The Best 27 Fire Phrases (+ Volunteers)

You can use these Firefighter phrases To dedicate, reflect or use to inspire these professionals who risk their lives to save those of others.

Before you start with the sentences, did you know these curiosities?

  • There is Firefighter's day , Held on different days in Latin American countries
  • Currently in Spain, there are 0.43 firefighters per 1000 inhabitants.
  • The profession began in Rome more than 2,000 years ago.
  • In Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina and Paraguay, the fire brigade is made up of volunteers.
  • In Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, there are volunteer firefighters working alongside salaried professionals.

Firefighter phrases

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1-The fun of firefighters is that, day and night, there are always firefighters.-Gregory Widen.

2-The difference between a good life and a bad life is how well you walk through the fire.-Carl Jung.

3-When a man becomes a firefighter, he has achieved his greatest act of courage. What he does next is in his line of work.-Edward F. Croker.

4-All men were created equal. A few later become firefighters.

5-Firefighters save hearts and homes.

6-If you think it's hard to be a firefighter, try to be the wife of a firefighter.

7-Firefighters never die. They simply burn forever in the hearts of the people they saved. - Susan Diane Murphree.

8-You never fight the fire from the ego.

9-All the fires are extinguished from moment to moment.

10-Safety does not happen by accident.

11-Heroes are those who risk their daily lives to protect the world and make it a better place to live; Police, firefighters and members of the armed forces.

12-The firefighter who says he is never afraid, is a fool or is not a firefighter.

13-To be a firefighter you need more than studying a few books and learning certain technical skills; You have to have the heart of a lion and the bravery of a warrior.

14-The leadership, courage and technical knowledge of all firefighters are tested daily.

15-Train today to have safety and survive tomorrow.

16-Being a professional firefighter is an attitude, not a status.

17-A good firefighter knows how, an educated firefighter knows why.

18-Firefighters are because even policemen need heroes.

19-When you hug a fireman you feel the maximum human warmth.

20-Those others call being a hero, firefighters call it doing their job.

21-If you want to be a firefighter and turn off fires, light one first; The one of the love towards the humanity.-

22-A firefighter is not born, it is done with training, courage, honor, loyalty and nobility.-

23-Firefighters do not practice their profession to be heroes and take credit for their actions; They are for their genuine appreciation for people and their security.-

24-Teach me a good fireman and I will teach you a noble and pure heart.-

25-Firefighters are the people you can trust without knowing and still do not know where they

26-A fireman is a person who charges money for risking his life and saves lives for love of them.-

27-If a firefighter has saved your life, you carry in your heart part of the human warmth of that firefighter.-

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