The 99 Best Phrases by Eckhart Tolle

I leave you 100 quotes of Eckhart Tolle , Writer known for his books The Power of Now and A New Earth.

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Quotes by Eckhart Tolle

1-Do not worry about the fruit of your actions: keep an eye on the action itself. The fruit will come when it is appropriate

2-The past has no power over the present moment.

3-Some changes seem negative on the surface, but you will realize that space is creating in your life for something new to emerge.

4-The main cause of unhappiness is never the situation, but your thoughts about it.

5-You can only lose something that you have, but you can not lose something that you are.

6-Recognizing the good that is already in your life is the foundation of all abundance.

7-Those who have not found their true wealth, which is the radiant joy of being and the deep and unshakeable peace that accompanies it, are beggars, even if they have a lot of material wealth.

8-The word enlightenment evokes the idea of ​​a superhuman achievement and the ego wants to keep things that way, but it is simply the natural state of feeling oneness with being.

9-Enlightenment is not only the end of suffering and continuous inner and outer conflict, but also the end of the fearful slavery of incessant thinking.

10-Identification with your mind creates an opaque screen of concepts, labels, images, words, judgments and definitions that blocks any true relationship. It stands between you and your own self, between you and your neighbor, between you and nature, between you and God.

11-Thinking has become a disease. Illness occurs when things get unbalanced. For example, there is nothing wrong with cells multiplying and dividing in the body, but when this process continues without considering the total organism, the cells proliferate and we have a disease.

12-The compulsive thinker, which means almost everyone, lives in a state of apparent separation, in a sickly complex world of problems and continuous conflicts, a world that reflects the growing fragmentation of the mind.

13-The power to create a better future is contained in the present moment: create a good future by creating a good present.

14-Many live with a torturer on the head that continually attacks and punishes them and drains the vital energy. This causes suffering and unhappiness as well as illness.

15-When a thought loses strength, you experience a discontinuity in the mental current, a gap of no mind.

16-If the price of peace were a diminution of your conscience and the price of stillness a lack of vitality and alertness, it would not be worth having them.

17-The only vital step on your path to enlightenment is this: learn to stop identifying with your mind. Every time you create a breach in the flow of the mind, the light of your consciousness becomes stronger.

18-One day you may surprise yourself smiling at the voice of your head, as you would smile at the mischief of a child.

19-Love, joy and peace can not flourish until you have freed yourself from the mastery of the mind.

20-Instead of observing the one you think you can also create a gap in the stream of the mind by simply directing the focus of your attention to the now.

21-Make it a habit to ask yourself: What is happening inside me at this moment? This question will guide you in the right direction. But do not analyze, just watch.

22-The moment when beauty was first recognized was one of the most significant of the evolution of human consciousness. Feelings of joy and love are intimately bound up with that recognition.

23-The good thing is that you can free yourself from your mind. That is the only true liberation. You can take the first step now. Start by hearing the voice of your head as often as you can.

24-The mind is essentially a survival machine. Attacking and defending against other minds, collecting, storing and analyzing information, that's what's good, but it's not creative at all.

25-The thought that you are being threatened, physically or psychologically, causes the body to contract, and that is the physical aspect of what we call fear.

26-Since time immemorial, flowers, crystals, precious stones and birds have had a special meaning for the human spirit.

27-Recognizing madness is, of course, the beginning of healing and transcendence.

28-The ego is nothing more than that: the identification with the form, that is, with the forms of thought mainly.

29-The psychological fear we are talking about always refers to something that could happen, not something that is already happening.

30-If the structures of the human mind do not change, we will always end up creating again and again the same world with its same evils and the same dysfunction.

31-Fear, greed, and the desire for power are the psychological forces that not only induce war and violence among nations, tribes, religions and ideologies, but are also the cause of relentless conflict in personal relationships.

32. An essential part of awakening consists in recognizing that part that does not yet awaken, the ego with its way of thinking, speaking and acting, in addition to the conditioned collective mental processes that perpetuate the state of numbness.

33-What makes you go forward is hope, but hope makes you focused on the future, and that permanent focus perpetuates your denial of the now and therefore your unhappiness.

34. When the human being has a certain degree of presence, attention and alertness in his perceptions, he can feel the divine essence of life, the inner consciousness or the spirit of all creatures and all forms of life, and recognize Which is one with that essence and love it as itself.

35-The beginning of freedom is the realization that you are not the entity that owns it, the one who thinks. Knowing this allows you to observe this entity. The moment you begin to observe the thinker you activate a higher level of consciousness.

36-To love is to recognize yourself in another.

37-As one grows, a mental image of self is formed, based on personal and cultural conditioning. To this phantom self we call it ego.

38-Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make of now the primary focus of your life.

39-Life is not as serious as the mind makes it look.

40-Do not let a crazy world tell you that success is something other than a successful present moment.

41-Life is the dancer and you are the dance.

Whatever the present moment may contain, accept it as if you had chosen it.

43-Under the anger there is always pain.

