The 91 Best Phrases of Shadowhunters

I leave you the best Shadowhunter sentences , A franchise of series of books, stories, graphic novels, a film, a television series and more.

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Shadowhunter sentences

1 - It is not lying, I will not tell you. -Clary

2- Suddenly I started to draw hundreds of these and I have no idea what it means, I do not know. I think I'm losing my mind. -Clary

3 - That thing you saw me kill in the club... that was a demon. -Jace Wayland.

4- Of course you can see me, she's a witch. Degraded from a gingerbread to a one-bedroom apartment? -Jace Wayland.

5 - That's The Mortal Cup. It is an instrument of death. One of the three sacred objects of my people. Your mother was a shadow hunter. -Jace Wayland.

6. Demons are capable of possessing any living creature, including the people you know. You should not trust anyone. -Jace Wayland.

7- I do not want her back, I do not care in the least. I've been sleeping with this woman for years and enduring her stupid daughter, all for The Mortal Cup. -Luke

8- How could you say that you did not care? I read stories as a child, I have been looking for school since I have memory. -Clary

9- We will take care of but not here and not now, we must go to a safe place. I am also a shadow hunter and I swear I will protect you with my life. -Jace

10- It's not a pigpen, it's just that you can not really see it. -Clary

11- Is this the part where you rip all my clothes to take care of my wounds? -Clary

12- If you wanted me to take off my clothes, you just had to ask for it. -Jace

13- How I fainted I got tattooed? I thought that was just happening in Vegas. -Clary

14- It is not a tattoo, it is a rune. It is used to make you stronger, to heal, you can become invisible or visible. Simon

15 Hundreds of shadow hunters used to seek refuge here, but as you can see, now we are the only ones. Without the Mortal Cup we are extinguishing. -Jace

16- Be careful, the rune to heal a broken heart is the most painful of all. -Alec

17- When you are impulsive things end up going wrong. -Alec

18- Yesterday you were a normal girl. Today you feel that your whole world has been turned upside down. But there's only one thing you need to know, the stories that told you of little about monsters, fairies, stories whispered around the fires... all are true. -Hodge

19- Or you are born being a hunter of shadows or babies of the Mortal Cup. -Jace

20 - Werewolves are not demons, we also have a truce with those of the underworld. -Isabelle

21- He saw how his father was killed as a child, if it were not for him we would all be dead. It has saved our lives more times than I would like to tell. - Isabelle

22- Legend has it that the Crusaders invoked an angel. The angel Raziel. Raziel poured his blood into a cup and those who drank from the cup became half human and half angels. As his sons, and the sons of his sons; Beings of immense power who brought the balance and protected the world of immense evil. -Hodge

23 - The demons do not die easily, but we, we were created too mortal. -Hodge

24- Shhh! You will awaken the dead. -Jace

25- He did not want to protect humanity... He learned how to summon demons, he even injected demonic blood to control them. He wanted to rule. -Hodge

26- Welcome to the City of Bones, this is where the brothers take their power, the bones of hunters of fallen shadows. One day, this will be me. -Jace

27 - You look like the kind of woman who writes her number on the wall of a bathroom. -Alec

28 - You know I do not like them, but I'll let them stay because they are the beautiful places. -Magnuns

29 - Everything your mother did, she did it for you. The lies, to escape, everything did so that you were safe. -Magnus

30- The demons exist in many forms, that is why the shadow hunters are not of one religion; All the churches help us. We could go to a Jewish synagogue or a Shinto temple. -Jace

31- Yes, the angel Raziel, that's a pretty story. I've been hunting demons for a third of my life and I've never seen an angel. -Jace

32- Jace believes he needs to save the world, he does not need you to encourage him to do so. -Alec

"If you were so brave then you'd admit that you're in love with him, that's the real problem!" -Clary

34 - I know that I have always needed you more than you have done for me. And I never cared. Simon

"I've always had only my mom and Luke and you. Do not you dare think that you are important to me. -Clary

36- Wow! What did the piano do to you? You touch it as if you had lost the love of your life. -Clary

37- Fortunately the only love of my life I am still myself, from time to time I tear myself to pieces to keep things interesting. -Jace

38. Was Bach a shadow hunter? That means that Bach's music is for demons what garlic is for vampires? -Clary

39- The dimensions are not a straight line, there are folds, shortcuts and corners; Is difficult to explain but, this portal can take you wherever you want to go. -Jace

40- When I was 9 my father gave me a Falcon to make him obedient, I was supposed to train him blind but I did not have the courage to do such a thing. Instead I petted him until he trusted me as much as I trusted him. I tamed it to perfection. -Jace

41. Every shadow hunter needs his own light. -Jace

42- When a girl says she wants a big stone she does not refer literally to a Great stone -Clary

