The 8 Advantages and Disadvantages of Instagram Most Relevant

There are many Advantages and Disadvantages of Instagram . Among the first are its massive character and the promotion of artistic skills. Its main disadvantages are its limited editing tools and the loss of copyright.

Due to its multiple benefits, this social network has expanded in recent years and currently has more than 200 million active users per month. This figure shows that Instagram has 15 times more users than Facebook and 20 times more than Twitter.

The 8 Advantages and Disadvantages of Instagram Most Relevant

This network is ideal for people who enjoy taking photos, record short videos and share them with other users. In addition, this application can be associated with Facebook and Twitter: a photo uploaded on Instagram can be automatically shared on these other social networks.

Instagram is based on a system of sharing photos and videos. It resembles Facebook and Twitter, since it takes elements of both. Facebook takes the idea of ​​sharing images, while Twitter takes the notion of followers.

The main disadvantage of this application is that it is only available for the Android, iOS and Windows Mobile operating systems.

This means that users who do not have these operating systems must access the web version, which is not as interactive as the application.


1- Massive

Instagram is a social network that has grown widely in recent years. Between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the latter is the one with the highest number of active users per month.

2-"A picture is worth a thousand words"

The main feature of Instagram is that it allows you to share photos. Sometimes the images are able to convey more information than a written text.

Images have the ability to evoke emotions and feelings. They are also more attractive than other forms of interaction. This establishes a much more effective communication system among users.

3- Ideal for virtual stores

Instagram has now become a marketing tool. Many virtual stores employ this platform to promote their products.

Thanks to this platform, the relationship between sellers and buyers is more interactive.

4- Privacy and security

One of the most important advantages of Instagram is its privacy and security policy.

Their use is limited to persons over 13 years old, in order to protect children from certain contents that may not be suitable for them.

In addition, it can be established that the publications are private. When choosing this option the other users who want to see the photos, videos or any other element of the profile should send a follow-up request to the user with the private account. This user has the authority to accept or reject such request.

Finally, if a user is violating the conditions of Instagram or if it violates the security of other members of the network, it can be blocked and will not be able to see the publications of those who have blocked it.

5- Free

Like other social networks, the Instagram service is free. Neither the subscription nor the download of the application generate additional costs to the derivatives for the payment of Internet service.

6- Sharing Options

Instagram lets you share photos and videos that can be created directly from the application, or can be uploaded from the memory of the mobile device.

The application also offers the option of sharing these files on other social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook.

7- Communication medium

Being a social network, Instagram is a means of communication. In addition to publishing multimedia files, this application offers instant messaging services.

8- Promotes artistic skills

The Instagram social network encourages people's artistic skills. Thanks to this application many users are more aware of the fundamental elements of photography: angles, planes, focus, among others.


1- Designed to be portable

The Instagram application was created as a portable system. That is, its design is best suited for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

There is a web version of this social network that can be used on desktop computers, but does not offer as many services as the mobile application.

2- Not compatible with all operating systems

The Instagram application is only available for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile operating systems.

This excludes people who have devices with BlackBerry systems, OS and Linux, among others.

3- Limited tools for editing images

To be a network that is based on the publication of images, it has limited tools for the editing of these files.

It only has a couple of dozen effects (filters) and additional options must be downloaded separately.

4- Possibility of image theft

By posting quality or professional images on a social network, it is possible for someone to access them and use them for professional issues of which they benefit economically.

Therefore, there is a possibility of"stealing"images to a user without their consent.

5- The privacy of the images is collective, not individual

You can not configure the privacy of each photo individually. This means that there are only two options: that all publications are public or that all are private.

6- Addictive

The Instagram social network can become an addiction for its users. For this reason, it must be used with caution.

7- False advertising

Many stores rely on Instagram to promote their products and services. Sometimes these accounts resort to false advertising to attract customers. This can generate mistrust on the part of the users.

8- Depends on the images

The popularity of an account is largely based on the quality of the published images. If the photos are not attractive enough, then the account will not have as many followers.

In the case of virtual stores, if the photos of the products fail to convey the benefits of these, then the store will not generate sales.


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