44-If the imaginary future is better, it gives you hope or pleasant expectations. If worse, create anxiety. Both are illusory.

45-You have much to learn from your enemies.

46-If you can not feel comfortable when you are alone, you will seek a relationship to remedy your restlessness.

47. All problems are illusions of the mind.

48-Practice the presence, embrace the place where life happens.

If your past was your past, if your pain was your pain, if your level of consciousness was your level of consciousness, you would think and act exactly like him or her. This compression brings forgiveness, compassion and peace.

50-Much of human pain is unnecessary. He is self-created while the unobserved mind directs your life.

51-The significant is hidden in the insignificant. Appreciate everything.

52. Relations themselves are not the cause of pain and unhappiness, but they bring to the surface the pain and unhappiness that are already in you.

53-What a caterpillar calls the end of the world, we call it butterfly.

54-The greatest catalyst for change in relationships is the total acceptance of your partner as it is, completely leaving you to judge it and try to change it.

55-Life is an adventure, not an organized trip.

"What the ego does not know, of course, is that only by giving up resistance, making you"vulnerable,"can you discover your true and essential invulnerability.

57-I have lived with several Zen masters - all of them cats.

People tend to dwell more on negative things than positive ones. Therefore, the mind becomes obsessed with negative things, with judgments, guilt, and anxiety produced by thoughts about the future.

59-You do not find peace by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.

60-Whatever you fight, strengthen you, and what you resist, persists.

61-You are in the here and now, while your mind is in the future.

62. The brain does not create consciousness, but consciousness creates the mind.

Acceptance seems a negative state, but in reality it brings something completely new to this world. That peace, a vibration of subtle energy, is consciousness.

64. Death is a spoil of all that you are not. The secret of life is to"die before dying"and to find that death does not exist.

65-The recognition and acceptance of the facts allows you a certain freedom with respect to them.

66. Concern appears to be necessary, but serves no useful purpose.

67-Being spiritual has nothing to do with what you believe and if with your state of consciousness.

68-You can not love your partner one moment and attack the next. The real love does not have an opposite.

69-Power over others is weakness disguised as strength.

70-Non-resistance is the key to the greatest power in the universe.

It is not uncommon for people to spend their entire lives waiting to start living.

72-Instead of being your thoughts and emotions, you become aware of them.

73-If small things have the power to annoy you, then who you think you are is exactly that: small.

74. When your consciousness is directed outwards, the mind and the world arise. When it goes inward, it reaches its own source and returns home, to the unmanifested.

75-Do not look for happiness. If you look for it, you will not find it, because to look for it is the antithesis of happiness.

76. Pleasure is always derived from something outside of you, while joy comes from within.

77-How can you be resentful of someone who is sick? The only appropriate response is compassion.

78. Consciousness is the greatest agent of change.

78. All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, of inner stillness.

80. The foundation of greatness is to honor the small things of the present moment, instead of pursuing the idea of ​​greatness.

81. It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens.

82. Love neither desires nor fears anything.

83. On a deep level you are already complete. When you realize it, there is a cheerful energy behind everything you do.

84-Turn into practice the fact of withdrawing the attention you give to the past and to the future when they are not necessary.

85-If you can not accept what it is, it implies that you can never accept people as they are.

Be conscious of being aware.

87. Living with an image you have of yourself or what other people have of you is an inauthentic life.

88-Love is a state. Your love is not on the outside; Is deep within you. You can not miss it and you can not leave it.

The greatest achievement of humanity is not its works of art, science or technology, but the recognition of its own dysfunction.

90-Hearing silence, wherever it is, is an easy and straightforward way of being present. Even if there is noise, there is always low silence and between sounds.

91-It is true that only an unconscious person will try to use or manipulate others, but it is equally true that only an unconscious person can be used and manipulated.

92-Most people confuse the now with what happens in the now, but they are two different things. He is now deeper than what happens in him. It is the space in which things happen. Therefore, do not confuse the content of this moment with the now. He is now deeper than any content that comes into it.

93-Life brings us in the way the experiences we need most for the evolution of our consciousness. How do you know if this is the experience you need? Because it is the experience that is living right now.

94. To put an end to the misery that has afflicted the human condition for thousands of years, you must begin with yourself and take responsibility for your internal state at a given moment. That means now.

95-When you give complete attention to the person with whom you interact, you eliminate the past and the future of the relationship.

96-Paradoxically, what keeps the so-called"consumer society"going is the fact that trying to find yourself through things does not work. Satisfaction of the ego lasts little, and you keep looking for more, buying, consuming.

97-Where you used to dwell in time, and made brief visits to the Now, have your abode in the now and make brief visits to the past and to the future when it is necessary to treat practical aspects of your situation in the life

98- I just know and enjoy being. If you are present you have no need to wait.

99-When your attention moves you to the now, you are alert. It is as if you awaken from a dream: the dream of thought, the dream of the past and the future. There is clarity, simplicity. There is no room left to make trouble. Simply this moment is as it is.

100-When you enter the now, you leave the content of your mind. The incessant stream of thoughts is appeased.

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