The 85 Best Phrases of Breaking Bad

I leave you the best Breaking Bad phrases And its protagonists Walter, Jesse, Hank, Mike, Skyler, Gus and all the other characters that complete the cast.

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1- I've spent my whole life scared, scared of things that could happen. I spent 50 years in that and I'm exhausted. I found myself awake at three in the morning. But you know what? From my diagnosis, I sleep very well. I have realized that fear is the worst of everything. That is the real enemy. So, get up, go out into the real world and kick that hard bastard that with the right you can pull his teeth.- Walter White

2- Close your mouth. Let me die in peace.- Mike Ehrmantraut

3 - You clearly do not know who you're talking to, so you have no idea I'm not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger. If a man opens the door and gets shot, would you think that about me? Do not! I am the one who calls.- Walter White

4 - Since when do vegans eat fried chicken? - Hank Schrader

5 - I did it for me. I liked. I was good at it. And I was really... I was alive.- Walter White

6- Walt... I love my children. I want my life back. Please tell me... how much is enough? - Skyler White

7- We are finished when I say that we are finished.- Walter White

8- Here it says,"To WW, my star, my perfect silence." WW, I mean, what do you think it might be? Woodrow Wilson? Willy Wonka? Walter White?.- Hank Schrader

9 - Everyone sounds like Meryl Streep with a gun in the head.- Mike Ehrmantraut

"Look, Skyler, I just have not been completely myself lately, but I love you. None of that has changed, and it will never change. So right now, what I need from you is to leave me alone. Is it possible to do that? Can you do that for me, honey? Please, just once, can you leave me alone? You know, I'd appreciate it. I really would.- Walter White

11- I have not said that I actually paint vaginas, I said that some of their paintings looked vaginas.- Jane

12- Ricin. It is an extremely effective poison.- Walter White

13- Say my name.- Walter White

14- I know I should not call you, but I'm in a situation here, and I need my money.- Jesse Pinkman

15- So what are we going to do with them? Are we just going to wait for a magic bean plant to grow? Hey? Do we go up for it and escape?.- Jesse Pinkman

16- So instead of going left, I turned right, towards nothing. I kneeled him, and I put my revolver in his mouth, and I said,"That's all. After a few minutes I took the gun from her mouth, and I said,"If you touch it again I will do it such and such and such and such, bla, bla, bla, bla.".... I was just trying to do the right thing. However, two weeks later he killed her.- Mike Ehrmantraut This is the way it ends." She was crying, defecating all over her body, swearing for God that she would leave her alone. Screaming... as much as he could with a gun in his mouth. And I told him to shut up. I had to think about what I was going to do. And, of course, he was silent and very quiet. Like a dog waiting for leftovers from dinner. We stayed there for a while, acted like he was thinking of things, and kneeling the prince on earth with shit in his pants.

17- My name is Walter Hartwell White. I live in 308 black Lane, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87104. This is my confession. If you're watching this tape, I'm probably dead. Murdered by my brother in law, Hank Schrader.- Walter White

18- Darth Vader had responsibilities. He was responsible for the death of the star.- Badger

19- If you try to interfere, this becomes a much simpler matter. I'm going to kill his wife. I'm going to kill your son. I'm going to kill your newborn daughter.- Gus Fring

20- Out of my territory.- Walter White

21- When you have children, you always have a family. They will always be your priority, your responsibility. And a man, a man offers. And it does, even when it is not appreciated or respected or even loved. It simply does. Since he is a man.- Gus Fring

22- I caught Ted. - Skyler White

23- I chose a half measure, when I should have gone all the way. I will never make the same mistake. - Hank Schrader

"We had a good thing, you stupid son of a bitch!" We had Fring, we had a lab, it had everything we needed and everything worked like clockwork. If you had closed your mouth and cooked, we would have made as much money as you ever needed. It was perfect! But no! You had to blow it! You, your pride and your ego. You had to be the man! If you had known your place, we would all be fine now!.- Mike Ehrmantraut

25- Someone has to protect this family from the man who protects this family.- Skyler White

26- I still have things to do.- Walter White

27 - There was so much blood that you can taste the metal.- Hank Schrader

I saw Jane die. I was there. And I saw her die of overdose, drowned and died. I could have saved her. But I did not.- Walter White

29- This is my own private home and will not be harassed... bitch!.- Jesse Pinkman

30- If you are committed enough, you can make any story a job. I once told a woman who was Kevin Costner, and it worked because I believed him. - Saul Goodman

31- He is a great father, a great teacher. He knows everything there is to know about chemistry. He is patient with us, he is always at your disposal. It's just decent. And he always does the right thing and that's what he teaches me to be. - Walter White, Jr.

