The 80 Best Phrases of Calle 13

I leave you the best Street 13 phrases , The famous music group formed by René Pérez Joglar, alias Resident , And his stepbrother Eduardo Cabra Martínez, alias Visitor .

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1- We go to the wrong portano. -13TH Street

2- I can blow gray clouds to have a good day. -13TH Street

3- I would rather die as a rebel than live as a slave. -13TH Street

4- Do not count seconds, stories are told. -13TH Street

5- If you want real change, then walk different. -13TH Street

6 - You opened your eyes and the sun kept his brush because you paint the landscape better than he. -13TH Street

7- Dare you to jump out of the closet. -13TH Street

8- I fight for my mother's smile worth a million. -13TH Street

9- I am a piece of land that is worth it. -13TH Street

10- I do not believe in the church, but I believe in your eyes, you are the sun on my face when I get up, I am the life I already have, you are the life I lack. -13TH Street

11- No one convinced me, your smile convinced me. -13TH Street

12- This crazy as you say has good ideas. -13TH Street

13- Every rhyme you do remains immortalized. -13TH Street

14- I walk without a clock, I do not have a calendar, I do not believe in manners, nor in dictionaries. -13TH Street

15- Sometimes the neighborhood have the wrong idea and do not know that my right low is just as heavy. -13TH Street

16- I say 50 bad words per second because the reality is that I would like to change this fucking world. -13TH Street

17- Urban music is about respect, it is about who writing is the one who best dominates the alphabet. -13TH Street

18- For you I cross the border without a visa and I give a good smile to the smooth monkey, for you I spit before I die, for you I go to church and listen to the whole mass without sleeping. -13TH Street

19- I am located within the marginal but at some point we all behave badly. -13TH Street

20- You have me flying through the air, as if I were under the water floating. -13TH Street

21- Do not talk to me about posters, or the Sopranos, the biggest mafia lives in the Vatican, with the trick of faith people are caught, they catch anyone who thinks differently. -13TH Street

22- It is normal that my behavior does not fit them and more when that governor unemployed my mother, I vent when I write, my letter is frank, pa'no end up exploding in the white house. -13TH Street

23- My rhymes make you tense and they give you cramp, I am the one that make them eat without being hungry. -13TH Street

24- I do not want to be your favorite artist, I'm not interested in representing Puerto Rico, to represent my country are sportsmen, my thing is to loose my tongue and to slide down the track. -13TH Street

25- I do not have everything calculated, nor my life resolved, I only have a smile and I expect one back. -13TH Street

26- Calm people! That here I am, what I do not say I say it! What you feel I am sorry because I am like you and you are like me. -13TH Street

27- We like the disorder, we break with the rules, we are undisciplined, we all spoil ourselves. -13TH Street

28- Honestly, I am an academic, I am more controversial than Michael Jackson and his doctor. -13TH Street

29- I was censored for obvious reasons, because I was more honest with you than I was with my ex-girlfriend. -13TH Street

There is no rule here, there is no oath, there is no government, no colonels, no sergeants, your courage is sweet. -13TH Street

31-"We are philanthropists of cultural doctorate poetry only authorized to be understood by educated people."-Educated in what?, in what?, if you also eat steak and have corn flakes with pancakes. -13TH Street

32- Atea, devilish or catholic, it does not matter!, they all scream just as symphonic. -13TH Street

33- I go with the people, with those who fuck to earn a salary. -13TH Street

34- Within the logic of our humanity, we believe the lie and nobody holds the truth. -13TH Street

35- I already won the past, now it's the present, I never look back, I run looking forward pal. -13TH Street

36- If the people of the Congo had had your opportunities, they would be graduates of the best universities. -13TH Street

37. My mission in this world is to pray poems and to forget the problems. -13TH Street

38 - You say you're from the village but you do not live in the village anymore. -13TH Street

