The 70 Best Phrases in Pulp Fiction

I leave you the best Pulp Fiction phrases , The film written and directed in 1994 by Quentin Tarantino, starring John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, Tim Roth.

It is based on the lives of two mafia men, a boxer, the wife of a gangster, and a pair of bandits that are intertwined in four stories of violence and redemption. It is rated among the genres of Drama, Crime and Thriller.

Pulp-fiction phrases

This work has become a favorite of film aficionados throughout history.

Here you will find the most happening phrases of characters like Mia Wallace, The Wolf, Jules Winnfield, Vicent Vega, Fabienne, Captain Koons, Yolanda, Pumpkin, Lance, Emerald, Maynard, Jimmie Dimmick and Marsellus Wallace.

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1- That's when you know you've found someone special. When you can close your mouth for a minute and comfortably enjoy the silence.- Mia Wallace

2- The fact that you are a character does not mean that it has character.- The Wolf

3- If my answers are scary, then you should stop asking questions of fear.- Jules Winnfield

4- The one that plays with matches, is burned.- Vincent Vega

5- Any time of day is a good time for the cake.- Fabienne

6- Uncomfortable silences. Why do we feel it necessary to break them in order to be comfortable? - Mia Wallace

7 - Even a dog has personality. Personality is made during the journey you have traveled.- Jules Winnfield

8- Have you ever heard the philosophy that once a man admits that he is wrong, he will immediately forgive all bad deeds?.- Vincent Vega

9- Yes, so the days of my forgetfulness are over, and the days of remembering me have just begun.- Pumpkin

10- Besides, is not it more exciting when you do not have permission?.- Mia Wallace

11- Damn pride. Pride only hurts, never helps.- Marsellus Wallace

12- The beauty is over, never expect your ass to age like wine.- Marsellus Wallace

13- There is a passage that I learned from memory, it seems appropriate for this situation: Ezekiel 25,17. "The way of the upright man is everywhere, between the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and goodwill, shepherds the weak in the valley of darkness, he is the true guardian of his brother and the discoverer of lost children." And I will come to punish with great vengeance, furious and anger to those who intend to poison and destroy my brothers. You will know my name when my vengeance falls on you.- Jules Winnfield

14- Hamburgers: the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.- Jules Winnfield

15- If it's not a bitch, why do you try to catch it like one.- Jules Winnfield

16- This shake is fucking good. I do not know if it's worth the shit but it's fucking good.- Vicent Vega

17 - God came down from heaven and stopped these motherfuckers.- Jules Winnfield

18- Sewer rat. You could try a pumpkin pie and yet you will continue to eat garbage.- Jules Winnfield

19-Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go home and have a heart attack.-Vicent Vega

20- You do not have to tell me how good my coffee is, I'm the one who buys it, I know how good it is.- Jimmie Dimmick

21- If Bonnie comes home and finds a corpse here I'm going to get divorced. For this there is no couple therapy, there are no separations of goods, I'm going to give the fucking divorce.- Jimmie Dimmick

22- That's 30 minutes. I'll be there in 10 minutes.- The wolf

23- Clean the car inside, but not shine. The windows are another thing, I want them very bright.- The wolf

Whether or not what happened to us was a miracle. Although Hoyle says it was insignificant, it was very significant to me to feel that I touched God. God got involved.- Jules Winnfield

25- Let's get into character.- Jules Winnfield

26- I'm pretty far from being well.- Marsellus Wallace

27- Get straight, gentlemen. I'm not here to say please, I'm here to tell you what to do. And if self-preservation is an instinct they possess, they'd better do it and do it fast. If my help is not appreciated, good luck, gentlemen.- The wolf

28- I do not mean any disrespect, the only thing I do not like is that people are giving me orders.- Vicent Vega

29- If I'm blunt with you, it's because time is a factor here. I believe fast, I speak quickly, and I need you to act quickly if you want to get out of this.- The wolf

30- No one kills anyone in my workplace, except me.- Maynard

31- Respect. Respect for elders gives character.- The wolf

32. So what does it feel like to kill a man with bare hands? It's a topic that interests me a lot.- Emerald

33- Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go home and have a heart attack.- Vicent Vega

34- That should kill him. Without trial or jury, executed directly.- Lance

35 - Why do we think it necessary to say stupid things to feel at ease? - Mia Wallace

36- Oh, I'm sorry, do I break your concentration? - Jules Winnfield

37 - You mean I have to stab her three times? - Vincent Vega

"All right, it was a miracle. Can we leave now? - Vincent Vega:

