The 89 Best Phrases by Damon Salvatore

I leave you the best Phrases from Damon Salvatore , A fictional character played by Ian Somerhalder on the television drama series The Vampire Diaries .

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Phrases from Damon Salvatore

1- Yes, we have a plan. The plan is that I'm going to rip Connor's heart out and I'm going to feed him. They are called heart-to-heart surgery.

2- It is not a bomb, it is a candle. A lovely and explosive candle.

3- What happens to you Wikipedia?

4- Okay, I see that the somber Stefan is back.

5- And with that the world has earned a quarterback more Bravo brother!

6- Yuu-juu Is anyone home? The evil vampire knocks at his door.

7- You see? This is what I like, mysterious deals, ominous prophecies, tattoos that disappear.

8- a new brand for the drinks market friend? You are not qualified.

9- New day for a middle-aged crisis? One hundred and six years, well, that's what you do.

10- What are you going to tell him? "Thank you for not draining my family after making you angry"

11- Bad boys do not say they are bad.

12- Before you used to call Stefan... so postscript: I called Stefan.

13- I do not call Stefan because I'm proud, stubborn and oh look! You are already here.

14 - You have ten seconds until you approach the girl at that table in the old fashion. 3, 2, 1.

15 - Of course I went to college, many times. I've always felt a great weakness towards college girls.

16- Long story, buy the E-Book.

Yes, I just do not die.

18- That seat is busy. Or at least it is what I intend to assume since the other alternative is too depressive.

19- Start by spitting out the basics Where do you come from? What are you looking for? What kind of new evil is this? Because until recently I thought there was nothing more evil than another subject.

20- It's still in there but in little bits.

21- Vampires eat people, is part of the natural order of the food pyramid.

22- What makes you think I'm not sane and content?

23- Hi, to turn on the music and the Viper dance with the devil.

24- This is one of those places that always makes me smile.

25- Personal items stealing from vampire hunters RV! May they rest in peace!

No, we do not need guns. Only the teeth.

"You'd better not be a Bambi fan."

28- Do I wear my shirt of"I made it explode"why do people keep asking me the same thing?

29- Good! Great! No cops, no witnesses, no reason to stay any longer.

Come on, you bastard! You know I'll kill you, you know I want kill you.

31- I'll find him and I'll eat him.

Okay, it's not a game. It's a high-risk espionage maneuver.

33- Choose your food, you have Asian fusion, Mexican natives and of course the old and classic American flavor.

34- Well to have lost it is a very strong way to say it, I prefer to say that technically we do not know where it is.

35. What does Klaus not know? It is about 1 billion years old.

I'm not being dramatic, if it were dramatic, I'd be leaving without killing that bastard.

37. You are not a predator, and the only way to know is if you choose someone.

"Of course Stefan, since you ask, yes. I would be happy to go with you on a potential suicide mission to end an evil that may not even exist. So, how about we start with the party?

39- You know? Self-pity is not allowed unless you are in the bar of a bar. Luckily for you, I always travel with a bar.

40- Only learn from me, I always take credit for killing people.

41- Find someone else to direct your warm and deviant gender feelings.

42- Extreme circumstances require extreme methods.

43. Remember me: in this routine of good police and bad police, which of the two is who?

"Where the hell are the wicked witch and the cowboy?"

45. I told him I would release him, what I did not tell him is that I would sleep with you.

46- I am a Bad brother

47- It's okay, Elena is only educating me about feelings.

Look at the socks in the drawer, people hide the rarest things in their socks.

So, remind me why I'm not killing you.

50- Excuse me, did I tell you I was German? I'm sorry, I meant, Vampire

51- Someone has to entertain the girls who were left behind by the local boys.

"It's been hard for me to keep up with all your new decisions, Elena."

"I can not tell you, it's private." I'm in the middle of a hunt.

54- In order to obtain the cure we need a vampire hunter who has killed so many vampires to reveal the hunter's mark on the map.

55 Oh, I see! The classic spiral of repentance. You're a rookie vampire caught in guilt.

56. It happens to all vampires ever, it will overcome. Maybe in 700 years.

"She's a different person now, she's a vampire. We are predators, we enjoy hunting, feed ourselves, kill and when the guilt is too much we return to our human state and we start again.

"Seriously, stop looking at me like that. If I wanted to kill twelve people, you would not blow them up. I would invite you to dinner.

59. Do you think that using a vampire to suppress the needs of killing in another will help a hunter? It's like strutting a cheeseburger on the face of someone on a diet.

60 - You can not learn to control the thirst for blood if you never experience the true thirst for blood. It's like giving a calculator to a child who does not know math.

61. To believe that lighting a pile of candles is going to prevent Elena from ending up like one of us, murderous vampires... stupid.

62- Great, a horror-themed party, which means you're going to eat well today. What are we going to disguise ourselves, victims or killers?!

"Is it impossible for you to accept that she has those feelings for me?"

"She needs human blood Stefan, straight from the veins."

65. What about you Stefan, are you doing this for Elena or do you for yourself? Because from my point of view, all you are looking for is to restore old Elena to recover your teenage fanatic.

66- Please do not do it, sharing blood is something like... personal.

"She's just like me!"

68. Do you know why I can drink until I have satiated and let the person breathe without having to tear out his head like my brother does? It's because I know how to delight, I know how to make it fun.

"Why are you so mean to me, is it because I'm a vampire?"

"No, you are the unimportant person here, and superficial... and useless.

I have a devilish plan and a master. But if I tell you, I would not be so devilish.

"Well, I suppose I can prevent the"false"doctor from divulging his false accusations. Maybe tearing his tongue, he could chop it into little bits and feed it to the squirrels.

73-"Dear diary, she asked me my name today. I told him it was John, I lied. Guilt will torment me forever"

"You know you do not have to hide your true motives, do you?" If you want sex, just ask.

75- Quiet there"slippery pantis"you are very good but it is boy's night, and you were not invited.

76. Hunting night? Say hello to the squirrels on my side.

"I understand, believe me I understand. It is the reason you live, your love elevates you to heaven where you both belong. Please…

"She was human but I'm not, so I do not care." Get rid of the body.

"Let's not look at me like that, as if you hated me." Guess, everybody hates me.

80- I'm not going to kill him, I just want to hurt him, I'm a good boy now remember? We're just having a serious conversation.

81- He's a werewolf who must die, I'm willing to kill him, everybody wins!

"You need to stop asking me to behave like the good guy.

83. My brother the pacifist! You can do it your way or my way Which is a little more bloody, you decide.

84. What is this, the house of horrors? Looks terrible.

85- Do not worry about him, give him some chicken soup, invite him to have a glass of Martini and make sure he does not kill anyone. Everything will be fine.

I did not let him feed on an innocent child, I forced him to do so. We are vampires, predators that need human blood to survive. No puppies.

I'm sorry to admit this, but when it comes to killing a thousand-year-old resurrected witches, I'm a bit rusty.

"All this friendly cooperative act... I do not believe it.

"I like you, really. You make Stefan smile and that's something I had not seen in a long time.

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