39 - Do not be stupid because I come with the appetite of a worker to eat me to anyone who comes to steal mine, I am the Napoleon of the Village. -13TH Street

40 - The madman who escaped from the Pan American hospital arrived to give you classes of what the word urban means. -13TH Street

41- Here is not forgiven the stupid fool, here is worth your name, your money, respects the character of the people with whom we walk. -13TH Street

42- For you I do whatever, for you I fight against 300 ninjas in Korea, for you I catch 500 dolphins and cross the Andes ridge on skates. -13TH Street

43- If you are good and at night pray, give me a kiss in the mouth and then you confess. -13TH Street

44- What we do not see we are seeing, we were born without knowing how to speak, but we are going to die saying. -13TH Street

45- Being stupid is not bad, if you see it with optimism. -13TH Street

46- If the press does not speak, we give the details. -13TH Street

"You're a bloody bastard!" Rapeando de sobre how to fly brains, in a country where they kill you for stealing a peso. -13TH Street

48 - Some are born idiots, others learn to be idiots, others become idiots and try to convince us. -13TH Street

49. Great ideas discovered always renew their dead cells. -13TH Street

50- The only absolute truth is that when you were born to the trees they were born fruits. -13TH Street

51- To change that strawberry mind you have to consume like 100 tablets. -13TH Street

52 - I am everything you hide, I am the one that is for you, tell me How? When? and where? -13TH Street

53. I do not need blessings because I always have good luck. -13TH Street

54. Between my legs I never hide my tail. -13TH Street

55. The most beautiful faces I have ever seen are the photographs of a missing person. -13TH Street

56. I want to do like Pope Francis while I talk about the poor tithe with my records. -13TH Street

57- No one here is perfect, we all make mistakes, we need to be idiots to learn to be better. -13TH Street-

58- My rhyme is accurate, sincere, really, never fakera. -Calle 31

Before I get married I'd rather fight with 20 demons. -13TH Street

60- I am watching everything in slow motion, I am the Prince Charming and you Cinderella, I want to grow old with you... LIE! After tonight I will not see you again. -13TH Street

61. Even though I almost killed myself and almost cooed, they never saw me crying or throwing mucus. -13TH Street

"I have dirty nails because I work. -13TH Street

63- Sorry if my handwriting is dirty but my mind is flexible as a Russian gymnastics. -13TH Street

64- Reggaetonero do not take it personally, this is for you to motivate. -13TH Street

65- We have been walking on a finite cord but we are not to be found nor kryptonite. -13TH Street

66. A unanimous decision, you are the favorite. -13TH Street

67- I am not to blame for what my audience sucks, I am not to blame that mine never expire. -13TH Street

68- The ants deceive you, they attack in a team like piranhas, even if they are small thanks to the union all together they become a truck. -13TH Street

"Here came your Robin Hood, to put the balls in the gaps like Tiger Woods. -13TH Street

70- Everything has rhythm, everything wiggles, even if you are paraplegic your heart pumps. -13TH Street

71- Do not give me more books because I do not read them, what I have learned is because I see it. -13TH Street

72- After studying so much I ended up being rapper. -13TH Street

73- Gross work but with pride, here is shared, mine is yours, this town does not drown with marullos and if it collapses I rebuild it. -13TH Street

74- Take off your dress, skirt and T-shirt, strip yourself of clothes, marks, labels, pa' change the world naked your courage, honesty has no clothes or makeup. -13TH Street

75- Stop talking does not mix with brave people. -13TH Street

76- No bullets are needed to prove a point, it is logical; You can not talk to a deceased person. -13TH Street

77. A blunt message turns any lieutenant into a toothless shark. -13TH Street

78- What is the script? If I fight for those who have no education... do I have to be illiterate? -13TH Street

79- I want to travel the world, I want to travel with you, without thinking about the seconds, come here and run with me. -13TH Street

80- I studied in a public school and also in private, that's why I play well on the street. -13TH Street.

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