39- Yes, so the days of my forgetfulness are over, and the days of remembering me have just begun.- Pumpkin

40- Do you want to continue this theological discussion in the car or in jail with the police? - Vincent Vega

41-In addition, is not it more exciting when you do not have permission? - Mia Wallace

42-You know, you touch and you die.- Yolanda

43-The spider has caught a couple of flies.- Maynard

44. I have a limit Jules, there is a cap on the amount of abuse I can handle, right now I'm like a race car and you're forcing me. I'm just saying it's dangerous to force myself too much into a race car, just that. Maybe it could explode.- Vincent Vega

"Look, you were the one who brought a dying slut to my house, so you give him the injection." The day I take a dying slut to your house, I'll put it on.- Lance

"I do not give a damn what men find attractive. It is unfortunate that what we find pleasing to the touch and sight is seldom the same.- Fabienne

"I'm Winston Wolfe." I solve problems.- The Wolf

48-Or it could mean that you are the righteous man and I am the pastor and the world is evil and selfish. Now I would like that.- Jules Winnfield

49- This business is packed to the brink of unrealistic bastards. Motherfuckers who think their ass will age like wine. If you mean it becomes vinegar... it does. If you want to say it gets better with age... It's not true.- Marsellus Wallace

50- I bet you could reduce the hero factor in a place like this.- Yolanda

51- The night of the fight, you can feel a slight puncture. That's pride. Fuck pride. Pride only hurts. It never helps. You must fight through that shit.- Marsellus Wallace

52- Hello, little one. Hopefully, you will never have to experience this for yourself, but when two men find themselves in a situation like the one in which your father and I were, certain responsibilities are taken. If I had not done what I did, perhaps it would be the greatest Coolidge'd who was talking at the moment with my son Jim. But the way things turned out to make me talk to you now.- Captain Koons

53- Butch. I have something for you. This watch was purchased the first time by your great grandfather during the First World War. It was bought in a small store in Knoxville, Tennessee. Made by the first company that made wristwatches. Until then, people simply wore pocket watches. This watch was your great-grandfather's war buddy. He took it every day he was in that war, and when he had done his duty, he went to your great-grandmother's house, took the clock outside, put it in an old coffee can. Your grandfather was called by his country to go abroad and fight the Germans once again. This time it was called World War II.- Captain Koons

"Your grandfather gave this watch to your grandfather for good luck. Unfortunately, Dane's luck was not as good as his old man. Captain Koons

55- Dane was a sailor and was killed, along with all the other marines in the battle of the island of Wake.- Captain Koons

"Your grandfather was facing death." He knew it.- Captain Koons

"All right. Well, you can enter a movie theater in Amsterdam and buy a beer. And I do not mean a beer in a paper cup; I'm talking about a glass of beer. And in Paris, you can buy a beer at McDonalds.

As a matter of fact, I did. However, you seem a very nice person, and I do not want to offend you.- Vicent Vega

"No, no, Mr. Wolfe, it's not like that. Your help is certainly appreciated.- Jules Winnfield

"Look, Mr. Wolfe, I respect you. But I just do not like people giving me orders, that's all.- Vicent Vega

"Ah, I like that. I like tulip. Tulip is much better than Mongoloid.- Fabienne

"I want to help you, but I can not give you this case, it does not belong to me." Besides, I've been through too much shit this morning on this case to give it to your ass.- Jules Winnfield

63- Come on, let's get into character.- Jules Winnfield

Well, the way they do show shows has a name. That program is called a pilot. They then show the person the show, and depending on the strength of the show they decide if they are going to do more shows. Some pilots are picked up and converted into television shows. Some do not, they become nothing. The one you starred became that, nothing.- Jules Winnfield

65. The way you are now, you're taking the same risk as when stealing a bank. It takes more of a risk, banks are easier. You do not even need a firearm on a federal bank.- Pumpkin

"I do not know, I was probably never a girl in the first place. The point of the story is not the girl, the point of the story is, they stole a bank with a phone.- Pumpkin

67- I'm not saying that I want to rob banks, I'm just illustrating that if we did, that would be easier than we've been doing.- Pumpkin

"I do not want to kill anyone either. But it is likely that they will put us in a situation where it is us or they are.- Pumpkin

"Look, Mr. Wolf, my gun went off, I do not know why, and now they're helping us out of the situation. I'm fine with that, okay? - Vicent Vega

70- You just know, the one who touches it, dies.- Yolanda.

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