"I've never been more awake." -Jace

44- Next time tell me that you have a man in your bed to save us uncomfortable situations. -Jace

45 - Come on! Go after him, go to apologize and tell him how special he really is. -Jace

46. ​​Stop acting like that! Stop acting like nothing hurts you. -Clary

"I really believed you better than this. I'm the one who's always been there for you, not him!""I'm in love with you. But it is clear that you do not have the same for me. Simon

48. The blockade not only repressed your memories, but also repressed your abilities. -Hodge

49- You have no idea of ​​the curse that is to live knowing the key of everything, without being able to put one foot outside... with fear even to open a window. -Hodge

50. We are not protected. I know, young Elias. But go on with that. I have met witches who could raise a demon, chat with him, and send him back to hell in the time it takes you to draw half a five-pointed star. -Mystery man

51- Agramon. I am the Warlock Elijah, I am the one who has invoked you. -Elias

52. I am pure in heart, keeping corruption at bay. -Isabella

53. I love the way that spider webs are made of rubber. -Clary

54. What kind of 10-year-old girl does not fear bullfighting? -Jonathan

55- I am still exactly the same person I have been in the last seven years. Nothing has changed in me. If I did not name you Valentine before, I do not see why I should do it now. -Maryse

56. If you can not believe it, then do not do it. But believe me. -Jace

"Tell me you hate him, Jace." Tell me that you hate that man and everything he represents. -Maryse

"Why can not you say you trust me?" I have lived with you more than half of my life and surely you know me better than I know myself. -Jonathan

"You're mine now." You will always be mine. -Werewolf

60. Who am I to deny what is obvious? -Jace

"He's no longer a boy, he's a shadow hunter, and they're more than welcome here. They are our allies. -Luke

62- There are words that are not to be said, each of them has a different meaning, but they exist to be drawn not spoken aloud. -The Queen

"My rune not only opened the door, opened everything in the room, and even broke Jace's shackles. I think the Queen means that I can draw runes that are more powerful... even create new runes. -Clary

You may not know much about worldly history, but when people talk about preserving a race, things never go well. -Clary

65. People look for the cup for the wrong reasons, not me. With this cup I can purify our bloodline. -Valentine

"All those incredible talents your mother tried so hard to suppress, where do you think they came from?" You are my daughter. My blood bleeds through your veins. -Valentine

"Each member of the underworld, every member of the key, every shadow hunter on either side of the portal is looking for me right now. I'm going to need a lot of help. -Valentine

68- Please do not do this Valentine, never a demon to set foot inside the institute. -Hodge

Those who are broken are the most obedient, just like you. To love is to destroy. -Valentine

Those who are not our allies must be killed. -Valentine

Valentine was so full of anger and so afraid of a direct conflict with the members of the Clave that he feigned his death along with that of his son. Your brother. -Luke

I've come back to help you understand who you really are. I know that you are unhappy, tired of living by the rules. Your place... is next to me. You're a Morgersten and you're my son. -Valentine

"Come on, you can get your head out the window if you want." -Clary

I'm a werewolf, not a Golden Retriever. -Luke

The werewolves came to save us. I never thought I'd say that. Simon

"She does not want to believe you because she's in love with you." -Valentine

"Hello Mr. Garrowy, I see you're having a Dog day . In these cases the most human thing would be to put him to sleep, do not you think? - Pangborn

"If you had been a real father, you would know where the cup is." You would know exactly where my deepest thoughts lead you. You know nothing about me, you are not my father; And you never will be. -Clary

79- No US Your. - Clary

"I understand why you did what you did, and I forgive you. I want you to know that your secret is safe with me. -Clary

"I guess I'm the old romantic, I was hoping that when I told that person"I love you,"she would answer me the same. Simon

"It's hard for me to be around you, but this is more important than we are." You have a great gift and we need you. I need you. -Jace

"Do you remember when I told you that I had never seen an angel?" I lied. -Jace

84. I understand the meaning of the word fear. But I choose that it has no effect on me. -Jace

"I'm a shadow hunter."Clary is not afraid of the dark. -Alec

86- Be careful what you tell me, you're not the only one capable of breaking the law. -Inquisitor

87- The law is the law Izzy, there are no shortcuts to it. -Alec

88- The Clave does not make deals, the Clave makes promises and fulfills them. -Inquisitor

"You seem obsessed by the way I look, can it be that you're simply attracted to me?" - Valentine.

"My father will not exchange any of the mortal instruments for me. He's going to let you kill me in front of him before I give you the cup or the sword. -Jace

"What the hell were you thinking when you went to see him?" I mean it. What was going on in your head? -Alec.

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