The amazing Snake Ringneck | Discover its amazing colors!

Who has not remained with the open mouth contemplating the wonderful spectacles that the nature offers us? The sky, the water, the mountains, the deserts, the flora and the fauna that surround us do not cease to amaze us. We are especially ecstatic when we find specimens in the animal world whose chromaticism is absolutely unusual. In Supercurioso we have seen 5 hallucinating chimeric animals and an extraordinary pink grasshopper and this time we wanted to get closer to the amazing Snake Ringneck. Discover its amazing colors!

There are other "multicolored animals" on planet earth, but the combination of bright colors is not common. Among the animals that shine, in addition to the Ringneck snake , the rainbow grasshopper or "hawker stick grasshopper", the Halloween crab or the sea mantis.

The amazing Snake Ringneck

It will not be easy for you to see a broad daylight Ringneck snake since it is a nocturnal animal. It lives on the ground and is used to being active late in the afternoon and during the night, avoiding the light of day and especially the hottest hours of summer. Ringneck's name is due to the yellow or orange ring that they wear around the neck.

The amazing Snake Ringneck

It is not a large snake, measuring between 20 and 75 cm. depending on the subspecies to which it belongs and which will also determine its coloring. It is normal for the upper part of your body to be a bluish gray, olive green, brown or smoky black, the yellow or orange ventral area and the tail a very bright red tone. The yellow ring on his neck and the bright colors of his body are considered a passive form of defense. The Ringneck snake When it feels threatened, neither whistles nor bites, it retreats and exposes its "enemy" to the ventral area and especially the tail, which takes the form of a corkscrew and which is a vivid red color that diverts the attention of the predator. As a defense he also uses a substance with an unpleasant and musky odor that he produces with glands near his mouth.

The amazing Snake Ringneck 1

They live in different areas, both wet and dry, of North America. You can find it both in Canada as in E.E.U.U. or Mexico as long as it has near surface waters. It feeds mainly on amphibians, lizards and invertebrates but does not hesitate to eat other snakes, but never those of the same species. Although it has a certain amount of poison, the Snake Ringneck It is not dangerous for humans or large mammals, because the position of their fangs in the back of the mouth, it is very difficult to bite large prey. The poison serves to immobilize the prey and use it at the same time as the constriction.

The amazing Snake Ringneck 2

In the case of Ringneck snake , this fabulous coloring helps her to distract her enemies. Have you seen any copy of Ringneck to the natural? What can you tell us about them? Share it with us! If you want to meet other curious animals, we invite you to read:

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