. Kaplan.

19-To know if a human being is young or old, offers food of different types in short intervals. If he's young, he'll eat anything at any hour of the day or night.-Oliver Wendell.

20-As a teenager, you are in the last stage of your life in which you will be happy to hear that a call is for you.-Fran Lebowitz.

21-When the child grows he has a wolf in his belly.-German proverb.

22-Too many children today have right teeth and crooked morals.

23-What laughter is for childhood, sex is for adolescence.-Martha Beck.

24-There is nothing of the adolescents that the twenty years can not cure.

25-Adolescence: a stage between childhood and adultery.-Ambrose Bierce.

26-Mother nature is providential. It gives us twelve years to develop our love for our children before they are teenagers.-William Galvin.

27-Maturity is a single break in adolescence.-Jules Feiffer.

28-The best substitute for the experience is to be sixteen.-Raymond Duncan.

29-Do not make mistakes; Adolescence is a war. No one goes unharmed.-Harlan Coben.

30-Teenagers complain that there is nothing to do, then they stay up all night doing it.-Bob Phillips.

31-At fourteen you do not need disease or death for tragedy.-Jessamyn West.

32-A kangaroo is a teenager acting as an adult while the adults are out acting as teenagers.

33-Poetry is adolescence fermented and therefore preserved.-Jose Ortega y Gasset.

34-Adolescence is a pest in the senses.-Henry Rollins.

35-Show me a hard-working teenager and I'll show you a thriving adult.

36-How strange it is that young people always think the world is against them when in fact it is the only time for them.-Mignon McLaughlin.

37-It is difficult to convince a teenager that he will encounter much more difficult problems than those of algebra or geometry.-Edgar W. Howe.

38-Adolescence is the time to develop feelings of friendship and generosity, to develop understanding of human nature and character.

39-The problems of adolescence go from one moment to another. It's like a very long cold."Dawn Ruelas.

40-Adolescence has been recognized as a stage of human development since medieval times.

41-Adolescence is the moment of life in which life stop believing in fairy tales and begin to believe in love.

42-Teenage children may not pay attention but learn as much as the future adults they will be.

43 - One of the main tasks of adolescence is to achieve an identity, not necessarily a knowledge of who we are, but a clarification of what we could become.

Adolescence is the first moment in life when we discover that we have something terrible to hide the people we love.

45-Adolescence goes from euphoria and self-confidence to self-contempt and despair.

46-Development in adolescence is characterized by the oscillation between progress and retreat.

47. The time of adolescence can make the difference between a successful life or a lifetime of failure.

48-Adolescents are, almost simultaneously, overconfident and full of fear. They are afraid of overwhelming feelings, of losing control, of failure. If you do not understand them, remember that they do not understand themselves either.

49-Adolescence is a time of deconstruction, construction, reconstruction-a period in which the past, present and future are united and do not follow the laws of chronology.

50-The stage of adolescence is as necessary for life as water or food.

51-Adolescents must be allowed to make mistakes to act more correctly in adulthood.

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