32- I hide myself from sight, just like you. - Gus Fring

33- Yes, it's a disease I saw on the Discovery Channel in which all of his bowels, suddenly kind, slide to the right of his butt. - Jesse Pinkman

"They're minerals, Marie!" Jesus! - Hank Schrader

35. You have a part of that evil. This is not methamphetamine. - Walter White

36- Did you know that there is an acceptable level of tours of rats that can enter the candy bars? It's the government, Jack. The government does not care much about quality. - Jesse Pinkman

37- If you do not know who I am, then maybe you'd better be careful. Walter White

38. The fact that he shot Jesse James does not make you Jesse James. - Mike Ehrmantraut

39- Smoking marijuana, eating Cheetos and masturbating are not plans in my book. - Walter White

40- It's over. I won. - Walter White

41- This is the beginning as a mule with its balls wrapped in duct tape. - Tuco Salamanaca

42. Why did you tell him that you are selling marijuana? - Jesse Pinkman

43-35 for the pound of meth you stole and 15 for the pain and suffering of my partner. - Walter White

44. What is the point of being an outcast when you have responsibilities? - Jesse Pinkman

45- As for his uncle died, as the labor risk. Is a drug dealer shot? I'm going to get out of here and say that's what happened. - Saul Goodman

46- Because somehow I thought it would be better to tell him that I cook methamphetamines and kill a man. - Walter White

47- We are all on the same page. The one who says, if I can not kill you, I assure you that this damn one wants to be dead. - Jesse Pinkman

48- Nothing will happen until you hear him say"I want this". - Jesse Pinkman

"Jesse, he asked me if I was in the meth business or the money business. Neither. I am in the business of empire. - Walter White

"She had an ass like an onion. Made me cry. - Hank Schrader

"I suppose I will not be here for a long time." - Walter White

"You're the smartest person I've ever met, and you're too stupid to see it decided 10 minutes ago. - Hank Schrader

Then do it yourself. - Jesse Pinkman

"There was an uncle, this piece of shit I'll never forget. Gordy. He looked like Bo Svenson. You remember? "Treading hard"Do not you remember? Anyway, he was a big guy. 270, 280. However, his wife, or whatever, his lady, she was real small, like a bird. Dolls as little branches. Anyway, my partner and I called each other every weekend and one of us always risked saying,"Come on, tonight is the night that you denounce it." - Mike Ehrmantraut

"I do not understand. What is the blow? Why do not you do it at home, like the rest of us? With a big flat-screen TV, 50 pay-per-view channels. - Saul Goodman

"You all know exactly who I am. Say my name. - Walter White

I want this. - Walter White

58. What do you do talking to my client without my gift? - Saul Goodman

"This girl was afraid. She was not going to accuse him in any way, in any way. We could not do anything, just have it checked out by emergency medical technicians. - Mike Ehrmantraut

"Yes you do. I'm the cook. I'm the man who killed Gus Fring. - Walter White

61- Wait for what? What are you waiting for? - Walter White

62. Let the cancer return. - Skyler White

"That it is not me, man! I... I was the guy who was selling meth... supposedly. Badger

64- Do what? No... I have no idea who you are cursed. - Declan

"You're Heisenberg." - Declan

66- Let's turn them into ricin. - Walter White

"You're a crazy, degenerate and dirty piece that deserves to die. - Walter White

"All I can do is wait... for the cancer to come back." - Walter White

"So you have a plan. Yes, Mr. White, science. - Jesse Pinkman

"Do you know who you're talking to right now?" Who do you think you're seeing? - Walter White Do you know how much I do in a year? I mean, even if I told you, you would not believe it. You know what? What if I suddenly decided to stop going to work? A big enough company that could be listed on the NASDAQ would be belly up. It disappears, it ceases to exist without me. No, he clearly does not know who he's talking to, so I'll leave a clue. I'm not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger!

80- I have seen better performance in an epileptic dating house.- Hank Schrader

81- We make a poison for people who do not care. We are likely to have the most unpleasant clients in the world.- Jesse Pinkman

He was a methamphetamine cook. I mean, we're talking about five stars. The candles and the white tablecloth.- Hank Schrader

"I swear to God, I thought I was leading the man to a show of precious stones and minerals."- Walter White

84- Do you want to come and cook glass? Please.- Jesse Pinkman

85. Was he naked, naked in a supermarket? It was not Whole Foods, was it? - Marie Schrader.

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