The ancient Egyptian food | How was it? 5 dishes that they savored

Sure you love everything related to the wonderful empire of Ancient Egypt, on this website we have many articles related to him and we have discovered many curiosities. Today we bring you one more, which has to do with the food of the inhabitants of this ancestral empire. Do you want to know what ancient Egyptian food was like? Well, start reading!

Many of the foods they ate and especially the way they were prepared, will surprise you a lot. We will talk about the most outstanding dishes that they savored. Do you think it was very different from how it is today? How do you think ancient Egyptian food was? If you want to answer all these questions, this article is made for you. Uncover it!

The ancient Egyptian food | How was it? 5 dishes that they savored

1. Botarga

ancient egyptian food

This is a dish that is still being made today, in all the geographical areas close to Egypt . Basically, this food is made up of Salted and dried fish roe . As it was very typical in the ancient civilizations, the inhabitants of them took advantage of everything they could from the provisions they obtained. This food was very useful for fishermen who spent long hours at sea since it was preserved in a perfect way. Despite not eating much fish, as they considered him a reincarnation of Seth, the botarga was an indispensable food in some diets and is now considered a luxury food.

2. Heneket

Ancient Egyptian food 1

With this name, it was like the ancient Egyptians knew the beer that we consume today. This drink was considered as appropriate for the gods as it was for mortals. As it was believed, it was a gift from the gods to the mortals and mainly in the Ancient Egypt existed two types of beer: the red one and the clear one. The tonality depended on the cereals used, one was softer (higit) and the other was stronger (jenea). It was different from current beer and was consumed by adults as well as children, since its alcohol level was much lower than at present. It was made by women and was made with the remains of bread that were crushed and filtered until the liquid was obtained.

3. Ostrich egg

ancient egyptian food 2

One of the most striking dishes of ancient Egyptian food, the diet of the Egyptians was rich in this type of food. Besides ostrich eggs , they used to eat many eggs of other animals. The good thing about these in particular is that they were used as bowls once their contents had been ingested. They have come to find many ostrich eggs decorated in Egyptian tombs, something that clearly reflects the importance of these foods in the diet of the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt.

4. Bread

Ancient Egyptian food 3

One of the basic foods that we can find inside the ancient Egyptian food is bread. Thanks to the favorable conditions enjoyed by the Egyptians thanks to the Nile basin, this civilization was the envy of all others because they practically always had this staple food at their disposal. As a curiosity, they were the first to add bread seeds of some cereals which is a practice that is currently used a lot. Obviously, not all social classes could eat the same type of bread. The lower classes only ate more rubbery bread with unrefined flour, while in the palace they ate a much more elaborate one.

5. Suchet

ancient egyptian food 4

To finish this article on ancient Egyptian food, we are going to talk about a sweet dish that was started in Ancient Egypt. The elaboration of this kind of biscuit arrived until our days because an engraving was found in the tomb of the vizier Rekhmire who was vizier in the time of Pharaoh Amenhotep II on how it was made. This cake had a conical shape and it was made of stems with a hazelnut flavor, it was a very elaborate dish that they ate only in high places and when there was cause for celebration.

As you may have seen, after reading these lines in which we reviewed the most representative dishes in ancient Egyptian food, the inhabitants of the Egyptian empire had a very balanced diet. In all periods of the history of mankind, it depended a lot on the social class to which you belonged to feed on one thing or another. Now we would love for you to leave us your comments and respond to the questions we ask you. Did you know some of these dishes about the ancient Egyptian food that we have presented to you? Had you heard of the suchet, a dessert or cake highly valued in the upper classes? What do you think about the importance of ostrich eggs in the diet and the manufacture of utensils? Do not hesitate to write us!

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