The 75 Best Phrases of Bill Gates

Here are the top 24 Phrases from Bill Gates , Founder of Microsoft and one of the three richest men in the world.

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Bill gates phrases

1-If you can not do it right, at least make it look good.

2-Your most dissatisfied clients are your greatest source of learning.

3-Technology is just a tool. In terms of making children work together and motivate them, the teacher is the most important.

4-Success is a bad teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can not lose.

5-It is good to celebrate success but it is more important to attend to the lessons of failure.

6-Microsoft was founded with the vision of a computer in each table, in each home. We have never doubted that vision.

7-I never took a day off in my 20. Neither. And I'm still a fan of work but now I'm a little less fanatical.

8-If we look forward to the next century, leaders will be the ones who empower others.

9-I had many dreams when I was a child, and I think a lot grew from the fact that I had the opportunity to read a lot.

10-Expectations are a form of first-class truth; If people believe it, it's true.

11-I have an excellent memory, a very excellent memory.

12-Whether Google, Apple or free software, we have fantastic competitors and that keeps our feet on the ground.

13-The general idea of ​​the rich helping the poor, I think, is important.

14-Children are a big part of my schedule.

15-We are in a transition in which each publication has to think about its digital strategy.

16-Capitalism has worked very well. Anyone who wants to move to North Korea is welcome.

17-Intellectual property has the useful life of a banana.

18-Climate change is a terrible problem, and absolutely needs to be solved. It deserves a huge priority.

19-We are not even finishing the basic idea of ​​what a PC can be.

20-The Internet is becoming the village square of tomorrow's global village.

21-We have to put a lot of money into changing behavior.

22-I spend a lot of time reading.

23-We should all own our own food and do our own waste treatment.

24-People around the world love Windows .

25-We all need people to give us feedback. This is how we get better.

26-Software is a great combination of art and engineering.

27-Increasing the value of advertising is a great compromise for Microsoft.

28-The exhibition from an early age to the realities of the world is something very important.

29-In Microsoft there are a lot of bright ideas but the impression that they all come from above, I'm afraid it's not correct.

30-I do not think there's anything unique about human intelligence.

31-Treatment without prevention is simply unsustainable.

32. Corruption is one of the most common reasons I hear in opinions criticizing aid.

33-Google has done a good job on the search; Apple has done a great job on the Ipod.

34-I was very fortunate to be involved and have the possibility to contribute to something so important: the empowerment of people with software.

35-Regardless of whether I'm in the office, at home or on the road, I always have a package of books that I hope to read soon.

36. Ninety percent of polio cases occur in vulnerable areas.

37-The song of Billonario is with which my children annoy me. They sing to me, it's funny.

38-Some people, thanks to luck and ability, end up with a lot of assets. If you are good at kicking a ball, programming software, investing in stocks, dividends are very good.

39-If I had some kind of goal, do not you think I'd have crossed it for years?

40-Nuclear energy, in terms of a general safety record, is better than any other energy.

41-I get more spam than anyone I know.

42-These things from social networks take you to crazy places.

43-We make the future sustainable when we invest in the poor, not when we insist on their suffering.

44-The future of advertising is the internet.

45-This is a fantastic time to enter the business world because business is going to change in the next 10 years of what they changed in the last 50 years.

46-For Africa to advance, you really must get rid of malaria.

47-The most impressive philanthropists are the people who really make a significant sacrifice.

48-I have been very fortunate, so I have an obligation to internalize reducing inequalities in the world. It is a form of religious belief.

49-Everyone needs a coach. It does not matter if you are a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player.

50-Improving health, empowering women, population growth is reduced.

51-Climate change is a terrible problem and needs to be solved. It deserves to be a high priority.

52. Legacy is a stupid thing. I do not want a legacy.

53-I do not think there is a border between the digital media and the print media. All magazines have an online version.

54-US migration laws UU. Are really very bad. The way migrants are treated is one of the greatest injustices committed on behalf of our government.

55-Intellectual property has the duration of a banana.

56-Only in terms of the allocation of time resources, religion is not very efficient. There are many things I could do on a Sunday morning.

57-There are more people dying of malaria than any type of cancer.

58-It's easier to add stuff to a PC than it ever was. With just a click and boom!, it appears.

59-Effective philanthropy requires a lot of time and creativity, the same kind of concentration and skills that requires the start-up of a business.

60-Philanthropy should be voluntary.

Until we educate each child in a fantastic way, until every city is clean, there will be no shortage of things to do.

62-I think that the profits of investing in the poor are as exciting as achieving success in the field of business, and are much more significant.

63-Now in almost any job people use software and work with information to enable their organization to function more effectively.

64-Teaching is very difficult. You need different skills: positive reinforcement, preventing students from getting bored, directing their attention to a certain direction.

65-Being flooded with information does not mean that we have the right information or that we are in contact with the right people.

"I do not think there's any philosophy that suggests polio is a good thing."

67-I would advise people to go to college because it is one of the best stages of life in the sense that you know and develop a broad set of intellectual skills.

The misconception that donations fall directly into the hands of dictators comes from the cold war era.

Understanding science and taking it beyond its limits gives me immense satisfaction.

"We should all harvest our own food and process our own waste, we really should.

I spend a lot of time reading.

72-I believe in innovation and that the way to innovate is that you invest in research and know the basic principles.

73-If your culture does not like nerds, you're in for a real problem.

74. The level of unemployment among Americans who never went to college is approximately double that of those with higher education.

75-Private capital can take risks that public capital is not willing to take.

Curious facts of Bill Gates

-He was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome

-He left the University of Harvard In 1975 to dedicate full time to Microsoft .

"Your personal fortune reaches the GDP of some Third World countries.

-He became a billionaire at age 31.

"It has an IQ of 160."

-He has been the richest man in the world since 1998 until today, except for 2010 and 2011, when he was removed Carlos Slim .

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