The Best 21 Phrases of Julio Iglesias

I leave you 20 Sentences of Julio Iglesias , Probably the best-known Spanish singer in the world.

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Sentences from julio iglesias

1-I do not believe in borders and I do not believe in races or nationalities.

2-My life is to sing

3-Humility is not an imaginary thing.

4-I like to relax.

5-Love is like wine. Drinking little is fine, but emptying the bottle gives you a headache.

6-I want to sing simple things for the simple lives of simple people.-Love reaches the world in many ways. Attraction always comes first, right? But love must be more than that. It must be magical.

7-They try to avoid the mistakes made in the past.

8-When the picture hangs on your wall for a long time, you do not realize. You get tired of it, even if it's a Picasso. When the next generation inherits the painting, they sell it. I do not want to be sold.

9-I am the Latin artist who has been most successful in the history of Latin culture.

10-I have respected women from the beginning of my life.

11-People in love look at their souls and it is that feeling that I try to capture in my songs.

12-I will not stop singing until people say it's enough. I hope it's too late.

"I'm a sure lover." I love being loved.

14-I have discipline, I take care of my voice.

15-The success that my children have had helped me immensely. I have shown respect for their careers.

16-I like to exercise. I always walk one hour a day, nothing 250 days a year and I do balance exercises that take me an hour.

17-I love intimacy.

18-You retire when you are sick and when you can not do more or when the public withdraws you. That's the most painful thing, because it leaves you wanting to get more.

19-The passion has been in my DNA for generations.

20-When I got here, I could not speak a word of English, but my sex life was perfect. Now my English is perfect, but my sex life is rubbish.

21-My children are popular and show tremendous love for the public. They are professionals.

22-When you reach 35 years of your career, you make albums so your fans love you more, so you do not forget.

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